From p. 204 of the 2005 CineEco Film Festival Catalog :

Título original: Howard Stern Realização: Scott DePace [EUA, série de TV, 1994-2005);
Argumento: Benjy Bronk, Ken Danieli; Intervenientes regulares: Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, Fred Norris, Artie Lange, Gary Dell’Abate, K.C. Armstrong, Beetlejuice, A.J. Benza, Benjy Bronk, Crazy Cabbie, Richard Christy, Ralph Cirella, Yucko The Clown, Ken Danieli, Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf, High Pitch Eric, Vinnie Favale, Mike Gange, Doug Z. Goodstein, Steve Grillo, Isaac Mark, Jackie Martling, ‘Stuttering’ John Melendez, Ronnie Mund, Gary the Retard, Gay Rich, Scott Salem, Sal the Stockbroker, Billy West, etc. Na edição de 2 de Agosto de 2004, convidado M. Night Shyamalan; Duração: 60 min (3 episódios); 30 min (2280 episódios).

(“Argumento” means – subject or plot of a literary work or play or movie)


Benjy Bronk at a senior center shouting in front of a crowd of disappointed senior citizens upset by their congressman’s decision to resign.:


Howard Stern – against the World Trade Center Mega-Mosque; ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner – for it; current congressman Bob Turner – against it.  (Howard is originally from Queens.)

I suppose if he’d wanted to, Howard could certainly afford to bankroll a couple of trolls and a honeypot or two.

53 Responses to “Partners?”

  1. Anonymous Comment Says:

    So could Turner. Or Gellar. Or a host of people.

    Weiner wasn’t positioned as a deciding factor one way or another on whether the mosque, which was outside his district, would get built or not.

    He was low hanging fruit, though, to anyone who knew of his sexting.

  2. Howard has enough money to buy twitter and pay everyone on it to rewrite all their tweets.

    Does this mean that you agree with my article that the Democrats deliberately lost NY-9 since getting rid of Weiner would only be half the battle.

    • (hey maybe we both love mulholland drive, the jets and are against the mosque…i’m against it because i don’t think the state should be involved in helping churches synagogues or mosques…mostly….and partly because i don’t see the need to upset some people personally affected….now if they moved it a few blocks away then the only people who probably would have still been angry would be islamophobes and the controversy would have been over

      (well except for bloomberg people helping the mosque submit docs for committee fight…that was wrong and should be impeachable offense frankly…bloomberg has many personal financial reasons for supporting the mosque)

      your email went to spam and im not answering any more questions until you send me an email explaining why you asked me that offensive question about my past)

  3. At the time I was testing to see if I could be banned from the site because I was under the (ridiculous) but mistaken belief that the eponymous owner of the blog was hacked and that his trolls had taken it over…

    But then you knew that already…..and you menaced me and my sources in countless ways beforehand….

    Anyway…i bid you adieu…you Stranahan ally and freak.

  4. Don’t email me anymore, you sick and twisted fake journo…and I won’t comment on your blog or tweet you or even mention you.


  5. It’s circular nonsense so let’s try again…you can email me all you want you twisted crone but this is my last response here.

    I bid adieu to rocksem and Q, two annoying trolls who just like to play games…that’s their job.

    “uses old pictures for both her blogs because she can’t accept being older and fatter”

    That’s the truth. Was it not?

    And I sure as heck don’t apologize for ever telling anyone to fuck off, blow me, etc?

    If you want me to apologize for exaggerating about your age, fine, there you go. I apologize for that.

    But you’re the loathsome person whose first post was backdated and deleted….then attacked me before I even knew who you were.

    So suck my fat one, you cheap dimestore hood.

    • I do weigh 3 lbs. more than I did when I was 17, but I can accept it. I am also older than when I was 17, but I can accept that too. So “the truth”? No, it was not. (I don’t really understand why you remain under the delusion that my pix are old.)

      I accept your apology.

