Steve “verngasm” Kineson is back.

verngasmsteve kineston yep I’m in stealth mode things are happening . Have you been getting a lot of rain its totally sucks yard is a forest (10:30 PM 4/28)
@verngasmsteve kineston I guess I’m a wanted man now so off the radar I go if no one hears from me its all right love ya (7:37 PM 7/4)
verngasm   steve kineston verngasm is back now your all in trouble  (8:47 PM 11/17)
                                                                                                                                                                                 POSTED BY itsgettingbleeker

8 Responses to “Steve “verngasm” Kineson is back.”

  1. Oddly, when I google “Steve Kineson” or “Steve Verngasm Kineson” or any variation thereof, singularly, or in combination, all I get is entries for this post on this blog.

    Is he a fictional character?

    Is this an ARG?

  2. Wow. You must have a better search engine than the google I’m using.

    No wonder I’m so ill-informed.

    I’m not really disputing his existence, just wondering who he is. Sounds kinda familiar, but after the pic of the nude truck guy in New Jersey, Oxy-Moron or whatever, some of my memory archives have apparently erased themselves in relfexive self-preservation.

    Any linx pointing to this character, or is this something Im better of not knowing?

  3. Why do we care about Mr. Gasm or Mr. Kineston?

    Unless he’s Dan Wolfe.

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