Is He A She Or She A He? Are There Two Or Are There One? Hold On Kids…Pt.1









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  1. kidkenoma Says:

    And so who am I supposed to be now?

    They look like porn mooks, but somehow
    I’m drawing a blank here. A goatsred fantasy
    I would assume.

    Is there a specific reason for this, qritiq? Or in
    lieu of reason, ay least a decent punchline?

    Seems kinda unwarrented to me. You of couse have
    proof of your assertions? ‘Cause if not, that puts you right
    down to the level of Patterico and Dustin making untrue
    statements about yourself. Even lower.

    Hope you still have that attorney on retainer.

    MIght just come in handy.

    • I don’t know if this is you or not, Mr. Kenoma, but since you’ve taken it upon yourself to print smears about our blog, bring it on I say. Or are you suddenly above scrutiny while out there slinging the mud yourself, Mr. Anonymous?

      It must be awfully easy to sit there on your high perch handing out masks for yourself and your friends while pointing the finger at everyone else you get your jollies off on “doxing”.

      I’ll tell you what asshole: Why don’t you get a life, stick your hokey-pokey rituals up your ying and yang and mind your veiled threats of murdering people because we just had our own attorney take a good look at your place, including, but not limited to sending a notice to Word Press about what is written there. Since you decided to drag our blog into your sordid political feud of absolutely no importance to anyone but you and your crazy friends.

      Back it up for sure. It certainly will come in handy.

    • is there not a picture said to be me on your site KK? Did you not permit Ken and (iirc) Ron to attempt to dox me at your site? Do you not have a lot of personal/business “intel” purporting to be about me on your site? It seemed EXTREMELY unwarranted to me at the time. Actually, downright shitty.

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    “…print smears about our blog…”

    What blog is that, goat?

    And who exactly has been “doxed” by me, ever?

    Veiled threats of murdering people? You have examples, of course? Otherwise sounds like
    more Liberty_Chick bullshit trying to blame Seth Allen’s actual threat to murder Kimberlin on me.

    You are laughable.

    • I’m not “goat”, asshole.

      I’m the asshole you took it upon yourself to drag into this by posting my comments at a research blog and reprint it, without my permission, alongside the filthy mouthpieces you give an audience to.

      And I’ll now become your worst asshole for making threats.

      You guys love to pick on women? I’m not your blowup doll, Voodoo Man.

      • kidkenoma Says:

        …mene mene tekel shekel…


        mepaz repex mepaz repex mepaz
        mepaz repex mepaz repex mepaz



      • “I’m not your blowup doll, Voodoo Man,” is the name of the upcoming Fallout Boy single from the next Twilight movie.

  3. [just WAY too many accusations with no evidence linked or posted here – also, seemed to me to be some mistruths here as well. sorry, had to delete this comment. Feel free to post evidence, but skip the accusations – thx! -ed]

    • These are some of the stories revolving around Twittergate from last year. – Patrick Read’s blog who claims to be one of the victims of this Twittergate ruse [unsubstantiated accusation deleted -ed] – A Website article by Gulag Bound – PJTV video by Dana Loesch – YouTube

      Gawker later claimed it was a “hoax” and “prank” [unsubstantiated – edited -ed] That lame excuse is nothing short of a kid being busted for blowing out someone’s window and passing it off as “it was just a joke”. The window is still fucking broke, isn’t it? You still ruined someone’s house at your little prank, didn’t you?

      The “joke” here is how Rauhauser accused the Tea Party of insurrection yet when he does it, and breaks the law of the land doing it, it’s civil disobedience. Is this the type of totalitarian left we can expect from the politics of this madman and his cronies?

      Where does the hypocrisy end, Neal? You went after those people with ruthless abandonment. You wanted them locked up, arrested and told them to burn in hell for their political beliefs. Nice language in the video too. You have a lot of nerve complaining about stalkers. You distorted what they stood for. You lied about everything. Now you want to be heard. As soon you toss Anonymous to the FBI and get them out of your hair, right?

      If it weren’t for Anonymous, you wouldn’t have a patsy to take the heat for all the criminal activity you’re doing against LE and you wouldn’t have a “movement”.

      Maybe someone needs to inform Anonymous about who you really are and your background and your Twitter accounts and website aliases, all connected with leftist politicians that from what I understand, wasn’t Anonymous’ intent.

      But maybe that’s why your so obsessed with your foes who actually do talk to those people? Chew on this. I’ll be going to irc myself tonight and having a little talk. Maybe I’ll even find Cabin Crew and let him know who you really are. You and your numerous fake anonymous recycled hacker accounts. Then maybe the FBI would like to hear more. Since you apparently don’t mind fucking with people you know nothing about.

