Do You See The Pattern


It seems to me that perpetration of all of the following acts, takes the same type of sociopathic chutzpah (and admittedly, intelligence). If you think about it, the acts described below, are all of a kind:


-spending months scripting many sockpuppets and, in effect, lying about who you are to people who consider you a friend

-using multiple id’s when commenting on the same thread

-creating different names for a number of twitter accounts. (John and Pat Reid seem to have been named after Pat. No offense to Pat, but most people have not heard of him. (I certainly hadn’t pre-Weinergate.) And of those who have heard of him, how many would have Pat so foremost in their mind to name their sockpuppets after him? If those names are more than a coincidence, it kinda narrows things down.)

-impersonating multiple real people

-telling mistruths in order to discredit the people who helped to expose the fake teens (namely JP and Lee)

-telling mistruths in order to discredit me for the crime of telling the truth

-doxing, trolling

-attempting to discredit GC because the truths she told did not match up with the AW-thought-Nikki-was-16 narrative that had been worked on for months.

-spending a long period of time on the phone lying to the New York Times as well as to Tommy X and Lee

-spending a long period of time lying to FilmLadd

-spending a looong period of time lying to readers via the JR9 chat – (verbosity a common thread. Also, Lee’s caller, some socks, and others around Weinergate have been described as sycophantic.)

-sending threats to bloggers

-releasing and/or publishing goatsred’s and ronbryn’s expunged record (recall that Weprin’s sealed custody case was also published.)

-engaging in the “Alicia Pain” menace-toned convo with Pat

-fabricating a fake California driver’s license and fake student id’s

-fabricating completely fake AW/GC DM’s

-altering the dates of actual DM’s

-fabricating GC-Nikki DM’s

-twitter hack (h/t @ronbryn) (I’m thinking perhaps done by spoofing a cellphone number?)

-making a false complaint to Boston P.D. (if the complaint was real and JG was real, there would have been no reason for JG not to sign that complaint.)  Also, recall that someone made an unwarranted call – calling the police to Ethel’s house, to investigate nonexistent untoward AW tweets.

-more fake spoofed call(s) to police constituting SWAT-ing(s)


caveats: I understand that anyone involved in the aforementioned likely had help. And I think I probably forgot to add maybe more than a couple of things that would fit with this list of con artist-type activity.

Also, I have to say, it would be very surprising to me if Pat and Lee did not have some light to shine on the above. And I also do find it mysterious that Pat never posted the reasons he believed JR9 and DW were one in (yeah I said “in”) the same. (I do not think early DW was JR9, but I do think that the DW who was interviewed by FilmLadd, was likely JR9. And I’d be curious to know what Pat thinks.)


It is likely I’ll be updating this post and adding a bit more detail.





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