Oh Oh Telephone Line, Give Pat Frey Some Time


Received from Pat (in quotes):

“Phone call? I find sometimes a phone call can serve to lower tensions… I’m game if you are.”

“Doesn’t sound like you’re going to take me up on the phone call… you won’t talk to me on the phone”

…you’re so close but far away I call you up all night and day…

“I’d be happy to talk about any of this on the phone. What’s your number?”

“I am happy to discuss such matters on the phone. But if we don’t speak… I will not be removing that comment of Dustin’s” [The whole comment’s removal was not requested. -ed]

…if you’d pick up that telephone…

“I frankly think we’re at the point where we will remain suspicious of each other unless and until we have human contact in the form of a phone call.

I am willing to assume that you and i simply have a series of misunderstandings… that are often cured once people speak on the phone.
I will not tape you. …if I do you can …report me to any authorities you wish.”
[NY is a one-party consent state; NY has a precedent to use the laws of the injured’s state. Pat is a lawyer. -ed]
“I stand by my offer to speak on the phone… it is, I believe, the only chance for working this out.
If you are not going to take advantage of that offer then please stop emailing me.” [Pat initiated these email communications. -ed]

from Patterico.com:
“If she wants to talk about any of this on the phone, that’s fine…”

ok, so no one’s answering…

hang it up Pat

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POSTED BY   qritiq

51 Responses to “Oh Oh Telephone Line, Give Pat Frey Some Time”

  1. Q,
    I find it really strange that this Patterico that emailed you was pestering you about talking on the phone at the same time I was bugging out that you wouldn’t talk to me.

    I find it really strange that this Observer is talking like a Redgoat stalker at the same time that the OccupyRebellion twitter account is attacking Neal Rauhauser.

    Who is hacking who? Who really exists?

    Are you going to publish that strange email exchange last night?

    What was the nature of your virus? I got one that claimed to be from FBI but was written in pidgin english.

    OccupyRebeIlion Occupy RebeIlion
    @weoccupyamerica @NealRauhauser wants his fukme blankets back. NOW!!! Because it’s cold living out in a cardboard box. #OWS
    12 hours ago
    Occupy RebeIlion
    OccupyRebeIlion Occupy RebeIlion
    @Occupysomething. That was me in my former life. 😉
    12 hours ago
    Occupy RebeIlion
    OccupyRebeIlion Occupy RebeIlion
    @NealRauhauser They’re bothering me again! All I did was make a few dozen harassing tweets like you taught me! spongefox.deviantart.com/art/Bugs-Bunny…
    12 hours ago

    @FBI Social engineering are some of the ways hackers dox your ass. Lying kingpin #OWS leader @NealRauhauser in action. gossamer-threads.com/lists/nanog/us…
    11 hours ago
    Occupy RebeIlion
    OccupyRebeIlion Occupy RebeIlion
    @FBI How did you miss this? google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j… Impersonating a federal agent guy who then becomes a hacker. <– @NealRauhauser
    11 hours ago
    Occupy RebeIlion
    OccupyRebeIlion Occupy RebeIlion
    Confession! I'm a Hacker! google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j… by @NealRauhauser aka @strandedwind /@FBI
    11 hours ago

    • oh…never mind on the above tweets…it’s an impersonator…

      occupyrebeilion as opposed to occupyrebellion

    • Anybody have a take on @OccupyOngsHat?

      My own personal stalker, Dreamsend333 is obsessed with Ong’s hat, although he probably ain’t the only one. Still kind of an obscure reference. Any theories?

      The virus email was embarrassingly obvious, just tagged “HR34″ or some such piffle. A fake FBI heading would be more along the lines of what I’d expect.

