Dirty Laundry and Dirty Socks

Some have way more than others.

 The answers, my friends, are blowing in the wind.

Let’s have a  little fun, why don’t we? What socks are are the dirtiest? The easiest to see right through?

We’ll get into this for the next few posts. We’ll review some oldies but goodies, some up and comers, and some dumber than others.

                                                                                                                                    POSTED BY  itsgettingbleeker

5 Responses to “Dirty Laundry and Dirty Socks”

  1. Old, Dusty Sock Says:

    6/21/11 6:11 AM
    @Artist_R What is being done to do? Are you mentally OK? If you’re really being threatened, then let me know.

    6/21/11 6:10 AM
    @Artist_R You don’t have the right to ‘feel safe’ if by that you mean to silence anyone you are mad at. You think you have that right?

    6/21/11 5:59 AM
    @Artist_R You think being a drama queen helps Dan? Seriously? Calling the FBI will help keep his anonymity? Seriously? How does that work?

    6/21/11 4:32 AM
    RT @Artist_R: I mean, what does it take to get an investigation? If there is a possibility a sitting Rep abused his position to pick up underage girls…

    6/21/11 4:27 AM
    @Artist_R Link a screengrab. What are you complaining about, exactly? Real harassment, or BS whining about questions? I can’t tell.

    6/21/11 4:24 AM
    @Artist_R @joebrooks Do you have schizophrenia? Your prior tweet says ‘I’m right here’ and investigating you is easy. Now you’re dialing 911

    • um dustin once told andrewbreitbart he was wrong for menacing and smearing gregwhoward in twittergate and ridiculously insisting on an apology first and he was right in that convo, too.

      this not anonymous person smeared everyone…and even Dan stopped talking to her

  2. Someone in the Andrew Breitbart gang needs to ask the big guy if Rick Klein is the reporter who claims Dan Wolfe called him vile.

    That’s probably a lie or a spoof by NOYN.

    • No One You Know was blocked by more conservatives than any other “conservative” the last five months. Patterico blocked her immediately…before mysteriously vouching for her after I claimed he was hacked.

  3. Contest:

    Describe wtf this means in 25 words or more:


    “Sometimes my arms bend backwards,” is my first guess.

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