Not Ron (Duh.)



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  1. And obviously not my voice, either.

    • *coughtraingeek

      • Oh, indeed. Father was a railroad man. I helped inspect grain trains at an early age – each of us would take one side of a mile long string of cars. Brake shoes wear down, air hoses get bunged up, and failing wheel bearings were still known as a “hot box”, despite journal style bearings being long dead by the 1970s.

  2. Can you hear me now? Says:

    Seems like everyone on twitter wants to talk to Ron.

    If past is prologue, why would he pick up a phone or reply to email for any of them? The more people try to force him or Qritiq or anyone else onto the phone, the more obvious it is.

  3. Lt. Dangle Says:

    How high is the caller? He sounds like Craig the serial killer on Reno 911 who married Trudy.

    Is Dan Wolfe a stoner?

  4. Hey koam, I cannot think of anything more pathetic than someone spending their Saturday night cyber-stalking my cousins. And no, I’m not going to stop going to Limani because you made a good guess that I hang there. Fuck you.

    Also, I will be happy to tell you what happened on Monday, if you will tell us why you targeted goatsred and who paid you to do it.

    Prepostericity and I actually agree on something: You are a troll.

  5. […] (improbable as HE sees it) to jokingly, “it’s not my voice on the 911 call tape” (Hilarious troll is hilarious) […]

  6. Anonymouse Says:

    Don’t do it!

    Don’t break two hearts

  7. Top 500 Reviewer Says:

    ” I even went so far as to install a spyware on my computer, and the security sweet took care of it quickly.”

    Is this really Dustin?:

    “Pretty well crafted solution, June 17, 2010

    By Mason Smith (Monte Rio, CA) – See all my reviews

    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)
    This review is from: Trend Internet Security USB (CD-ROM)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)
    I’m very computer literate and never pay for this sort of security tool because there generally are good competitors that are free and a good browsing habit (ad blocking, noscript, deleting spam emails instead of opening them, etc) keeps me from having problems.

    But I installed this on my laptop and found it worked well. I even went so far as to install a spyware on my computer, and the security sweet took care of it quickly. The interface is uniform, and I found the firewall very easy to work with, add rules, quickly turn on or modify…”

    • Dustin would never make a spelling error in 200 reviews over five years. I must have it all wrong.

      • Top 500 Reviewer Says:

        Why did he have spyware available? What does he do with it?

        • Top 500 Reviewer Says:

          Questions for Dustin and his aliases:

          WHY does he have spyware

          What does he do with it

          How does he send it to others (if he does)

          Does he code or modify it himself

          Has he used, or tried to use, spyware, viruses, trojans, etc., on anyone with any connection to Weinergate/postweinergate

          Does he see himself as a force for moral and/or ethical goodness related to Weinergate

          If so, how does he justify support of Seth Allen. Is his support limited to the issue with Kimberlin, or is it overall support

          Does Dustin believe that his ends justify his means?

          Feel free to add other questions here.

          • Top 500 Reviewer Says:

            For Dustin:

            Why have you been such a vocal supporter of leaving Dan Wolfe alone and allowing him to disappear untouched? Few people on either side agree with that. (Look what he did to Mike. Doesn’t Mike deserve to know?)

            Are you connected in any way to Dan Wolfe, or just a fan of his work?

            You, as @Patriotusa90120, were outraged at Clay Arts for saying she called the FBI because she felt threatened and unsafe. Isn’t believing she’s unsafe because of her interaction with Wolfe and someone else (a male who got her personal info by pretending to want to buy art at her nearby Texas home/studio) a good enough reason to call authorities in your view?

            Do you agree Mike has a reason, and the right, to know the identity of Dan Wolfe and his real crew? Or not?

        • Wikipedia listed a lot of spyware.

          I picked something called “cool search”. In a virtualized XP Mode (pretty safe if something goes wrong), the antivirus found it and protected well.

          I don’t even have a website, so how would I do anything nefarious with spyware? When I use links, it’s either to major news media or it’s to images of [edited due to libelous statement -ed]

          • Top 500 Reviewer Says:

            Have you ever emailed malicious code to anyone?

          • Top 500 Reviewer Says:

            Have you used, or tried to use, spyware, viruses, trojans, etc., on anyone with any connection to Weinergate/postweinergate, whether through links, other peoples websites, email or other means?

          • “Have you used, or tried to use, spyware, viruses, trojans, etc., on anyone with any connection to Weinergate/postweinergate, whether through links, other peoples websites, email or other means?”


            No. The links I post are things like Neal Rauhauser showing a creepy map from Neal’s place to the place of a recently outed blogger, or a link to Neal trying to use social engineering to out someone, or links to screen shots showing [edited due to libelous statement -ed]

            Your accusation is baseless compared to someone loading up an antivirus program, trying to download a toolbar with spyware, and when the antivirus works, noting that in their review.

