Of Suits and Ties and Things To Despise

I am honored to be able to contribute to qritiq’s site. We both share a love for New York City and its many flavors.

Having grown up here, I take tremendous pride in all that this great city offers and the unique opportunities afforded to all that dare to dream a little. We’ve got the best media, the toughest sports fans, the most outspoken citizens and ……the takeover of our space by degenerates that have now been away from hot showers and employment for over forty days ?

Protests. Blocking the traffic of people who have to actually get to a job to support a family. Working people. Not individuals who have time to sleep in dirt and shanty-towns. Or brag about the wonderful drum circle that they were involved in earlier. Troublemakers. People who must make their opinion known and force it upon others at any cost. And then use tactics of fear and inciting others to try to prove a point.

Oh, and on that note, this takes me back to my first post Thursday.

Where in my post did I invite Neal Rauhauser to put up his files that,for some reason, had nothing to do with anything? It seems that he gets great joy out of posting files like these all over qritiq’s blog. You name a topic and it’s Scribd this, lawsuit that, intel we have, butthurt, and many more “black hat” clichés.

From this morning:

That second to last paragraph is kind of ironic, dont’cha think?

Earth to Neal: Were you good at strategy games as a kid?  Battleship? Connect Four? Tic-Tac-Toe?

Because the reality here is that you definitely must have sucked at poker.

                                                                                                          POSTED BY     itsgettingbleeker

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