      (I never publicized that post (I buried it.) You know who did publicize it? Ken Danieli. So go bitch at him.)

    • i’ve been menaced for four months and the one thing that seems to get to everyone is calling them fat

      i’ve had weight problems most of my life so i hate resorting that…so i do apologize for all the personal insults to everyone regarding personal appearance…even being menaced isn’t a total excuse (it’s a partial one at least).

      But the fuck you’s, Stand By Me quotes I stand behind.

  6. Anonymous Comment Says:

    Framing @Ronbryn?

    Below are all tweets to and from Ronbryn where the word “shit” is used since 10/14. Is Patterico twisting his words again and doing it to get allies to pile on against Ron? Or did he really write and then delete what Patterico wrote in the first tweet?

    It looks like Ron, in the third tweet, was responding to a statement using those words, not making that threat.

    Can anyone clarify?

    10/20/11 10:46 AM
    @ronbryn Your statements about punching me and taking “a shit” on my wife will probably get your complaint to my office taken seriously.

    10/20/11 10:45 AM
    @ronbryn @Patterico Yeah, umm Ron. I’m thinking “punch you in your fat face” & ‘take a shit on your wife’ puts you well into troll territory

    10/20/11 10:36 AM
    @Patterico I’d like to punch you in your fat face, staple the truth to your nose & take a shit on your wife? Prosecute me, you lying fraud.

    10/14/11 10:37 PM
    Perhaps you’ll come to your senses and delete your tweets since it’s completely out-of-bounds & dangerous to do that shit @dmatthewstewart

    10/14/11 10:35 PM
    @dmatthewstewart Dude, I just thought you were an asshole. Tweeting phone numbers and addresses makes you a piece of shit hypocritical thug.

    • Anonymous Comment Says:

      Another police report?

      Patterico (@Patterico):
      10/20/11 11:02 AM
      @ParatrooperJJ I believe it qualifies as a crime and I will look into filing a police report.

      ParatrooperJJ (@ParatrooperJJ):
      10/20/11 11:00 AM
      @ronbryn @Patterico Sounds like a threat to me. Across state lines also, that makes it a federal crime right?

      • Pat (and his troll(s)) tried the same bullshit intimidation on me. It’s hard to believe his office (or even Breitbart) is really alright with that crap.


          Calling the police when someone says that about you and your loved ones is not “bullshit intimidation”.

          It does not make sense to me that you missed this comment, which was up when you left your comment.

          BTW, I’m not Zap Em. I don’t read your blog and don’t know who else you think I am, but I don’t think you have any interest in the truth. Suffice it to say I deny whatever you accuse me of, and you are either incredibly stupid (for missing Ron’s threats) or up to some kind of deliberate misdirection.

          Frankly, I think all of you idiots are psychos and losers.

          • you can easily see all the crap ron has said about me. Is it irritating? Extremely. Rude? Indubitably. Did I ever take any of that as a threat? Of course not. Get a grip on reality. When Pat intimated he’d have my emails subpoenaed, did I take that as a threat? Yes I did. When he warned me he was screencapping my stuff, did I see that as an intimidation technique? Yes I did.

            Are you @L_U_R_K_E_R?

            Also – I’m sick of you insulting me – “incredibly stupid”, “up to some kind of deliberate misdirection”. I know that you’re telling yet MORE lies when you say that – and I know perfectly well that you know you are lying. I’m tired of it and if you tell one more outright lie here or throw insults around, I’ll have to ban you, because I don’t have time to babysit and edit out your lies.

            Honestly, I don’t know how you can live with yourself. For your own sake, I hope you can make a change.

          • also – just curious – why can’t Pat speak for himself here? If as you say above, you don’t read this blog, I guess somebody must have asked you to come here and comment.

            Also – very curious – who pays you for all the trolling you do?

