Mad Libs

I believe that _____________ has been harassed.  I think she suspects that _____________ has been the one harassing her because ____________ told her that’s who it was.  And I think _____________ also told ______________ that the person who SWAT-ted Pat and _____________ _____________ was also _____________ along with _____________.  However, I don’t believe that _____________ actually believes what he himself has said to be true.  I believe that he must know that it was actually _____________ that had something to do with the _____________s and it wasn’t _____________ at all.  (After all,  _____________ would have no motive.)  So the question is, why would _____________ say that _____________ was responsible when he knows that _____________ isn’t?


Well, I think it is because _____________ vouched for _____________ to ______________.  And now he realizes how badly he and _____________ were punked by _____________.


So, he is embarrased, and he doesn’t want _____________ to know how bad he f[REDACTED]ed up.  And _____________ sees _____________ as the weakest person in his field of vision and so that is why _____________ has chosen to target ____________.


Well, this is my current theory and the only thing that would make any sense I think.


P.S. I noticed that _____________ is using the @_____________ account to defend Cain.  Is he embarrassed to speak out for Cain under his own name I wonder?


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4 Responses to “Mad Libs”

  1. Those anti-Cain Dems are all libtard racists.

    They had better stop the harassment of this Noble American Patriot, or Ameristroika will come down on them hard.

    I mean, the poor guy can barely zip up the front of his Santorum-encrusted trousers from his last innocent social encounter before some hairy-legged softball sob-sister starts yammering about “inapproprate behavior”, which I know to be untrue since my freind Heather was there & saw the whole thing.

    He most certainly did not touch ________ in the (REDACTED).

    He actually (REDACTED) her in the (REDACTED) while _________ held _______ down and inserted his (REDACTED) into _______’s (REDACTED) while Cain applied the hollandaise sauce with a (REDACTED) shaped bannana phone set on “vibrate”, while ________ dialed the number.

    More details to be had in my soon-to-be-published, very poignant political memoir, ‘Client-9 at Your Cervix’, available for a limited time at a Borders Books near you, as soon as I am abel.

    And now back to a very special episode of ‘Buffy’.

    • Watch out, Kid, Aaron “Assassin Cat” Worthing might call you racist for using the word “sob-sister”.

      Even if every accusation was fake, it’s something that the campaign should have known about from the start. They acted like they knew nothing about it…and now they are playing blame the press and the victim. (He’s more cooked than Perry….who cares that Perry said oops…shouldn’t we be more upset he thinks closing down gov’t agencies is a slogan to memorize rather than an actual conviction?)

      The funniest thing is that conservatives are stupidly going to blame Democrats over this when they would prefer anyone but Mitt Romney, who could beat Obama since he would have lots of endorsements from real Democrats. Who cares if he’s boring, America will elect someone they believe who will create jobs. Or who will at least prioritize it.

  2. Hollandaise sauce?? That’s disGUSTing! (REDACTED) goes much better with a mole.

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