Double Standard?

The following comment has remained on the website since August 6, 2011.

blow me, fake patterico or i should say [woman’s name].

blow me

blow me

The real Patterico would never act like you.

Blow me

blow me

blow me

[redacted] sucks eggs

I believe it was a man’s name that was redacted; the woman’s name remains.

I wonder if Patterico would have deleted it if the woman’s name had been his wife’s.

[Update: The thread referenced above has now been deleted from Pat has removed it from his site and has apparently submitted it to an internet archiver; it seems Pat wants it to remain on the internet as is, in perpetuity -ed]

But, oddly, as you can see on twitter, Pat has read me the riot act. Not for permitting a nasty comment to be posted on this site. No, merely for discussing whether someone had tweeted something nasty or not. Yes, I have some nerve. I guess I’m supposed to know ahead of time what Patterico dictates I should or shouldn’t be allowed to discuss on my blog.


Why does he talk such stupid nonsense?


POSTED BY: qritiq

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