      You clould just imagine Dougie & Benjie in some incredibly pretentious, but high Zagat rating sportsbar…high-fiving each other in smug self-congratulations…”YESSSS!!”, to a Phill Collins/Hughie Lewis soundtrack…still feeling the glow of a job well done after that devastating Ameristroika post on kidkenoma…and then, still high on the jenkem, feeling that extra connection to nature…so I drove the Ferrari down to the beach…parking down at the tideline just before the beautiful picture postcard sunset…thinking what better time for an oil-change? So I drained her right there, feeling the pristine sand between the toes of my bare feet as I watched the ebony flow of petroleum product merge with the churning tide, and then, when replacing the radiator fluid, watching the little sea-birds sip at the sweet green trickle from the flow-valve…and then in the midst of this innocent reverie, some tree-hugging dyke libtard cunt starts giving me some bad noise about “the mess”, and oh, how it’s going to hurt the little fuzzy-wuzzy animals–make ya sick just to hear it– so I throat-punched that skank, and when her Dem fem bitch-dyke girlfriend starts giving me static too, I was compelled to kick her yellow country teeth down her throat with my steel-toed shoes, all to the awesome soundtrack of Susudio.

      Later, after picking the bone splinters and undifferentiated tissue from my footware, I met Dougie at Spago’s, but the table sucked–too close to the door–so we split to go sportfuck some circus-midgets till dawn.

      What a night!

      I just love Thanksgiving!

  2. Ron – odd coincidence things happen to me a lot – had some other phone stuff going on too, so no – it’s not weird.

    I agree that more than one person has been scripting Observer.

    I’m sure that if the real Patterico was being scripted by “this Patterico that emailed”, then the real Patterico would apologize profusely about libelous material being published under his name, and tell us that he would take care of it immediately. You know, like any normal person would do.

    Last night’s emailing sparked a couple thoughts that I should post, but i probly won’t get around to it.

    • Hackers don’t care. If the cops are at the door they will keep on hacking.

      If the real Frey/Patterico went dark in the first week of July you would think that he’d apologize profusely for all the slander/ibel done in his name, especially within six months, but I still insist that there is a chance that I’ve been right about him being hacked all along…and you know something regarding that nobody else does. Other weird things: sometimes when Patterico called me he disguised his phone number, his inability to remember previous convos with me & the weird truce he made with Stranahan.

      Aside from Weinergate and Porn WikiLeaks, you’re ignoring that it’s Neal Rauhauser’s ties to Barrett Brown and Anonymous that the feds – you would think have to be – are probably probing.

      Contacting any one of us in this confusing investigation could compromise it in some way…

  3. Another thing I should probably post about but might not get around to:

    Remember on the monster thread, Dustin said Goatsred shouldn’t be annoyed with DW (pffft.) The only other commenter that I can recall dissing Goatsred was Razor (also in an effort to rehabilitate DW). Pat and Ken never dissed Goatsred. Seems it was decided that the anonymous commenters should go after Goatsred, because the known people didn’t want to risk tarnishing their reputation by writing obvious defamatory nonsense.

    In the same way, “Dustin” writes the lies, libel, and defamatory statements about me, far more than Pat.

    Do you see the pattern?

    • The bornfreecrew rationale for being mad at Dan Wolfe makes no sense.

      Mike claims – with no evidence – that Dan leaked the Issa stuff to Smoking Gun. Mike leaked all the Dan stuff to Smoking Gun and Dan forgave him – but even if he changed his mind he didn’t hurt Mike personally – only the political connection he denies having so who cares? It’s a macguffin.

      Dan Wolfe wasn’t the only one to see the tweet and Breitbart didn’t use it….so he was always irrelevant…except to serve as a scapegoat.

      What “obvious defamatory nonsense” are you talking about?

      About the [redacted – defamatory. (See how easy that is Pat? It’s not rocket science.) -ed] who is either working with hackers to screw with the Breitbart gang or aid them?

      • If you’re going to redact what I wrote, don’t lie about it.

        You redacted facts…and it’s not the first time you did that.

        • False. You wrote that statement in the present tense. The person in question is currently none of those things.

          And I have said before that I don’t care for smears about events that happened in the past being rehashed over and over. If you want to repeatedly and repeatedly smear someone for the same old same old past events, please do it elsewhere.

          And don’t call me a liar when I didn’t lie about a damn thing.

          • No one likes to be redacted but you drive people away from this blog by scoring cheap points off them.