            Of course, you realize this is a baseless accusation and you’re attempting to smear and provoke. If I were some kind of super hacker, I doubt Ron would have been able to announce to the world he found my IP address, while posting what he thought at the time was my photo and name.

            So, I have no use for harming people or hacking them. That is cowardly. All I have use for is free speech, which I use often to criticize some of the thugs.

            Anthony Weiner, whom I used to respect, claimed he was hacked and had to admit he lied and posted those images himself. If you still claim he was hacked, why? And I don’t mean what evidence do you have. I mean, why lie about what we all know happened?

          • Qritiq is already editing my comments.


            So it’s not OK with qritiq if I call someone threatening to “punch someone” a threat. That’s “libelous”.

          • I don’t intend to get sued due to your irresponsibility.

            And now I remember why I had to ban you Dustin – because I just don’t have time to babysit. Stop making false accusations here. And follow the guidelines of this blog, that you are well aware of.

          • “And follow the guidelines of this blog, that you are well aware of

            Oh yes, I certainly am. Call Qritiq out directly for her comments, and she deletes or bans. If she’s been particularly awful, and you’re calling that you, she bans you and lies about why.

          • I haven’t lied about one thing and you know it.

          • “I don’t intend to get sued due to your irresponsibility.”

            You are saying Ron might sue you because I linked proof that he [I’m getting tired of having to edit – I’ll have to ban you if you keep pissing all over this blog with lies, unfounded accusations, and disinformation. You seem to be confusing this blog with -ed]

            Who do you think you’re fooling?

          • You really think that if R0n wanted to harm someone’s wife, I’d try to hide that??
            Who do you think you’re fooling?

          • I think the real reason Qritiq edited my comment was because someone had clearly made a very clumsy effort to smear me as some kind of virus slinging hacker, over a review of an antivirus product.

            As I laughed and noted how absurd that is, she helpfully slams in the middle “Oh, Dustin is committing libel”.

            Qritiq’s assertion that I’m committing libel makes the comment mocking the bad faith question much less effective.

            Qritiq’s assertion that I’m committing libel is itself a smear and a lie.

            [edited – yawn]

            Who does Qritiq think she’s fooling?

          • no – I actually never thought you were a hacker. Gotta ban you now – I refuse to get sued because of you.

            And if you don’t want someone to point out that you are making libelous statements, then don’t make them. Duh.

          • Top 500 Reviewer Says:

            Those were legit questions, Dustin, not smears. You are skilled at presenting smears as statements (much like the old ‘when did you stop beating your wife’). I didn’t.

            Most computer users are not familiar enough with computers and spyware to handle it the way you did.

            Stop avoiding the questions about Dan Wolfe’s identity and why he should be allowed to disappear after what he did to Mike.

          • Top 500 Reviewer Says:

            “Of course, you realize this is a baseless accusation and you’re attempting to smear and provoke.”

            There was no accusation, Dustin. No attempt to smear. No attempt to provoke.

            You, on the other hand…

      • Top 500 Reviewer Says:

        Initial post: Jun 29, 2010 7:43:25 PM PDT
        Last edited by the author on Jun 29, 2010 7:44:03 PM PDT

        John S. says:

        Great review Dustin. If you don’t mind me asking, do you experience any audio drops of 1-2 seconds every now and then? I just got this TV from Amazon on the 25th of June and I’m running into this issue. It happens more frequently when it’s connected to a HDMI device like a samsung blu ray player and/or my roku player. Thanks in advance.

  8. Top 500 Reviewer Says:


    Remember Clay Arts (@Artist_R)? She was upset enough about her safety to call the FBI. You really unloaded on her.


    Patriotusa90210: @Artist_R Link a screengrab. What are you complaining about, exactly? Real harassment, or BS whining about questions? I can’t tell.

    Patriotusa90210: @Artist_R You think being a drama queen helps Dan? Seriously? Calling the FBI will help keep his anonymity? Seriously? How does that work?

    Patriotusa90210: @Artist_R You don’t have the right to ‘feel safe’ if by that you mean to silence anyone you are mad at. You think you have that right?

    Patriotusa90210: @Artist_R What is being done to do? Are you mentally OK? If you’re really being threatened, then let me know.


  9. Your summary is inaccurate

    In those quotes, I am asking her if she’s really being harassed, asking for what exactly the threat was, if she could take a screenshot, etc. The only point of asking if she’s being threatened would be if I thought such threats would indeed justify contacting the authorities. Which obviously they do.

    I also asserted that if this was yet another person trying to out someone because they are mad at them, then that is totally unjustified.

    I stand my both claims. I still believe that people who get threats should contact the authorities, as I did then. I still believe people who issue threats should be caught, as I did then. I still believe people who just want to out others without such cause are unjustified.