          • had to ban Dustin – he posted 2 more lie-filled comments; he’s been warned several times. Some of the lies he wrote in the deleted comments:
            1. that I had claimed I never saw a tweet of Ron’s – Dustin submitted this lie twice.
            2. Ron’s tweet(s) constitute actual “threats” (I guess they think Ron will show up at Pat’s door with a stapler)
            3. that I am in some “game” with Neal
            4. that me and my “friends” are harming people (he writes this after Anon spent half a page trying to convince Ron to stop tweeting dumb shit.)

            …and of course he also included a boat load of ridiculous insults aimed at me

            He refused to answer any of my questions. Very telling in itself.
            And of course he said some fawning things about Pat. Perhaps that is also telling.

            I really think I’ve put up with an awful lot from that lying loser; and I would appreciate it if someone could please tell us who he is working for.

          • That comment she deleted was full of lies and misinterpretation.

            Good riddance.

          • The blog post showing Mrs. Patterico’s prowess with a Glock was a direct menacing threat directed at Neal Rauhauser and whomever else he ridiculously claims is out to get him.

            Patterico has made close to 50 threats to various people the last few months…..Dustin still says when I said I’d sue him for mentioning that someone posted an expunged criminal of mine – which had been deleted and he only brought up to smear me before I ever even exchanged one word with him or knew he existed – that constituted a “threat”


    • I searched back a bit further – also did not see anything. If I were Pat, I’d be paranoid too, but he is letting it cloud his logic to a ridiculous extent.

      I read it the same way you do – it does look like Ron is responding to some other statement and Pat is incorrectly interpreting it – Pat reacted the same way to some of my tweets – completely misinterpreting them due to his own paranoia.

      fwiw, I’ve noticed Ron deleting a tweet only one time, and I believe his purpose in doing so was (ironically) to help Pat.

    • No.

      I said it first because he has menaced me for four months along with others connected to and/or working for Andrew Breitbart.

      If there’s a list of stuff I can say to him which will get me arrested so I can subpoena every anonymous troll who has menaced me i’ll start tweeting it from least objectionable to most.

      I’ll gladly go to jail if that means these loathsome anonymous trolls that say racist stuff about Obama in Patterico blog and threaten women on twitter and work for Breitbart all get outed…and so that I can get Markos to be cross-examined about death threats sent to The New Republic’s Jason Zengerle and other journolists.

      I’ll subpoena every troll in Patterico’s site, every person that Breitbart pays and everyone who was ever on Journolist.

    • Doug Matthew Stewart is really scary.

      He called me for months until I picked up the phone at 1:30 AM after complaining about his doxxing of #OWS people. He said he’d stop so I thought he was reasonable.

      I have no clue if his “criminal record” is a prank…because he lies about so many things, including claiming that someone in Anonymous attacked him with an ice pick.

      Seconds before I answered the phone on October 14, I got ten menacing 4 chans messages…..and on Monday night after Doug told me I should hang myself he called me 8 times in a row…..then Patterico called seconds later.

      As soon as Provide Security entered the scene it was kind of obvious that Liberty Chick was playing me. I thought there was a chance Neal Rauhauser could have punk’d the Breitbart gang.

      But they started menacing @OccupySomething – which is definitely Neal or a Neal connected account – in a bullying manner and I objected because i thought they were using the police or journalism. But they use the c word and menace and smear and lie and try to entrap..and they were collaborating with Patterico.

      • Only menacing thugs tweet or write blog posts about shooting guns or applying for permits.

        If you are being threatened, it is a police matter.

        But both patterico and liberty chick keep talking about guns…and yet Seth Allen the guy they both protect is the one that made death threats.

      • Anonymous Comment Says:

        I saw this on Stewart. The writer, a conservative, accuses him of being a liberal (not likely). The copy of the email from him, and weinergate references are interesting.

        • i spent 20 minutes trying to find that cache this morning….good job

          These are all wackadoo libertarians, not conservatives….and whatever Neal and the Netroots are.

