“A Dox On You, Officer Pollack”

(The men and women of law enforcement do a unthankable job each and everyday. This post was to show the nonsense they are dealing with in this particular instance. It was not shown to embarrass this officer,the police in general, or to promote the practice known as “doxing”.The video below was simply posted to show how the people actually go about doing this. It is not endorsed nor is it promoting this practice. The debate to take down the video below will be resolved in a day or so. Apologies to anyone who was offended)

Watch the first 1:00 of this video. Some memorable quotes include:

Man: “Officer Alan Pollack, Allan Pollack, Dox Officer Alan Pollack”. “We are Legion. You will not hide. Officer Pollack, you will be found”

“Dox Allan Pollack, Dox Allan Pollack, Dox Allan Pollack”

“Doxing”-What is this phenomenon?

It seems that we hear this term more and more everyday. Some enjoy just saying it, others enjoy (immensely) threatening AND doing it.


It has taken on steam with the popularity of the group Anonymous and with the uprisings all around the country. It has been used to spread personal information of Law Enforcement Officers,  government officials, and as a weapon to instill fear and harass those  into submission who do not agree with a particular point of view.

Or, as a weapon to ruin someone’s life or reputation.

Here is a general rundown on Doxing: (but I’m sure many who read this know plenty about it already)

NEXT: We go undercover.

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13 Responses to ““A Dox On You, Officer Pollack””

  1. kidkenoma Says:

    How dare these worthless libtards encroach on a government monopoly like doxing!

    Who do they think they aren’t?

    And they(REDACTED)

  2. The so-called “good guys” like to dox, too:

    or cheer for Mexican druglords to chop off “bad guy” hacker heads:


  3. Short Attention Span Theater Says:

    We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this heartwarming chat:

    “If Ernie and Bert Were Sociopaths”

    11/5/11 3:16 AM
    @dmatthewstewart Fuck this and fuck you. You banged a carnival midget. Why am I wasting my day off? I’ll add you to my xmas in Brooklyn list

    11/5/11 2:57 AM
    @doctorwarbucks thats an arrest warrant just waiting to happen. Just forget him, I was playing. He is totally insane-no meds can help him

    11/5/11 2:52 AM
    @dmatthewstewart must b trippin if you think im bowing down to @ronbryn Hand delivering a xmas card to him from Timberlin to his mouth. Word

    11/5/11 2:49 AM
    Yo @doctorwarbucks who will bow down to who in Dec? http://t.co/v6GOLKi4 you or @ronbryn (master of the internets)

    [It’s not impossible to ever stay on topic here, is it? I don’t see how that exchange had anything to do with the subject posted. Unless some evil *anonymous* pals are looking to, oh no, dox one of them..eh?… -itsgettingbleeker]

    [i just have to poke my nose in here for a sec where it doesn’t belong. Just want to make clear that random, unrelated comments are welcome, as always, on my random, unfocused (read: all) posts. sorry for the intrusion! -qritiq]

    • Well, since @DoctorWarbucks claims he knows where I live…and Doug Life likes to doxx, I’d say it was completely on topic.

      LOL at the bert and ernie line.

      • Random Unrelated Commenter Says:

        All that education, and Ernie keeps pretending he can’t spell key words.

        Words like …”Kimberlin”. Rhymes with “Timberlin.”


        Benjamin Grier (@doctorwarbucks):
        10/19/11 1:22 AM
        @Patterico @WeOccupyAmerica I dont know any Brent Kimberline you must have me mistaken for someone else. Mistakes happen

        • haha that was because he misread patterico’s tweet:

          @WeOccupyAmerica Who’s that, Neal Rauhauser? You mean your pal Brett Kimberlin? @doctorwarbucks

          • OccupySomething and Patterico have the same annoying habit of not removing names when they respond to tweets. If one person is no longer part of your conversation then remove them.

            Stranahan did that to Charles Johnson when I got into an argument with him in early June.

            It’s either deliberate or dumb.

          • kidkenoma Says:

            As my cadre of dream team attorneys duke it out with Random House, I am unable to quote more than very limited excerpts from my tragically unpublished Hollywood celeb memoir, ‘Pol Pot Luck’, like this recent interview with Brett Easton Ellis:

            “What? Dougie & Benjie? In the very earliest drafts of ‘American Psycho’, there were several prototypes that eventually refined and resolved into the character of Patrick Bateman.”

            “Doug Life and Benjamin Grier were first-draft early sketches for Patrick, but as David Lynch–of all people–pointed out to me, were too one-dimensional and cartoon-like, way way over the top without the slightest hint of even the most marginal of human redemptive qualities to provide contrast enough for a fully-sketched character.”

            “David reminded me of this when I saw him recently. Surprisingly, when I asked him what he was working on, he said that he was through with movies: “Well Brett, I was just basically trying to keep the art of light & shadows that we call cinema, alive and healthy just until the Real Auteurs arrive, and now that we have a cinema that includes giants, cinematic auteurs of the caliber of Lee Stranahan and James
            O’Keefe III, I think I can go back to making furniture and designing women’s shoes…”

          • kidkenoma Says:

  4. lonesome foghorn blows

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