  4. kidkenoma Says:

    I’ll repeat very s-l-o-w-l-y for those on drugs who might have missed it the first time around:

    -Who did I dox?

    -What “murder” threats? By who? (this part seems awfully familiar somehow)

    -And what blog have I smeared?

    If you have an issue with what is provably untrue on kkblog, then you should inform me of such, and it can be fixed, but your posted comments there just seemed to express general disgruntlement without dispuiting specific facts.

    I am not Rauhauser, and have no say in his agenda with twittergate or otherwise. I have seen no actual proof that “Observer” is Neal, but I sure can’t rule it out either at this point.

    If you can make the distinction between political differences, and actual proven untruths that you feel are smearing you,
    I’m willing to listen, and adjust accordingly,
    if you woud kindly point them put to me,
    but the “murder threat” thing? Get real.

    • “I have seen no actual proof that “Observer” is Neal, but I sure can’t rule it out either at this point.”

      Observer said she/he would send me stuff about Mike Stack which Neal did – and it was obviously the exact stuff that observer referenced and it was all bullshit stuff that Goatsred would be able to spin which is why they sent it to me….there’s no question that the two are connected in some way.

      Observer obviously knows the breitbart porn gang contacted wordpress about his blog…more circumstantial proof that Rauhauser works with the Breitbart gang.

      • Liberty Chick Says:

        Stormpeedo (@Stormpeedo)
        9/20/11 2:49 PM
        @tamale102280 I’m not a stalker. I’m an observer. Stalkers are people who go after a politician with fake underage teen girl accounts.

        “Observer.” Just like “OccupyRebellion” called her/himself. And “OccupySomething.”

        Sorta like the “porn outsider looking in.” Observing. Never stalking, never harassing, only “observing.”

        From Observer at KidKenoma (sorry about Observer’s filthy c-words – pasting the language as is):
        “You’re a filthy dirty cunt who has inflicted more pain on people than your imaginary pain you think you’re in. I hope you suffer till your dying day and burn in hell. If I held the cure to saving your soul and you were on your last legs in the middle of the
        street, I would throw that cure down the sewer and piss on your face…you deserve every once [sic] of that pain and more so. Burn in hell cunt!”

        (edited by LC to remove Observer’s defamatory false accusations. You can read the original at KK.)

        • Mandy,

          Are you @brutaljuice3?

          Why would that disgusting troll stand up for me then conveniently give you ammo so you can pretend to be the victim?

          Why are you responding to posts by Neal left over three weeks ago? Is the imaginary zombie lawyer that you told me months ago prevented you from commenting on blogs giving you the okay now?

          Seriously, the Nile isn’t just a river. You and Neal are two peas in a pod. Except he isn’t as blatant as you…you do it every night on public twitter. [edited]

          I’ve never engaged in gang cyber bullying on Twitter.


          Mandy and Andrew Breitbart live for it and pretend that only liberals do it.


          [too many accusations – had to edit. posting examples with cordial commentary would be preferred.]

          • @brutaljuice3 seems to just be a random tweeter.

          • There is not one bit of proof that Neal Rauhauser menaces with anyone other than himself. Every single time Mandy and company use “they”, it should be redacted.

            That said, Q, please do homework by googling or reading twitter timelines before claiming BrutalScrooge3 is just some random twitterer.

            He tweets about right wing hackers and the porn industry….

            They fought on November 30, exchanging vile tweets:

            @BrutalScrooge3: @Liberty_Chick these hookers blacklisted me its good to occupy your mouth or what?

            Liberty_Chick Mandy Nagy
            And now that I’ve moved into my bedroom, I really am going to bed. Right after I tell @BrutalScrooge3 to go suck his own d*ck, the troll…
            30 Nov

            ANYWAY, Q….

            It doesn’t take a genius to guess that Sean Tompkins is BrutalScrooge3 if you look through his old tweets – including many who deleted.

            (and he retweeted Sean’s attack on the two women who are fighting against Team Breitbart in vile porn blogs now. Monica and Desi go after children…they are just as vile as Mandy’s friends)

            TRPWL Adult Wiki Media
            @LukeIsBack @monicafoster @desifoxx what do u expect from a two hookers
            15 Dec
            Retweeted by BrutalScrooge3

            I don’t have proof. That is a hunch. An educated guess.

            Regardless, BrutalScrooge3 is not a random twitterer. He’s somebody’s sock.

    • You have my replies from the undeadrevolution blog posted on your blog, without my permission.

      Followed by which, is a bunch of crazy talk about murdering people alongside Rauhauser’s bullshit.

      Ring a bell? See below.

      “The time to oppose them is now.