    The only reason I repeatedly asked for clarification is, of course, that I did not have enough information to know what the situation was. I don’t recall these comments, but that’s the kind of thing I would write so I’m guessing they are authentic.

    [redacted] I assume the reason you spin my asking someone a serious of relevant questions as “really unloaded on her” is because of bad faith on your part. I assume you searched for some excuse to out me [no, I started the convo posing the question as to whether it was completely ethical for you to review the book without disclosing that you had edited it. (I do not claim to know the answer to that question.) There was no coordinated attempt to “out” you – get over yourself. -ed], and this was actually the best you found.

    [redacted] I closed that account when someone I trusted told me they had been threatened. I noted that threats crossed the line, justified outing the threatener, and I closed down the account. I had started the account for two reasons, neither of which continued to be operative.

    1) for humor. At the beginning of Weinergate, my impression was that it was pretty funny that a goofy congressman had done something really foolish. It was also pretty funny that his supporters were accepting a patently absurd hacking theory. Just Weiner’s behavior and refusal to have computer forensics work showed he was not hacked. As theories and ‘proofs’ of this hacking grew, the story was pretty damn funny, but I also wanted to insist that those trying to out Dan Wolfe were unjustified.

    This humor angle doesn’t work when the story is no longer funny. After a while, some of the people dealing with Weinergate were clearly disturbed, some were full of rage, and people started getting attacked and threatened. So the lampooning the goofy political circus angle was no longer appropriate.

    2) the other reason was that I wanted to protect Dan Wolfe. I didn’t know anything about him other than that he had exposed a pervert. Tommy Christopher was talking about these kids (who we now know didn’t even exist). Seemed like he had done a good deed and a lot of bad people, many simply political partisans, were out for blood because Weiner had explained he was hacked. Of course, Weiner soon apologized for that inaccurate statement. That “I was hacked” comment was so irresponsible, though, and set in motion a lot of effort to out him. I noticed one journalist outright deceive the person he believed was Dan Wolfe. Things seemed to get out of hand.

    The reason this was no longer operative was a number of things that emerged about this Dan Wolfe character. As I said at the time, Mea Culpa. While I don’t really care about Weinergate anymore, I would like Dan Wolfe to come forward and explain himself, along with the other fake folks like Betty and John Reid 9, etc etc.

    Anyway, thanks for refreshing my memory. What a mess that was! I did my best to understand a really confusing situation, and I’m glad to see I was willing to ask someone, even if I didn’t trust them, if they were being threatened, because if they were I would help as best as I could.

    I do not expect this comment will be allowed to stay on this blog, but I felt your spin warranted an attempt to explain myself.

    • Thanks for posting my comment

      [ridiculous accusations aimed at other commenters and outright lies redacted (btw, I never said you owned a blue heeler) -ed]

      As to my ethics:

      I have reviewed at least a dozen “advanced review copy” books for Amazon. Sometimes, I’m told “do not bother giving us edits” and sometimes I’m familiar enough with the author that they don’t mind at all. Sometimes they even thank me. The review is my honest opinion of the advanced review copy. I liked the book enough to buy it. I don’t know the author outside his writings on his blog and this book, have no stake in the book, and was never asked even to review it. I like Aaron and want him to write more books, and this is my way of showing that. If you actually read the book, by all means, share your review too.

  10. File under “Lulz”?

    Case Number:0601SP006312012Case Status:ACTIVE
    Case Type:PEACE ORDEROrder Valid Thru:02/08/2012
    Filing Date:01/30/2012
    Defendant Name:RAUHAUSER, NEAL
    Plaintiff Name:WALKER, AARON
    Hearing Date: 01/30/2012Hearing Time:3:34 PMRoom:X3
    Hearing Location: 191 EAST JEFFERSON ST,ROCKVILLE,MD 20850
    Hearing Type: TEMPORARY
    Result: COURT ORDERS:
    Hearing Date: 02/08/2012Hearing Time:8:30 AM
    Hearing Location: 191 EAST JEFFERSON ST,ROCKVILLE,MD 20850
    Hearing Type: FINAL

  11. Surprised that Neal will put up phony Scribd lawsuits, but won’t attach his name to this “real” document going up here.
    Where’s your comment on this, Neal?

  12. still people? really? with no new evidence six months later we’re still going on about this stuff. its utterly incomprehensible to me.

  13. Projectionist Says:

    “Talented liar” Dustin has been trying his Manipulation 101 on @SabzBrach for a week. Ironically, he’s a master at doing EXACTLY what he warns her about (is this an intel/trust technique he learned in the army?)

    2/12/12 2:54 PM
    @SabzBrach Yeah, I can’t follow it except in spurts, but there is both a lot of trolling and a lot of manipulation of larger causes.

    2/6/12 9:51 PM
    Don’t let talented liars combine worthy things to criticize with BS smears, because it compromises your movement.

    Lol. Dustin hates #Occupy.

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