          • if i say sorry for dissing you lol will you get me the cache links for all these, too:

            Report: @dmatthewstewart – Left-Wing hacker
            Concern Trolls on Twitter
            Surviving a hacked Twitter account
            Protected: Inner Sanctum
            Andrew Breitbart vs Left-Wing attack dog

            Perhaps you’re using an ipad i heard they are good at finding caches….i guess he shut down his website because he didn’t want to hear conservatives….another mystery….

          • I’m really tired of hackers justifying their actions and then complaining that there is some kind of difference between cracking and hacking.

            Both are the same. If you access someone’s accounts and leak stuff, by pretending to be a friend or guessing a password or doing more technical hacking…it doesn’t matter.

            This guy does the same stuff Thomas Ryan does…and his first posts use “we” and “us.” Who the fuck is he?


            (By the way OSI creeps, you can try to stop it, but I have your Admin passwords-Im not Julian Assange or Bradley Manning, I dont need to steal to get your info: you gave it to me with a smile…thank you)


        Withdraw your influence or I will release sensitive information relating to your funding to the FBI.

        Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has claimed that his Facebook and Twitter account had been hacked after an underwear picture showing the outline of his bratwurst appeared in his Twitter stream. While this is entertaining I felt it necessary to file a formal complaint (to get it on record) with the FBI and the IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) It looks like his claim was bullshit. Lee Stranahan does what he does best and “painted” the picture outlining the reasons why this claim is most likely bullshit. (Here and Here) But again there may be merit to Representative Weiner’s claim. If it is true then we have a serious problem. What information beyond Twitter and Facebook has been obtained by this hacker (or hackers)?


        So as entertaining as this whole incident is a formal complaint still needs to be on file with the FBI. After all, if his account was compromised then how many other elected officials will also be hacked? How much information can these potential hackers obtain? Below is the record of the complaint that I filed Sunday May 29, 2011.

        (best part is when breitbart pretends to not know who guy interviewing him is…he does that a lot..he likes to say he doesn’t read Ace of Spades blog, just the comments)

        If you missed Part 1: My Yahoo News Exclusive-Q&A: Andrew Breitbart.

        Part 4: Andrew Breitbart on our mutual Glenn Beck beef

        Just days after the release of his new book “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World” I was able to sit down with Andrew Breitbart and discuss everything from his strategy (“the primer”), a jaw-dropping interview with MSNBC hack Martin Bashir, and the beef with Glenn Beck. Since both him and I appeared in the Daily Caller’s article on this topic, I figured it was only proper to get his opinion while I had the chance. After all, there were serious charges being made. Breitbart’s beef brought him into a lawsuit due to the misrepresentation of context over the Shirley Sherrod ordeal; whereas my beef was about straight up plagiarism.

        But before we get to that here is what Andrew Breitbart had to say in regards to the Glenn Beck beef over Shirley Sherrod, and how in another instance he was sticking up for his writers first and foremost. Beck’s on air response to the Daily Caller article was immature and dishonest. He goes as far as introducing a minimalist conspiracy theory that the author, Matthew Boyle, is more or less operating as a journalist-hitman because Beck didn’t run James Okeefe’s hidden camera videos with NPR executives. Breitbart explains in a more coherent way how these events took place. First, the transcript, verbatim, of our discussion on the topic; then video of Beck’s on air response. Lastly, the plagiarism which is addressed in the Daily Caller article and still remains on his site to this day.
        Q: In the Daily Caller there was a recent article about a little beef between Glenn Beck, yourself, and one of your contributors (and my therapist) Liberty Chick-

        A: Yeah, in addition to other contributors from other sites.

        Q: Yeah I know, I’m on the same article as you

        A: Oh wow. Are you that guy from Associated Content? Oh my god, I am so sorry. That was the worst story in there. That was the most harrowing story in there.


        60,000 visitors in 3 years sucks….i have 6,000 in a few months and i’ve never gotten one link from any major blog or site..

