*Can’t Touch This* Serial Twitter Harasser OxyConservative and #p2 Pals

@GregWHoward Instead of binge drinking, why don’t you teach your kid how to be a financially responsible adult? @GomerWHoward @GregWBlowhard
Phil Miaz
GregWBlowhardPhil Miaz
RT @GregWHoward: @GregWBlowhard You keep saying crap and libtards keep RTing you. So, you’re going to pay dearly. #p2
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32 Responses to “*Can’t Touch This* Serial Twitter Harasser OxyConservative and #p2 Pals”

  1. The Situation Says:

    Jersey tags and no tan lines.

    What are the odds?

  2. Whatever happened to AnonymousArmy banned for homophobic crap at Daily Kos?


    i bet seth allen or doug or lee stranahan know


      As of Oct 4 2011, Soc is back posting at his “Dave from Queens” blog, as cocky as ever, though somewhat disgruntled about all of those devastatingly well-written & meticulously well researched posts about The Speedway Boogyman that got deleted.

      Soc, always on the cutting edge, has weighed in on the Amanda Knox case. Any inequities in that circus can be chalked up to “satanic panic”, as always.

      As always Soc takes a strong stand against such baseless superstition:

      “Silvio Berlusconi is absolutely right when he says the judiciary needs fundamental rerform”.

      It is indeed heartwarming to see old Silvio concerning himself with the fate of unjustly railroaded American college students. *sniff*

      And Soc agrees.

      Great minds think alike.

      And speaking of “satanic panic”, Soc’s Yahoo account has been subpoenaed by an attorney on behalf of Neil Brick’s lawsuit against Doug Messner, who operates a pseudo-Process Church of Final Judgement website set up to specifically and exclusively debunk the aforementioned “satanic panic” that he & Soc are so concerned about.

      Soc’s response?

      He posts the name & address of the attorney on his blog, I guess in case a swarm of Soc’s virtuous and staunch allies want to swat or flashmob him or something.

      No takers so far…

      • Since there is a tag called “mental” I believe this tweet is not off-topic.

      • Doug Mesner sounds like he’d get along with Mr. O’Keefe.


        “The Doug Mesner Show”
        Artist, commentator, and self-proclaimed “One Man Gang-Bang,” Douglas Mesner takes on the world armed with a tape recorder, police scanner, and sardonic wit. An unscrupulous journalist of the Muckracker/Gonzo School, Doug takes his tape recorder everywhere it’s unwelcome. Bringing pranking to the level of stone-faced professionalism, Mesner’s Show promises to revolutionize Rotten Radio and serve as the definitive audio documentary of the apocalypse. http://www.radiofreesatan.com/doug_mesner_show.html

        He published his two part article attacking the SMART conference at a page called Process, which uses the same symbol as the Process Church did. The Process Church has been called Satanic by some, since they worshiped both Christ and Satan.

        Douglas Mesner did the artwork for the book “Might is Right” which had an intro by Anton Lavey, who was the American founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan and the author of The Satanic Bible. The illustration Mesner drew has written under it in capitol letters “Hate Your Enemies with a Whole Heart and If a Man Smite You on One Cheek, Smash Him Down, Smite Him Hip and Thigh, for Self Preservation Is the Highest Law.”

        • Ayn Rand, Crowley, DeGrimston, Lavey, Breitbart…give or take a little “theological” window dressing, what’s the dif?

          It’s all about ME! ME! ME!

          Fuck everybody else!

          Oh, and porn too…

          And by the way, when I refer to porn this, or porn that, or porn weasels etc. it would be inaccurate to suppose that I am referring to the mere objectification of women as objects of sexual pleasure.

          If only ’twere so quaint.

          No, what I am specifically refering to is the objectification of women as objects of degradation, humiliation, scorn, and revulsion, as receptacles of pain and mutilation, subjects of rape theatrically enacted or otherwise.

          For those of us lame and unhip rubes from the provinces who don’t hang out at the “jerkofzone”, it can be a slow dawning shock to realize that what I have just described is no longer “fringe” specialty material, it is now the mainstream.

          Like, Post Gonzo ‘n stuff dude.

          You can see these attitudes expressed in their own words at sites like “jerkoffzone” and plenty of others, where chums of [Redacted] and so many other Breitbart satellites seem to hang out, that seem set up for the purpose of vicious porn rivalries and harassment, particularly of women trying to break out of the “industry”, while Porn WikiLeaks is run by the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley, and TRPWL, who along with [Redacted] seem to also be in on organized stalking and harassment of women leaving porn, and others seeking to help women leave porn, and have often tweeted quite smugly about it.

          It’s no longer ‘The Story of “O’.

          That was yer grandfather ‘s porn.

          [I’ll be happy to un-Redact the names, when/if substantiation is shown here. -ed]

          • Is there any post-Weinergate example of the man you’ve accused seeming “to also be in on organized stalking and harassment of women leaving porn, and others seeking to help women leave porn, and” often tweeting “quite smugly about it”, or is that a bunch of bs?

