Paranoiacs Anonymous

A lot of accusations have been bandied about. As you may well know, I’ve been looking at post-Weinergate shenanigans and crimes for a while now. And just for the record…

I have not seen one shred of evidence indicating that Neal is guilty of anything (other than getting into a snit for no apparent reason.)

I have not seen one shred of evidence indicating that Ron is guilty of anything (other than calling me every name in the book. (And Pathetico never “denounced” any of it.)) Oh, and reading anything Ron’s written as an actual threat is obviously preposterous (listen up Pathetico.) I’ve certainly never felt threatened by Ron and the many epithets he’s logged that were directed at me.

I have not seen one shred of evidence that @goatsred is guilty of anything. He seems to be under attack by some sockpuppets who seem to have no clue (and no curiosity) as to who the actual players in Weinergate were.

I have not seen one shred of evidence that GC is guilty of anything, despite Patrick Frey’s commenters being incredibly nasty and accusatory toward her. Oh, and by the way, Pathetico never denounced that repulsive behavior. Rather, he seemed to actively encourage it. (I’ve never seen a writer block/ban a source. Can you say “dumbass”?)

And I’ve gotta say that thinking that KidKenoma is some kind of criminal mastermind is um what’s the word? Oh yeah – ridiculous.

Of course Ken and “Dustin” and Pat even tried to point a finger at yours truly, because they know that I know some truths that they don’t want revealed. I think you need to ask yourself why that would be. When I posted a link to new information about Dan Wolfe at (because “Dustin” had requested that I post any new information there), Pathetico deleted the post. Post-haste. Gotta ask yourself why he would do that. His excuse was that I had deleted just one out of MANY of “Dustin”‘s comments.

(I had deleted that one comment of “Dustin”‘s, because it contained false and defamatory statements about GC. I had already let “Dustin” post many comments containing disinformation, and “Dustin” was already fully aware that his many comments were totally disrespectful of this blog’s guidelines. I NEVER violated any of Pathetico’s blog guidelines, although Pat allowed many commenters to post disinformation and allowed some to use more than one handle – against his own rules. So, again, you need to ask yourself – why was I singled out? I was also singled out in that I believe that “qritiq” was the ONLY one on the monster thread that had actual names attributed to their handle/nickname, that were NOT redacted. So again, you need to ask yourself: WHY WOULD JOHN PATRICK FREY SINGLE OUT QRITIQ? FOR WHAT POSSIBLE REASON? And, perhaps even more telling, why would he want to hide new information from his readers? Quite interesting behavior, don’t ya think?)

Pretty sure the only charges I am legitimately guilty of are cupcake over-indulgence and poor grammar. A thousand freakin pardons.



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  1. I’ve apologized for saying some vile things the last four months….but I’ve been menaced and my sources have been menaced.

    I was fooled into thinking that Deputy DA Patterico was hacked and that the trolls in his comments section wouldn’t be able to ban me from his website because I was helping him find out who sent threats to Weinergate sources and bloggers still investigating it after the NY Times story I worked on with Jen Preston revealed that fake twitter accounts were involved.

    So I tested the limits…and said some really nasty things to see if they could ban me.

    I was wrong. They did. LOL.

    Again, I apologize for any tweets I’ve made that anyone perceived as nasty or menacing…even to people who sent nasty ones to me.

    The Andrew Breitbart gang are pros at getting you angry…just like Ann Coulter. Instead of reporting about racism or hate from both sides all they do is try to get people mad or fired. Disgusting.

    • Patterico published a bunch of blog posts slandering me and his commenters made perhaps a thousand comments directed at me at his blog that I can’t respond to….but he stands by DohBiden who likes to call liberals gay and other trolls who menace all over the internet like daleyrocks and dustin are always welcome…and Aaron Worthing writes vile blogs calling Obama prejudiced against Jews etc.

      And Qritiq is banned for deleting Dustin’s lying comments at her own blog? That’s pretty pathetico.

      Someone should count the number of deliberate misrepresentations by Dustin in this one Patterico blog post just for a laugh:

      I bet there’s at least 25.