      The skull-face of grim torturous death lurks behind their moronic happy-face spin and pseudo-patriotic posturing.

      September 11 1973: Before my time, but I remember well…

      These people don’t fool me.

      I know who they are, and I know what they are.

      When you’re detained in a soccer stadium having your hands crushed & mutilated prior to execution like Victor Jara, or when you’re strapped to a metal sheet chair while somebody fries your genitals to a crisp with an electric cattle prod, or when pregnant women suffer agonising electric-shock convulsion induced miscarriage by the same means as a matter of “enhanced interrogation policy”, it’s too late.

      Angry restless ghosts of the “disappeared” say:

      Now is the time.

      kidkenoma said,
      November 28, 2011 at 6:26 pm

      More words of wisdom from Scott “Meathead” Jacobs:

      @jack_p Kill them, it’s the only way. I got your back, I will tell the cops you were here all night.

      • kidkenoma Says:

        Ah, so a secret message spanning across individual comments on the blog to be connected by clinical paranoia of disgruntled porn peen pud-boy goatse-red?

        Nice goin’ Sherlock.


        • Explain your cryptic bullshit to the feds and Word Press. I won’t play your “but it was a hoax/prank” game either. It says what it says and you’re one sick fuck for writing it.

          • You’re right, Malgad, the person who wrote that offending line is very sick.

            But why are you attacking Kid Kenoma for quoting Liberty Chick’s boyfriend’s tweet?

            @jack_p Kill them, it’s the only way. I got your back, I will tell the cops you were here all night.

          • The “cryptic bullshit” isn’t very hard to read.

            I’ll spell it out for you…

            Kid Kenoma was satirically comparing the tweets of vile Breitbart and porn crew members to the actions of the Allende government. All the “cryptic bullshit” is references to the torture that took place at the National Stadium.

            “Angry restless ghosts of the “disappeared” say:

            Now is the time.”

            Over 2,000 “disappeared” and another 12,000 were tortured.

            A great movie – Missing – with Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek was made about it…watch it on Netflix.

      • LOL

        On what fucking planet is the “undead revolution” who blogged that Obama and McCain are illegal aliens going to be taken seriously…and what lawyer is going to sue because crazy stuff got quoted from their crazy blog?

        • Why don’t you ask Rauhauser? He’s good for making up phoney lawsuits and posting them to his SCRIBD account. We have lawyers who took our research, which you, asshole, don’t know anything about. Lots of them. Like I said, bring it on tough guy. Let’s see who really has one and who just blows their bullshit out on blogs and SCRIBD files trying to sound tough [more crap deleted -ed]

          • question: I don’t see much cussing on your blog. Why are you swearing so much here?

          • Because I only curse when I’m pissed. It’s not the worst that has happened here. Let’s look at the facts.

            Some of these people have threatened women and others with firearms, with phoney lawsuits, smeared and lied about their political protests, impersonated LE agencies and lied about having connections with the feds. Some also claim to be Anonymous and include the hacker label proudly. All in an attempt to intimidate people who didn’t share their take on the world.

            Qritiq, Neal Rauhauser is a fraud. Mike Stack is nothing but a diversion to cover for what Neal has done and what he’s doing now. I suggest you see what others see and pick up the phone and notify the authorities as well. That’s what we’ll be doing next. Joining others and demanding an investigation into that creep who boasts hundreds of political ties and 40 campaigns under his belt.

          • you sure make a lot of accusations. Instead of accusations, please post tweets, emails, links, documents, whatever evidence you have, and readers can judge for themselves. Accusations are really not necessary. And if you’re too “pissed” to engage in cordial conversation, please leave and return when you are able to control yourself. Thanx.

          • birdmadgirl Says:

            Well, you know, anyone who makes a point to shout-out to “Splooge” can’t be expected to be the epitome of class and refinement.



  5. birdmadgirl Says:

    Wow. That’s some pretty incredible research you’ve done there, Bleeker. I mean, who knew that[redacted] spent his downtime running a renegade website fighting grody rightwing pornographers?

    Jesus H. Christ. You guys are frigging idiots. Also.

    • lmfao

      you’re right!

    • Absolutely no more absurd than the multiple identities that Rauhauser has used online. Yet you say nothing of that when it’s so in your face even a bystander like me can deduce what’s going on here and why. Also since a friend of ours happens to be [edited out unsubstantiated accusation -ed] last year for the simple reason of being a Tea Party participant.

      No focus given to the real problem child actually using the system to get what he wants politically, including [unsubstantiated accusation -ed] who don’t share his political goals. Dragging them into court, even for frivolous claims costs them money, right, Mr. Rauhauser? Viva la 1st Amendment you sack of fucking hypocrites!