          • Does the phrase “I hope you get A.I.D.S. and die,stupid cunt” sound at all familiar?

            (punctuated just like that too, if memory serves)

            If not, you should go slumming around some of the sites I was talking about, if they haven’t been deleted yet, to find the author of that comment.

            [A google search finds no such statement by the accused. I have been sent the thread in question and there is no comment by the accused on it at all. -ed]

            I’ve been there, done that, and once is enough for me.

            I think Ron recently mentioned something about some, if not most of St. Redgoat’s comments being preemptively deleted on some of those sites.

            Maybe he has some screenshots or something. You never know…

            Groatded’s twitter account is “protected”, (that poor sensitive soul,) so I don’t really know if he has tweeted smugly about stalking etc. but his chums TRPWL and [Redacted] sure as hell have, and like recently, go look ’em up if you dare afford to.

            If you dare a Ford too.

          • I believe the man you’ve accused has asked that that stuff be deleted. Apparently, he no longer stands behind those words. Again, I ask you, have you seen any such examples post-Weinergate? Because I follow him, and I have not seen any tweets that are examples of “organized stalking and harassment of women leaving porn, and others seeking to help women leave porn” and have not seen frequent smug tweets about it from him. If there are any recent examples, please feel free to post them. If you are not aware of any in the last half-a-year, please say so.

            Also – the supposed c-word quote you’ve stated – I’d like to see the screencap on that, because frankly, I have no reason to believe that he wrote that and I sure wouldn’t want to be accused of saying that, if I never said it. Screencaps/documentation/emails/links/etc. are welcome here. Unsubstantiated accusations of nasty stuff is not.

            So, if you can’t give us decent evidence fairly quickly, I’ll have to use the R-word.

          • also, just a thought – that site is not exactly WaltDisney.com. The quote may represent a lousy sentiment, but I would think that the commenters on that thread would be expectant of anything-goes communications. I dunno – just a thought – I haven’t exactly studied these type of sites, so I’m no expert.

            p.s. the only place google finds that quote, is on your blog.

          • uh oh

            will qritiq delete my comment

            …she knows damn well the redgoat quote is from the classy March of 2011 post where he had all his vicious comments deleted:

            [untrue – I couldn’t care less about what goatsred edited on an old porn thread, and I was unaware of it -qritiq]


            But Redgoat is a classy guy and he edited the forum so he took out a few names but left the N word and lots of other classy stuff.

            (you can see his handle on comments that specifically use the N word…and he left it)


            He gets a pass because we can’t prove he menaced and stalked women using his name after March of 2011. Too bad.

          • If readers are looking for a classy forum, they probably won’t seek out that site. I edit this forum, and I leave comments alone as much as possible, even if they are cruder than the way I would write. I don’t think that makes me cruder than I am though.

            You guys strike me as holier than thou on this topic. I really don’t understand what the point is. goatsred said he’s done some stuff he’s not proud of in the past, and he’s moved on from it. So there’s no point in rehashing it; get over it.

            A tiny bit similar to all the talk about Kimberlin. Dude did his time, so why keep rehashing his crimes – it’s pointless.

          • How many jokes about rape has Andrew Breitbart tweeted in the last week?

            How many times does Larry O’Connor joke about sexual harassment to Howard Stern sidekick?


            Yep….it’s all funny stuff…let’s laugh a forcing women’s faces down on to your crotch..true or not…it’s good for a laugh for sickos like the rest of the Breitbart crew.

            At least Dustin and Patterico don’t say nasty shit like the rest of the sickos connected to AB do.

          • I removed an insult to a specific person. You are welcome to post recent caps/links that prove your points, but can the unsubstantiated insults.

            I believe Patrick Frey still has your “Blow me Lane Lipton Blow me Blow me Blow me…” quote up at his site. Yeah, Pat’s so classy.

          • My last comment here.

            Qritiq is claiming that March of 2011 is too “old” to call goatsred on. March of 2011 is when Ginger Lee tweeted about Weiner and a fake teen girl contacted her so it would be smart for goatsred to lay low. Considering he was still able to edit as late as March 10, 2011 it’s absurd

            Because it’s a porn mod it’s okay to harass women? Seriously, qritiq, that site attacked women who would go there to complain and then they would get attacked more.

            How can you defend that vile site which still exists – and do you really think goatsred retired from going there or editing?

            I’ll go back to responding to any Qritiq tweets or blog posts at Kid’s blog because he doesn’t redact.

            And this person qritiq won’t talk to anyone on the phone. Why?

          • One more comment (and maybe goatsred will say this proves I’m a liar),

            Telling someone to blow you or fuck off is not the same thing as posting pornographic images and saying disgusting stuff….and harassing and menacing women.

            PPk_Pixie made so many gun threats to me I lost count….but she claims I threatened her with no provocation.

