Just a quick note about comment moderation. As you know I’m usually loathe to censor, but of course at times I will (ya know – like if  I disagree with you – haha). Well, I’m welcoming itsgettingbleeker as an Author on this blog. And we may have another author joining us. Authors have the permissions to moderate the comments on their posts. Why? Because it’s their name on the post.


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5 Responses to “Comment-ary”

  1. well I think this is Neal’s link to the court documents:

    I had taken a look at some of the Kimberlin/Allen court records – I think on the Maryland site. The upside of it, is that these records show that if you are persistent, you do have recourse against a troll, even if that troll is anonymous.

    As you may have noticed, a lot of libelous (as well as plain old shitty and untrue) comments have been made about me at the site, as well as on twitter under @patterico and @Dust92.

    Of course the most libelous statements are made by “Dustin” since he thinks he’s anonymous. It seems like Pat goads Dust92 into doing his dirty work for him. And now I’m wondering if this M.O. is part of a pattern.

    So, after seeing from court documents that a troll *can* be outed and be held responsible for false and libelous comments that they’ve made – I would urge anyone who has had to put up with crap like that, to take legal action. It *is* indeed possible to be successful in your efforts.

  2. Seth Allen obviously being steered by Patterico – court docs show that. Ron follows a predictable path – someone gives him stuff, he researches, then he posts. He gets spun all the time. Dustin I don’t know much about – doesn’t bother me.

    ZAPEM is the next puzzle. Kinda anonymous, except SwiftRead gave up her first name, and a little goof gave up her married name. Now that I have the template a simple civil suit here in Maryland will get a real name and address to go with her loathsome behavior, and perhaps I’ll get her house, assuming she has any equity in it.

    So it goes, and they prattle on about stuff I’ve supposedly done, and about suing me, and about calling the FBI, but nothing ever comes of it.

    It’s all so simple – a little writing, some boilerplate beginning and end to make it look like a lawyer wrote it, and the judges here will let a truly aggrieved pro se litigant proceed if they appear calm and coherent. Since I do, we know what I’m getting myself for Christmas now, eh?

    • I suspect Zapem’s house is no great shakes.

    • “Ron follows a predictable path – someone gives him stuff, he researches, then he posts” is the opposite of reality.

      “I research, then post, then someone tells me stuff, usually to distract me but sometimes to clear up something confusing or confirm” is more like it.

      Heck, most of my sources will tell you I’ve never tweeted or blogged a word of what they’ve told me.

      But Neal likes to pretend that Dan Wolfe is feeding me info and the Patterico/Breitbart gang likes to pretend it’s Darrah Ford.

      I’m sure I’ve spoken to more people involved in Weinergate than anyone else…but it’s absurd (i love that word) to claim I’m getting stuff from anywhere else…just like it’s absurd to think that Neal gets his intel from anyone else and it’s absurd to think that anyone in Team Breitbart doesn’t get their intel from AB.

  3. It’s clear to me that Seth Allen owes @Liberty_Chick his life. I hadn’t realized how serious that letter was before.

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