  7. Anonymous Comment Says:

    Is that really paranoia or just a convenient way to scare into submission the people the deputy DA decides to publicly misinterpret? It’s been an effective tactic for him, and he has a pattern of it.

    • yeah – I mean you’re right – because his trolls practice that too and they have no reason to be paranoid. But I do think actual paranoia is playing some part in clouding Pat’s logic.

      • what logic?

        now he claims that he never heard of doctor warbucks….who mr frey knows is buddies with doug stewart who assists liberty chick and is probably cc’d on all her emails.

        and doctor warbucks attacked the same two freaking twitter accounts that Patterico targeted and somehow knows the sex of one of them….(which nobody but neal knows)

  8. Anonymous Comment Says:

    Ron just tweeted:

    “@ronbryn: umm @RocksEm no it doesn’t. I want @Patterico to arrest me so I can subpoena abusive, menacing, trolls like u who spread hate for Breitbart.”

    A word to the wise, Ron: you know he can’t arrest you. Don’t feed the trolls. You don’t need a false arrest to subpoena records.

  9. How the fuck could he arrest anyone?

    Anyone with half a brain would subpoena every one of his hateful trolls and make Andrew Breitbart look bad.

    I’ll gladly go to jail if it means outing sick, perverted, menacing, evil, racist scum who have spread hate for years on the site.

    I’d rather he get this shit jump started now….because it’s going to take some time for me to get resettled, find a lawyer I can trust, and start the process of suing Patterico and/or LA Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey and his wife who have allowed this smearing piece of shit to slander for years.

    • I’ll also be sending a SHITLOAD of subpoenas to Daily Kos thugs and Netroots assholes.

      If anyone is stupid to sue me or have me arrested, then I’ll finally get the world to see the menacing, punking, hate and harassment that goes on on the internet…attached to Salon, Breitbart, Kos and many new york times and washington post bloggers.

      Bring it on…or believe me I will. I had enough.

  10. FROM:

    neal rauhauser


    Ron Brynaert

    Message flagged
    Thursday, October 20, 2011 4:21 PM

    Mandy tweeted she is come to DC pick up legal docs – I assume this is for Seth Allen case. The occupation is on high alert for them pulling stuff like they try /w O’Keefe + Thomas Ryan at OWS.

    She called in when Seth threaten Kimberlin, now she is only one acting responsibly /w lawsuit. Maybe is best to just let her be?

    You get on my nerves three days out of five, but your only real character fault is excess curiosity – would hate to see you face same troubles Seth has. Chill, wait for her to read docs, then maybe she will throw Patterico under the bus like Allen.

  11. Anonymous Comment Says:

    I couldn’t find those cached links. I was curious too.

  12. Does anyone believe Dustin is part Muslim, considering he co-blogged at the Everybody Draw Mohammed blog which displayed the most perverted images you can think of to offend all Muslims to make a sick confrontational point?!/Dust92/status/127131213268914176

    My favorite book is Autobiography of Malcolm X and the only activism I ever did was help get terrorism charges dropped from two teenage Muslim girls in 2005:!-Sign-petition-for-2-Detained-Girls-UPDATE

  13. Does anyone agree with me that Americpundit and Ameristroika sound very much alike?

    The email on the bottom reads exactly like the rest of the text…and all these libertarians connected to O’Keefe have an obsession with Allinsky:

    Neal Rauhauser, Liberty Chick, Thomas Ryan and this Doug Stewart – like the born free crew and many others that we’ve seen in this story – all like to play puppet posse games on twitter….

    And in most cases it seems like they pretend to threaten themselves in order to gain sympathy and get attention.

    Kind of like the whole HBGary story from top to bottom.

  14. Corky's Dad Says:

    Neal, I mean Ameripundit,I mean Anonymous Commenter, would like you to think that, but they are not Doug.
    He claims to have found the cache on Doug, but alas, it was him who was posing as AmeriPundit the whole time.
    Why? How do I know this? Lets just say that Mr.OCCUPY himself is slipping.

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