      • LOL

        Zapem and Magad and the Undead Revolution are complaining about threats, incivility and anonymous identities.

        • The guy that took a poop on a cop car has more class than anyone with six degrees or less to Andrew Breitbart.

          What a silly clown show.

          There’s a Maryland reason why the trolls are wound up…

        • I wouldn’t laugh too loud if I were you. Your attempts at diversion aren’t clever. That’s my vent channel you were invited to and were too afraid to join because didn’t want anyone knowing who you were.

          You put yourself into this and are nothing but an unemployed Rauhauser pawn as far I can tell. And your attempts at slandering people who didn’t rat out Anthony Weiner prove as much. You’re on a fucking witch hunt. One look at the tweets tonight and everyone thinks you’re ready for a padded cell.

          informedblackmn Jimmy Simpson
          @ronbryn You are an unstable person in need of serious counseling, [redacted cuz it was stupid. -ed]

          And I don’t even do Twitter. That’s a search on just your name. You got our blog information from a confidential conversation with someone who did nothing to you that you’re trying to use as ammunition against me, a person you don’t even know. I’ll have to tell her when I see her that you can’t be trusted with even the smallest of information because you’ll twist it.

          You and Rauhauser should get married or isn’t gay marriage allowed in ** yet? Maybe try his digs in **.

          • Your touching sensitivity to gay marriage issues also duly noted.

            Not that I would suspect you of having issues with that or anything.

          • Are you implying that the rest of that Breitbart defender’s tweet wasn’t stupid, Q?

            I don’t ask for any redactions unless it’s an expunged false arrest.

            and wow that sure is some strong homophobic gaybaiting…whatever turns you on…i get worse on twitter every night.

            It’s absolutely absurd to tie me to Rauhauser and anyone who does that is obviously full of shit.

            At least DonkeyTale at PfugeeCamp has a theory: “And further, as is habitual among real trolls, they are going after each other as vociferously as they are after Breitbart, Socrates and Vinnie Patterico, the neo-conservative legal gunsel who helped publicise Socrates’ Kimberlin schtick on his blog in the first place. ”


            The Breitbart scoundrels just fall back on the Ron’s with Neal BS when they get egg on their face.

            But seriously, Qritiq, can you please let Malgad or Steve (aka Splooge) blog about my secret identity.

            “That’s my vent channel you were invited to and were too afraid to join because didn’t want anyone knowing who you were.”

            Who am I really, Malgad?

            You’re “part of the Washington end of the study” so that’s all we need to know.

          • “You got our blog information from a confidential conversation with someone”


            Yeah, it’sa big secret that you guys have a blog.

            I do like your schtick.

            Quote from our “undead revolution” blog and we will sue you and revealing that it even exists makes you a scoundrel.

            I think Chuck Palahniuk should write a book about you guys and girls or, um, guy or girl.

          • unclever diversion, when used as a search term in Google, leads straight to ZAP’s Twitter ID. And that, my friends, proves that Rauhauser is manipulating both the content and the stock price of GOOG. Soros put him up to it.

        • Gaped Crusader is right – you two do fight like an old married couple.

          (site deleted-contains attempts to defame many -bleeker)

  6. AblativMeatshld is a sick fuck. So is Rauhauser and Kenoma. Brynaert sounds like an obsessed fuckwit who doesn’t see his own hypocrisy in calling out Kenoma who wrote the rest of that murderous garbage and slander against people. One look at Brynaert’s rantings and search of “glock”, which he claims to know about, and I don’t see him too concerned those people are being threatened either. So he’s nothing but a unconcerned hypocrite, especially of women.

    FYI, I don’t know Breitbart. I don’t know Liberty Chick. But I do know that the ZAPEM researchers are not his “gang”. Their gang or whatever the fuck you want to call it. Little Rascals fan much? Prove this “gang” you love to tweet about. In fact, you haven’t proved anything except long rants about how you didn’t “swat people”. Dude, you sure do protest enough! In fact, too much. I’d quit while I was ahead if I were you.

    • Your plausible denial has been duly noted, and is a shining testament to your unassailable credibility.

      Everyone is a sick fuck but you. Gotcha. Totally.

      • I’m not the one protecting sick fucks and giving them an audience. I’m also not the one writing cryptic tales of murder and how-to video guides on satanic rituals in an effort to scare people you don’t like. You do that.

        Who’s the sick fuck again? The guy writing on a research blog, yeah right. Sure. Keep telling yourself that, Mr. Voodoo Man who laughs it up with Mr. Twittergate, stalker extraordinaire ala Wingnutwatch, now turned protestor himself with a fetish for shoes and breaking the law.