    • Liberty Chick Says:

      Life exists outside of Twitter. You should try it. That’s where all the facts are. NOT on Twitter. Or on blogs.

      • Thanks, Mandy, but the entire world already knows that there are no facts on any of Andrew Breitbart’s blogs.

        Don’t you have a new story to work on about how every Democrat in America is tied to the bombing of the bus in Speed?

  2. kidkenoma Says:

    “There’s too much at stake here for the truth to come out”
    –Criminal Mastermind & Insane Clown Posse Overlord Kidkenoma

    • ICP sucks, I roll with NATAS (sdrawkcab)

    • hey KK – if I file a Freedom of Info Request for the Pat’s-SWAT-911-tape, do you know anyone somewhat reliable from L.A. area, who might not mind going to a station on fairly short notice to tape it?

      I do know someone, but “reliability” not his strong suit.

      • kidkenoma Says:

        Our operatives at the Patterico surviellance listening post are quite devastatingly capable in that regard, however, it’s the “going to a station” part that might be prove to be problematic, depending on what kind of “station” you mean,

        We criminal masterminds are sensitive about that kind of thing y’know.

        In lieu of that, I have some very fine S.W.A.T. tapes featuring Michelle Rodriguez.

  3. Liberty Chick Says:

    Neal has left quite a bit of evidence on your blog, actually. Thankfully.

    No one’s investigating Weinergate socks, that’s why you just don’t get it.

    • I totally believe that the FBI deputized Velma from Scooby Doo and the demented Doug Life to chase after an anti-porn blogger who they have no proof did anything to anyone by making disgusting rape jokes that Red Eye wouldn’t even allow and mocking hackers who don’t want to play secret “i vill trapz all zee anons with my superior compewter skillz” games.

      I’d quote @Dmatthewstewart but there’s too many disgusting and menacing tweets to choose from.

      Thanks, Mandy, for conitinuing to keep the Internetz safe by having your boyfriend make threats to me and by joking with Doug in the middle of a convo he had with @DoctorWarbucks about knowing my address, showing up at my house, and kicking me in the mouth with his steel tipped boot.

      How’s that arrest warrant coming? DA @Patterico can have lunch with the crazy doctor who threatens to kick people in the head, the freaks behind Render, DefendWallSt and other anti-OWS twitterers who make violent threats and the lunatic Simon Templar who menaces journalists on the criminal James O’Keefe’s behalf for the Scooby Doo Find Darrah Ford team after I subpoena them.

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  5. Real Housewives of the Internetz Says:

    Dustin’s on twitter, lying about Brynaert to try to shield the DA by confusing the issue.

    Is the DA’s site is a hate site. You betcha! Just own it.

    11/7/11 8:38 PM
    THIS is what Scott @AblativMeatshld does for: Patrick Frey, Deputy District Attorney of Los Angeles, runs a hate site.

  6. kidkenoma Says:

    The Wit & Wisdom of Dust92:

    “[redacted] is a creep”

    “[detcader], creep psycho”

    “Maybe she’s a lone creep troll”

    “I don’t even care”

    “…you’re incredibly boring with lame theories. No one cares about Weiner anymore”

    Aside from the pitifully limited vocabulary deployed here, we note that for a chump who “doesn’t care”, who claims that “No one cares about Weiner anymore”, and squeezes out 6 or 7 consecutive obsessive tweets about someone with “zero credibility” with “lame theories” that he “doesn’t care about” anymore, with all of the ferocity & dignity of a pissed-off primate flinging feces to mark his territory, methinks he doth protest too much.

    He seems to be talking to Zapem, who’s tweets are of course hidden, giving that “dialogue” an eerie resemblence to a typical conversation between Norman Bates and his mother.

    ‘Cept that Norman’s mom occasionally answered back.

  7. kidkenoma Says:

    Er, Norman B-a-t-e-s

    (ciminal masterminds often develop psycho-somatic dyslexia as an occupational hazard)

  8. Dr. Freud Says:

    Dustin has a tell.

    He projects. Then he accuses others of projecting.

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