            Vile porn jerks cherrypick a tweet to patterico i made trying to get him to actually press charges against me for fake crimes he keeps accusing me of….and they ignore all the tweets surrounding it..and they ignore that it contained satire (staple the truth to his face is obviously not a threat).

            Qritiq is a nobody..and she insults everyone..how the heck has Dustin or Patterico or anyone crossed the line against her?

            She laughs at threats….

            Saying blow me to a man and woman is not the same as the pornography that goatsred posted on that site or the pornographic jokes that Liberty_Chick makes with her sick friends…so don’t pretend for an instant that Patterico is anything like those people.

            That he doesn’t condemn them makes him vile. I would agree on that. But how can you attack him and defend everyone else?

            Do you have a prior beef with the deputy DA?

          • Hey, feel free to redact any or (preferably) all of my comments as you see fit, or for that matter any reference to any action or event, or any comment any
            where that can’t be reached wiith a quick google.

            That means that it isn’t real, so take comfort therein. The Grid depends on it.

            I guess I was just blindsided by my own ramapant misogyny, bolstered by my intense jealousy and antipathy toward ST. Redgoat who has done so much for ladies in “the Industry”.

            I am so ashamed.

            Well, you just keep scrubbing–bound to get them all sooner or later–oops, gotta go…


            Holy shit! I’ve got Joseph Mengele on the other line…after all this time…

            Joe has a few of points he’d like to make to set the record straight.

            1–Mengele is alive and well in Paraguay where he was recently seen partying with Aerosmith.

            2–He admits the holocaust DID happen, but:

            3–He didn’t really mean it. Everyone has taken his statements of policy out of context and blown it up all out of proportion. I mean seeesh…what’s the big deal anyway?

            Meanwhile, we’re trying to delete any material that might cast an unfavorable light on this selfless surgical pioneer .

            We thank you in advance for your inevitable cooperation. 🙂

          • I’ll take this to mean: Next time I accuse somebody of something, I’ll post the proof of it, so you won’t have to waste your time editing misstatements. Thanks so much qritiq!!! We love you!!!

          • @Q at 5:37 12/13/11

            Yes, of course, that must be exACTly what I meant to express, but could not dare afford to say.

            And if I wasn’t such an illiterate, incoherent, lying dumbshit, I’m sure I would have used exactly those words too.

            Thanx so much for clarifying that.

            I was just chatting with Joe Mengele, who recommends the celebrated self-help book, ‘The Secret’, which postulates the idea that one can avoid all negativity & unpleasantness in one’s ilfe by simply ignoring it.

            If you concentrate really hard, it should work on the many links and examples that Ron has posted here, and a whole lot more now on KK blog.

            Just remember: If you didn’t see it, it’s not real.

            More details in my upcoming Broadway musical, ‘Pennies for Pinochet’.

            Libretto by Paul Craig Roberts.

        • Don’t Panic!

          They just want to bunga-bunga!

          Personage occupying the right hand side of the screen at 1:40-1:43 and again at 3:31-3:34 sends a non-negotiable all-purpose multi-metaphor one finger message to Seth Allen.

        • Ron – I guess the reason no-one’s EVER EVER talked to me on the phone is, just like you said, I must be a man

          MANLY MAN.


  3. Kid,

    Most of the women they’re harassing are not trying to convince women to leave porn…they aren’t anti-porn…they want reform..such as condoms used in all adult films to prevent AIDS.

    Perhaps we should call them anti-AIDS instead.

    • Anti-AIDS?


      More oppresive government sharia regulation tryna run my life?

      Fuck those bastards!

      Well, like the great Jonathan Swift was wont
      to say about anti-HIV activists: “I hope you all get AIDS and die,stupid cunts!”

      Uh, I guess I changed my mind about that last part.

      Sorry, but I just don’t feel that way anymore. I realize that was a terrible thing to say.

      I don’t really wish anti-HIV acivists would get AIDS and die.

      I would prefer they be slowly chainsawed to death over a chipolte woodpit BBQ.

      Please delete!


  4. Docket Date: 11/14/2011 Docket Number: 88
    Docket Description: MOTION, RECONSIDERATION
    Docket Type: Motion Filed By: Defendant Status: Open



  5. (@Dust92):
    11/18/11 1:22 AM
    They all insincerely propose conspiracy theories, threaten to sue critics, want folks to stop criticizing Brett. Hmm

    Awwww, Dusty. At first I thought you were talking about Patrick and your buddies. Patrick is a pro at that stuff. But, then I got to the last part.

    So… two out of three.

    As for Kimberlin, most on the left who know who he is don’t care to defend him. Pointing out where the system failed isn’t a defense of Kimberlin. It’s about pointing out where the system failed. None of that suits your purpose, Dusty, so you just say what you want to be true as though it is, anyway, in your signature shrill, dishonest tones.

  6. Noi suntem legiune.

    Noi nu ierta.

    Noi nu uita.

    Aşteaptă de la noi.

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