        • birdmadgirl Says:

          “Cryptic tales of murder and how-to video guides on satanic rituals”?

          There really isn’t any point in engaging with you, but honest to Goddess, you don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. It’s embarrassing.

          OTOH, if Kid Kenoma is scaring the likes of you, KK must be doing something right!

  7. Goatsred, presumably Michael Stack, who has a closed Twitter account that I can’t read.

    Yeah, that’s really a reason for a call to arms against stalking. A guy that doesn’t even post on a public time line.

    Pot meet fucking kettle.

  8. [deeeleted. Hey Malgad – Go FUCK yourself. And do not return. -ed]

  9. And if you don’t want me posting here, I have an audience at another blog who would be very interested in hearing what I have to say. No worries there, lady.

  10. HAHAHA

    She asks for proof and then deletes it. Then she tells Mal to go fuck himself after she complains about cussing. Quite the bunch of researchers you all have here qritiqing our work. You wish you had what we do, including the lawyers.

    Yank them all into court Neal! Lawyer says, “Scheming to abuse the legal system is against the law.” Oh, one more thing. Our lawyer has a D.C. bar license and says to tell you that you don’t scare him but thanks for all the evidence.

    RTC vs Scott, Nos. 94-55781 & No. 94-55920; 1996 U.S. App. LEXIS 8954 (9th Cir. 1996), the court stated:

    “vexatious behavior” and abuses “the federal court system by using it, inter alia, to destroy their opponents, rather than to resolve an actual dispute over trademark law or any other legal matter.”

    I think we have plenty of proof of that despite the owner here deleting what she asked for. Penalties, indeed. I think the bird just chimed on your coo-coo clock, Neal.

    • I never asked for boring long-winded disinformation-filled unsubstantiated accusations dotted with heaps of insulting people, cursing at people, and ridiculous menacing threats. I did not delete any proof. Links to angry essays are not proof of anything. You guys seem very upset. Why so upset if you have so many readers and so many interested venues for your material? Why would more of you trolls even bother stopping by here? Kinda nonsensical 😀

      • Qritiq makes a good, well reasoned argument.

        But since this it’s grade school playground bullies that mostly pay attention, “You wish you had what we do, including the lawyers,” probably will win the debate.

    • Quoting Adam:
      “Our lawyer has a D.C. bar license and says to tell you that you don’t scare him but thanks for all the evidence….”

      So, Aaron is your lawyer?

      PS: Malgad’s scream-y style is an homage to Dustin, no?

  11. birdmadgirl Says:

    So Bleeker. Guess we won’t be seeing “Is He A She Or She A He? Are There Two Or Are There One? Hold On Kids…Part 2” anytime soon, huh? Although it would be pretty interesting to hear what he has to say for himself, don’t you think?…maybe someone should send him a link and see?

  12. I promise to go to five libraries tomorrow and click on Qritiq’s blog to make up the difference.

  13. Theft of qritiq content, interference with free speech, cyber stalking, further effort to make the Tea Party look bad by publicizing crazy outburst of Tea Party supporter, and probably (bleeker-provide proof?) as soon as ZAPEM can figure out how to word the investigative(haha!) report.

    (bleeker–is this a legal document?)

    Non-crazy person interpretation? Neal is as sick of Michele as Brett was of Seth, and he has a much more solid foundation to pursue a libel suit. The identity of this person will most certainly be exposed via subpoena process.

    And once that is done the world already knows:

    Seth Allen Mandy Nagy Pat Frey

    Will we also find:

    Michele Mandy Nagy Pat Frey

    (bleeker-hope the person who has to serve the papers doesn’t have to run himself ragged looking up everyone named “Michele”)

    I will admit to some small degree of curiosity regarding this. Stay tuned, dear reader, and thanks, Ron, for helping to smoke her out like this.

    • Well, oops. I used some punctuation to make arrows in that between Seth Allen, Mandy Nagy, Pat Frey, and Michele. The WordPress system has cleverly blocked what must have looked like a SQL injection attack.

      See?!? SEE?!?!?! There WAS a hacking attempt!!! And he ADMITTED it. *groan*

    • “Non-crazy person interpretation?”

      Did you ask one or is that still your interpretation?

    • Liberty Chick Says:

      And precisely what are you planning when your “curiosity” does not bear such fruit? Because, frankly, it doesn’t exist.

      What will you resort to then, Neal? Will you come to my house? Will you swat me? Hack me? Sick Anonymous on me? Continue to make up more lies and Googlebomb me, to make ME look like the thug?

      Really, at what point do you finally accept that your snuff tin theories are flat out WRONG and you’ve been targeting innocent people?

