Message To Rudy

comment from KK to Ron:

Say what you will about our beloved Deputy Dawg, you swinish ingrate, but he is now riding a massive groundswell of popular support on his twitter timeline from The People, who are justly outraged at the vile calumnies being perpetrated upon his Decent & Honorable name by your most unworthy self.

All right, maybe not a massive groundswell, or a ripple, or even a trickle, but uh…Dust92 agrees with him, a-and he’s been tweeting to Liberty_Chick too, although so far she’s been ignoring him…


vile calumnies may be read at @ronbryn (if you can read, that is.)

p.s. please, please donate to help the pathetic – see our charity effort on the home page right sidebar.



POSTED BY   qritiq

One Response to “Message To Rudy”

  1. “hey….you’re pretty smart…how did you get so smart?”

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