            What you wrote about my comment is just as false as Dustin tweets about you.

            May 11 was the last date that it can officially proven he held that position (the same day he posted a pic of a Weiner girl, too)…but deleting the phrase instead of adding former or ex- and claiming it was defamation to even mention it is um kind o f defamatory, too.

            But it’s wrong to take cheap shots at me to try to score points against Patterico. You’ve done this constantly. I’m tired of it.

            As for the second part: um, dude, he’s been doing it to me and Darrah, plus he did it to Weiner since at least August of 2010, so I think it still qualifies.

            I’m tired of reading about how Dustin and Patterico hurt your feelings…and I’m tired of reading half-baked accusations against people like Razor without any proof.

            Ironically, I have the opposite issue with Kid Kenoma blog. I’m never going to comment there again as long as the vile Observer continues to attack people, providing no links

          • -I’ve never said Pat and/or Dustin hurt my feelings, because they have not hurt my feelings.

            -If I drive people away because they insist on trying to smear someone or repeat old rehashed material ad infinitum, so be it.

            -I’m not trying to “score points” against Patterico. I am asking Pat Frey to obey the law and cease publishing lies about me.

      • Ron—Newsflash–THERE IS NO DAN WOLFE.
        And where’s your evidence that “Dan” DIDN’T leak it?
        You make no valid points. And you seem to have a hard on for “Dan Wolfe” and keeping the attention away from him and on me.
        Sounds like “misdirection” and you helping push the agenda that you want furthered.
        Don’t forget, you were BEGGING me to see the DM’s, emails and other stuff I had from DW. You said what the Smoking Gun did, “blackmail”, to use your terms, was awful, and it shouldn’t happen to anyone.
        Your tune quickly changed,however, when we had a falling out.

        • I know there is no Dan Wolfe, Mike.

          It’s obvious you made him up…just like you make most everything up.

          Why don’t you be a man and reveal what other Twitter socks you control? At least reveal what Twitter accounts you used (or still use) to talk porn since you never used Goatsred to do that..

          November 3, 2011 email

          “I send breitbart stuff sometimes when his name is mentioned. When darrah was saying stuff over and over again about him, I did.”

          November 7, 2011 email

          “First—- nobody is searching for darrah
          She keeps popping up and disappearing. Breitbart can care less about her.”

          Breitbart’s name isn’t mentioned in this screenshot so why did you send it to him, Mike, if he doesn’t care about her?


          And why do you forward emails to people who then attack me when you get mad? You guys all play grade school bully games.

          Why don’t you post some of your menacing tweets about me here?

    • Monster thread was monstrous. And full of monsters.

  4. more on the above:

    Pat has a habit of going after me on twitter for imagined slights against him. Why? Because he is trying (hard) to shut me down. Why would he work SO hard to try to discredit me? Why would I be so foremost in his mind? What is it that he is SO afraid I will reveal?

    On the last twitterfight, you can see that Pat cc’s Dustin repeatedly on an issue that is between myself and Pat, that has nothing to do with Dustin. Dustin and Pat have been working in tandem for some time, and this is Pat’s way of signaling the “anonymous” Dustin to invent some really nasty stuff about me, so that Pat himself doesn’t have to sully his reputation or risk a lawsuit from writing obvious defamatory epithets himself.

    Do you see the pattern?

  5. Ron: “…Other weird things: sometimes when Patterico called me he disguised his phone number, his inability to remember previous convos with me….”


    He didn’t forget anything about his previous conversations with you. “Forgetting” was just another tactic he used against you.

  6. Case over. Ron claims that I made up Dan Wolfe.
    How can he be your “source” then?
    I’ve been waiting to hear this from you over the past few weeks.

    qritiq –please take note of Ron’s statement. It adds a new wrinkle to the list of suspects in this crime. Follow the money.

    • Mike,

      You really need to stop the “aha!” comments because they are silly. When you are being interrogated by the authorities will you do the same to them when they ask you questions that might conflict regarding their investigation?

      How many twitter accounts do you control?

      Why are you such a coward? You act like The Thing on twitter…but you’re the biggest baby in this.