      Let me guess…I write for that evil right-wing rag with which you disagree politically, so by your rationale, anything goes. Thuggery without cause is a-ok when you and your dishonest friends say so. And should anyone even attempt to defend themselves with the truth, you are justified in every attempt you make to silence them. This appears to be your mantra.

      I don’t engage in your type of tactics, Neal. I fight with truth. It’s always the best defense. And I assure you, it won’t be silenced forever.

      • What friends does Neal have, Mandy?

        Please name his friends.

        Beth Becker, DC Debbie, Jesse LeGreca and Sandi Behrms are the ones I know for sure but you keep smearing other people as his friends.

  14. It appears that some diva has banned me (while continuing to talk smack about me so I can’t defend myself.)

  15. if you have menacing comments (that are just for Neal anyway) please send them to him. I am not interested. If you don’t know how to reach Neal (pffft), you can send them here and I will forward.

  16. y’know what the problem with the internet is? – Not enough drama.

  17. I have never visited zapem’s blog, because I have zero interest in zapem. However, someone sent this tidbit, which indicates a lot of interest in me:

    she’s … meddling in this nonsense. She protects criminals like Rauhauser. I have further details on her if you need it. There should be a reason why she’s deleting factual evidence that she solicited, probably just to see what we had. I didn’t give them much but enough to prove the point that we do have it.

    My response:

    -I have no interest in these underground zap em zombies or whoever they are dopes – how am I meddling? I never heard of them.

    -I’ve never protected Neal. I delete obvious libelous and defamatory crap because I don’t want to be sued. And I’ve deleted parts of Neal’s comments in the past too.

    -If you listed a bunch of links in an angry statement, and I read one and it was just an angry essay with a lot of opinions – yeah I might delete all the links in that comment. I don’t have time to babysit.

    -and oh by the way – this is my blog not yours, so I guess I’ll delete what I please – how’s that?

    -I wanted to “see what we had”?? Hello – I don’t give a shit about any of your drama. It’s boring. I HAVE NO INTEREST IN YOU. Please get over yourselves.

    -And you’re soliciting people to get my “details”? That sounds exactly like when Zapem tweeted that folks should menace me (or something to that effect) a while back for no discernible reason. I don’t follow her – I am NOT interested in interacting with her in any way. It is unclear to me why she is SO interested in me. I promise I want nothing to do with her.

    It seems quite obvious that you are inviting your readers to menace and stalk me, for the crime of allowing my readers to comment here. Disgusting.

    If your lawyer doesn’t tell you that you need to remove that, I promise you he got his law degree via mail order.

    -I’m told you think I “know Neal and Ron are accomplices”. False. Because the idea that those two are accomplices is completely laughable. For people who claim they are such great “researchers”, if you think those two are in league together, you couldn’t research your way out of a paper bag.

    • I’ve long wanted to get the ZAPEM I picked up last fall off my shoe – stinks up the house, people look at me funny on the Metro.

      I did not, however, intend to rub it off here. I was more hoping the b-tards would make her the Boxxy of 2011 or maybe FYAD would take an interest, but I’ve been looking at that one crudely named blog run by that untraceable troll who sounds an awful lot like me, and it seems ZAP is about to get livetrolled by the EDiots on Encyclopedia Dramatica’s IRC server.

      I’m looking at this with equal parts delight and horror – it will definitely generate some milspec lulz before it’s over, but those little delinquents will try to drag me into it, too.

      I’ll be over there, mourning the end of being able to make any public appearance on the intert00bz thanks to ZAP’s crackpot research. I might even go hang in that one channel on ED’s IRC server and watch the wind up.

  18. This grammarfoul makes baby Jesus cry:

    “Are There Two Or Are There One?”

    That trolls should disagree is the nature of life beneath the bridges of the world, but nouns and verbs fighting, especially in the title, is an embarrassment to the trade.

    Ron, you’re the editor – can you unfornicate that mess?

  19. I recently posted a document to my Scribd that may be of interest to some of those who read here. Saving the editor some work by not posting a link, since the document has not yet been stamped by a clerk at Circuit Court in Rockville, so you guys will have to go look if you’re curious.

  20. As it happens, Neal, and some who sound like Neal, have spoken up to/about 3 bloggers who coincidentally happened to have attacked me (and those attacks were unwarranted imo.) So even tho NR not my biggest fan, NR’s my hero about now and I don’t mean Nikki Reid.

    • The whole trail of bread crumbs to a real location is what bothered me. I’ve had a pack of pinheads trying to find a physical address for me for the last fifteen months and when they think they’re getting close … it’s because I drop clues right before I move, just to make ’em mad.

      There is free speech, then indecent(but still free) speech, and then things stray into the realm of criminal conspiracy or outright crime. Dropping someone’s physical address is a form of free speech I would reserve for those who endanger others – it’s only genuinely useful for someone who is going to file a lawsuit, or for someone making a criminal report who wants to speed the investigation.

  21. Liberty Chick Says:

    Oh for eff’s sake already, it’s time to start posting all of Neal & his friends’ [waitin’ on posts -ed]. I was really hoping not to have to waste my time on this, because there are a LOT, to a lot of different people. But give me time, I’ll post them for you.

    And kidkenoma, don’t be so disingenuous. You know damn well I posted the explanation of that tweet on your blog. I NEVER accused you of murder. That’s ridiculous. Of course, you’ve since banned people for posting the truth on your blog…how brave of you.

    I do however think that you take great pride in trying to get into people’s heads in the hopes they might do something stupid. Luckily, most of us are strong enough to laugh at you. Or simply ignore you.

    • So sayeth the blogger who didn’t finish her expose on Neal Rauhauser over a year because Greg W. Howard won’t apologize to her boss, Andrew Breitbart, after he called Howard a dick and a tweaker.

    • Mandy has reached the realm of conscious incompetence. She can see that there are multiple levels to what happens here and on KK, but she lacks the wits to grasp how it works.

      Her little shadow, ZAPEM, remains at the level of unconscious incompetence. Doesn’t see, and due to her mental condition even if someone showed her the plan she wouldn’t be able to turn aside. Compulsive troll is compulsive.

      ZAPEM’s net.boyfriend, @ronbryn, can’t decide if he’s crazy smart or just plain crazy. Ron knows what he doesn’t know, seems to be the only one, and he just can’t leave this alone.

      @AnonyOps has issued a prophecy: b-tards will give Mandy some butthurt. And poor reactive little ZAPEM will be the spark that sets it all off. Ron’s writings are a road map to the lulz.

      • lemme clue you in – I can promise you Mandy does not lack for wits. Does she follow every word of these ridiculous sites? Doubtful.

        (ron not zapem’s bf – I heard they’ve tied the knot.)

        • I’d have to disagree with this. I was busy this last 24 hours, but someone told me Mandy is out there fully expressing her butthurt to/about various beandogs. The specifics of this witless move are:

          1. They’re not me, but if she whines about me they’ll find Twittergate, and get the idea that it’s a game they can play, too. There are enough bread crumbs there now that they’ll find their way to the lulz without too much trouble.

          2. If it isn’t the SomethingAwful kids it’ll be 4chan, and if not them Encyclopedia Dramatica will hop on the all day/every way lollercoaster that is Mandy and her dopey little crew.

          3. Eventually someone dumb, say ZAPEM, will blunder into one of the IRC servers, hopefully the one that belongs to ED, and start working her “please be my private army” game. I would pay real money to see her trying to get site co-owner Garrett (Twitter: @KnownCyberbully) to help with her cyberbullying concerns.

          4. Maybe someone got paid and they’ll pop for the $10 to get an account on SomethingAwful. 135,000 paying users, they despise Scientologists, Libertarians, and Furries. By all means, plunge right into the FYAD forum with reports that someone is insulting the Tea Party. That’s the official complaint department. Really – I know it looks a little obscure, but trust me on this. If they don’t immediately provide you the names of those involved then go after @lowtax.

          So, it’s nine clicks past stupid to go around antagonizing any one of 4chan, SA, or ED, and Mandy, brilliant strategist that she is, seems to want to get something going with all three at once. Breitbart’s dopey contributors can handle unwary NGOs and flawed politicians, but I think they’ll have a rather different experience if they get dragged into conflict with those groups by some rump cybertalking cell lead by a clinical paranoid like ZAPEM.

          Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. Let’s just watch the situation evolve and try to not let too much of it splash on us personally, eh?

  22. Saul Goodman, Esq. Says:

    11/17/2011 Docket Number: 100
    Docket Description: MOTION, CONTEMPT
    Docket Type: Motion Filed By: Plaintiff Status: Open

    Docket Date: 11/21/2011 Docket Number: 101
    Docket Description: LINE
    Docket Type: Docket Filed By: Plaintiff

    Docket Date: 12/09/2011 Docket Number: 102
    Docket Description: ORDER, SHOW CAUSE/COURT
    Docket Type: Docket Filed By: Court
    Ruling Judge: RUPP, NELSON W JR

  23. […] Anyways,  a recent “forward of a forward”, if you will, got me thinking about the aforementioned stuff. The forwarded info described below, may shed a bit more light on the second sentence of this comment. […]

  24. I have a PDF of this thread and a PDF of the most recent thread on ZAPEM’s blog.

    I’m reading Independent Newspapers, Inc. vs. Zebulon J. Brodie, the Maryland case that governs discovery of anonymous posters on internet forums.