      Be a man and fess up to what other twitter accounts you sock puppet as.

      • oh brother

        Ron – if you have any actual evidence as to why goatsred would be “interrogated”, please post it here. Otherwise ratchet down that bullshit accusatory rhetoric.

        If you hadn’t noticed, this is not Patterico.com.

        • My evidence is the last five months of work, Qritiq.

          But – as I alluded to before – I assume we are all going to be interrogated by somebody regarding hacker probes since everyone is accusing everybody, as I mentioned earlier.

          Anonymous is being investigated.

          And I presume Provide Security is being investigated.

          I have no idea if these swattings happened but if they did then all of us will be interrogated. And I’ll happily show the investigators the long history that you pretend doesn’t exist that show similar patterns.

          I could easily file a police report based solely on Mike Stack’s tweets regarding me the last month, as all of his followers know. So consider that more evidence.

          But I would rather try to report this story than call the cops or sue.


          there is much truth to what you said about this not being patterico so i do apologize for that sentence..i sometimes fall into the same trap as using threatish tactics like them…they alinsky me!!!!

          i was merely trying to make a rhetorical point….Mike claims because I once said Sean had nothing to do with Weinergate that automatically means if I probe it “proves” I’m full of shit…which is out of the Dustin bag of tricks..and he resorts to it a lot.

      • Stop pretending, too, Mike.

        I know you’re much smarter than you pretend to be as the @goatsred character.

        You were smart enough to never once express doubts about Andrew Breitbart in any email to me, even though you said it on the phone all the time.

        You suckered me in by claiming that you agreed that Breitbart leaked the stuff to The Smoking Gun.

        All you do is divert attention from yourself. After the Times article exposed the fake teens, you were unable to turn the page and tweet about politics so you had to make yourself the victim again and scare people off the story.

        You’re smart.

        You send different stuff to different journos and bloggers – just like Gennette and Andrew – so that they spend most of the time being grateful and protective and overlook stuff like how your arguments with Darrah Ford at her blog are identical to the ones with me now.

        You “helped” her against her stalkers….just like Sean “helped” the porn stars victimized by Donny.

        (i hope im not breaking rules with the above, q)

  7. Don’t let ’em get your goat.

  8. This whole thing really needs an occasional narrator to come in over the top of the discussion and explain it all. Think like Dakota Fanning in Taken – eerie and profound.

    Nobody ever talks about Megan Broussard any more.

  9. I’m not sure exactly what I did last year that got me such a dedicated, albeit unwanted fan club, but I bow to the inevitable. You guys want to know more about me, so I’m going to give in and provide it.

    Twitter will, alas, remain available only to those I actually know, with very rare exception, and it is wholly uninteresting unless you see my DMs, and then that only tells who and when, but not what. Half the public talk is communal mindrot anyway, but you can read JP 3-13.4 on your own.

    LinkedIn remains a curious bolthole, a place to mindread intelligence community watchers and occasionally comment. Some dimwits took the bait last spring and spent four months trying every sort of profile they could concoct in order to see inside. Broad hint: a two contact profile out of left field won’t work – go spend the time to take in two dozen people I really know, and then you’ll qualify as interesting. We’ll have co-opted you by the time you manage that, but such is life.

    Which IRC network? Which brooding presence? Alas, eggdrop soup grows murky when simmered long enough. If you weren’t there at the beginning you’ll never qualify as more than a spectator.

    So, for my growing legion of fans, I do solemnly swear to update Tumblr every so often, and I’ve done so this morning.

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  11. “(cue frantic Googling from my seemingly limitless pool of stalkers)”
    Yeah, you’re a real victim Neal. Coming from a guy who argues with himself and his own socks.

  12. Short, Bearded Verizon Guy Says:

    Someone warn Nadia Naffe not to agree to talk to @Patterico on the phone.

    She’s been thru enough.

  13. […] maybe some bim comes along and threatens to blow the whole operation. Wouldn’t it be great to get her on the phone and do yet another SWAT to thwart and discredit her? Hmm, that might be hard to sell – that […]

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