    The things that are required of a plaintiff are:

    1. The anonymous poster must be notified of the intent to expose their real name. Since I have discussion on the ZAPEM blog itself regarding the suit and the attendant discovery this requirement has been met.

    2. I have to actually file the suit, then create the subpoena, then post it, I guess on Scribd, to provide ZAPEM time to attempt to quash it.

    3. I have to identify the specific statements which are libelous. I’ve provided about a dozen exhibits, visible in my Scribd, associated with this case. I show what ZAPEM has said, and two witnesses who were intimately involved, Patrick Swift Read and Greg W. Howard, both publicly praised ZAP for her brilliant investigative work.

    4. determine whether the case has set for a prima facie defamation. Fancy legal words, I think that means I have to show that it was both false and malicious. It’s obvious paranoid junk, the judge will see that right away, and the ongoing incitement in various places, trying to get people to troll my consulting customers, continues to this day.

    5. The right to free speech must be balanced against the poster’s right to privacy. Given the obvious fabrication, the specific strategy of attacking business relationships rather than disputing political views with reasoned argument, and the length and virulence of the harassment, I think this is met as well.

    So, I have the five pieces required to get at ZAPEM’s real name, and I need only round up $120 and take the train over to Rockville to file.

    Any of you e-lawyers wanna pick at this argument??

    • It’s not as though I really need you
      If you were here I’d only bleed you
      But everybody else in town only wants to bring you down and
      That’s not how it ought to be
      Well I know it might sound strange, but I believe
      You’ll be coming back before too long

      Don’t go back to Rockville,
      don’t go back to Rockville,
      don’t go back to Rockville
      And waste the court’s time

    • you wouldn’t have to file in Jersey, right? Laws can really vary state to state. For example, in CA – stapling the truth to a paunchy lawyer’s forehead carries a penalty of up to 5 years.

      • Well, here’s the grim secret about living in our nation’s capitol. Every single company of any size has a registered agent here. You file, you play things just right, you get the same effect as if you filed in the defendant’s home state, at least in the discovery and decision phases.

        Enforcing a judgment out of state would take more work. There is a federal path, but the filings are 4x the state costs and my law school buddies can’t help me there.

        Even though the objectionable content has been removed the harm is still done, and obtaining a judgment will both expose the real name of the source and position me to go after the others. I might recover some damages eventually, but at a bare minimum they’ll be forced to remove these crackpot theories about me and I’ll get an injunction against any further publication.

  25. So all this shit grew out of Brett Kimberlin vs. James O’Keefe after the Acorn/Pimp sting? People are trying to destroy lives and reputations on the internet over defending these two assholes? Really? Threats, lies, smears, manipulation, outing, menacing, provocation, real names, addresses, doxxing and fucking with people’s because of O’Keefe and Kimberlin’s “causes”? Or an excuse for sanctimonious, power tripping drama queens who get off on blog wars, desperately trying to assert self-righteous superiority while playing the noble victim.

    • Sanctimonious Power Tripping Drama Queen Who Gets Off On Blog Wars Says:


      HOW. DARE. YOU?!


      • Sanctimonious Power Tripping Drama Queen Who Gets Off On Blog Wars Says:


        I don’t need an excuse.

        • The Noble Victim Says:

          Help! I’m being attacked for provoking the scum I target into escalating wars of words that I pointedly retweet into my timeline and post about on blogs.

          You think I enjoy this? My smears, half-truths, outrageous lies, aggressive tactics and google bombing their real names are all to protect my honor BECAUSE I’M RIGHT AND THEY DESERVE TO SUFFER PUBLIC HUMILIATION BECAUSE I FUCKING SAID SO.

          Do not even question me, because I’ll be happy to add your name to my list.

  26. 100!!!

    It’s an official qritiq blog MONSTER THREAD(tm)

    Nobody tell Patterico, he’ll get jealous.

  27. Room 101… Its now official, a very long thread indeed…..

  28. Bob Marley (@Prepostericity):
    12/15/11 10:10 PM
    @Liberty_Chick Haha my first tweet evah.

    Dude. Ever? Your account is almost 3 years old.

  29. RIDDLE : How long can internet provocatuers, gameplayers, disinformationists, perception manipulators, political agents, trolls and other assorted assholes jackoff in front of an open window before the watching world decides for its own protection to lock them away in a padded cell?

  30. […] Neal comments on his attempts to sic Anon/ED trolls on Zapem: […]

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