Questions For Lisa

In your last tweet to @RepWeiner, you said that he should get in touch with you – that someone had contacted you. Meagan Broussard had said much the same thing. Who was that someone and was it the same someone who had contacted Meagan?

You had said that you hadn’t meant to release the entire facebook transcript. Who was it that you gave access to, who then released the whole chat against your wishes? Was it a radaronline reporter, a friend, or an intermediary?

What democratic campaigns had you done volunteer work for in the past?

What was the original purpose of the starchild111 twitter account? Some of your older tweets indicate your interest in social media marketing. (Just out of curiosity – did you study Marketing or Communications in college?)

Did you have any contact with Meagan (say on facebook for example) before @RepWeiner sent the infamous underwear tweet?

You said you came forward because you felt sad for all the negative attention another Weiner woman was getting, so you wanted to help her. Who was that woman and did you have contact with her before you came forward.

You’ve said that you have not benefited monetarily from Weinergate; is that still the case? Meagan collected $15,000 from ABC – do you find that aggravating?

Did anyone help you in contacting the press, or in helping you think about what to say to the press? Who? Did this person help any other Weiner women as well?

While you’ve criticized some of Anthony Weiner’s personal foibles, you’ve remained a staunch supporter of his politics. I found your statements to be similar to the sockpuppets Nikki Reid, John Reid, et al., in that you say you support RepWeiner, but, as you know, the things you’ve said to the press have actually hurt him. Is there any connection at all between you and the “Reids”? Do you think that someone who may have been advising you was also involved in scripting the Reid twitter accounts?

Did you ever give access to any twitter account that you held the password to, to someone else?

Do you feel that anyone has manipulated you, lied to you, or taken advantage of your trust, regarding Weinergate?

Who are the friends that you’ve said you had told about your online friendship with RepWeiner? Were they facebook friends, irl friends? Were any of them opposed to progressive politics?

Radaronline quoted you as saying that RepWeiner is “a bad man”. Do you still think that? How did the radaronline reporter communicate with you – by chat/messaging? Did you speak with them directly or through an intermediary? Did someone help you with your statements to radaronline?

And just a personal question – would you vote for Anthony Weiner if he ran for president someday? Or do you feel that he is too reckless, or doesn’t have good enough judgment for the job?


30 Responses to “Questions For Lisa”

  1. hmm here’s a mystery…
    gennette said patriotusa90210 aka dustin deleted his account, joe smith said she was wrong….but he did a few hours later for real….

  2. Some good questions up there.

    LiberalLisa follows Gennette….maybe she should follow back and interview her.

  3. No connection between Lisa and Reids.

    Reids are obviously educated.

    • I don’t think they are one in the same, but that would not preclude a connection. You should know that Lisa is college-educated. And fyi – JR9’s writing is trite. (Perhaps he has rocks in his head.)

  4. Al Wertzel Says:

    Yes, Lisa sounds very bright, well-composed, and impressively lucid. Thanks for the link.

  5. Says:

    Below are two non-consecutive tweets from Razor419.

    In the first, is he saying that Breitbart knows who he is and can vouch for him?

    In the second, he’s claiming to have further information on Weinergate.

    razor419 (@razor419):
    6/5/11 2:00 PM
    @ezradulis @Stranahan maybe u could do a little research yourself and ask @AndrewBreitbart about me instead of throwing out wild suggestions

    razor419 (@razor419):
    6/5/11 2:22 AM
    @Stranahan hmmmm, what was it you said to me on your website earlier? “I know more then you do about this story.” right back at you pal.

  6. Says:

    I’m not sure if this posted. I apologize if this is a repeat.

    razor419 (@razor419):
    6/5/11 2:00 PM
    @ezradulis @Stranahan maybe u could do a little research yourself and ask @AndrewBreitbart about me instead of throwing out wild suggestions


    razor419 (@razor419):
    6/5/11 2:22 AM
    @Stranahan hmmmm, what was it you said to me on your website earlier? “I know more then you do about this story.” right back at you pal.

    Why would @razor419 say to ask Breitbart about him? Do they know each other?

    Why does Razor tell Stranahan that he (Razor) knows more about Weinergate than Stranahan does?

    • Are you in the A-Team and did you break out of a military prison?

      If not, then why can’t you use your real name.

      Also, Razor doesn’t have a lot of tweets so maybe you should have looked harder to find the tweet referring to the comment he left at FilmLadd that I tweeted the other day, too, and I then asked Breitbart about (he ignored me, but did insult me, yay).

      (or maybe you know this and just hope he comes to this blog so you can see his ip address)

      • anonymous comments are welcome here.
        I always use the same handle, and I’m the only one who can see the IP’s. If someone doesn’t want me to see their IP, they are free to use an anonymizer.

        • You won’t even explain why you have two twitter accounts…and both were used to ask questions on Weinergate so why should anyone believe you?

          • I’ve already explained that Ron – read more carefully. Guess what – my irl friends’ eyes glaze over when i talk or tweet re Wgate. Imagine. And I don’t have time to write well on this – as has been pointed out by my biggest fan above.

          • So you created this blog and the separate twitter account a long time ago because you foresaw that your friends’ eyes would glaze over?


            here’s a lisa question?

            why did she delete a tweet on june 28 that said her sister died the week before?

  7. Anonymous Comment Says:

    Did Traci Nobles change her mind about releasing her e-book? Did it really exist in the first place? The Daily Mail reporter never said which “ebook stores” would have it or what it would cost. Does he know?

    Why did a British scandal rag (not an American one) get the ‘exclusive’?

    If you wanted people to buy an ebook, wouldn’t you tell them where to find it.

    • no – that link goes to the segment of the video that ends before the Lisa interview

      • i’m having problems playing videos…that’s a great find if you’re correct. Good luck on getting an answer from them.

        I think I’d rather listen to LC talk about bewbies and Andrew Breitbart pretend all liberals secretly hate jews and black people then watch an entire TMZ show. WTF is wrong with those people? They are more trustworthy than any place else that reported on Weinergate, that’s the sad truth though.

        • arghhh i hate no edit…i always have to spell then and then twice!

          The thing is about that video, though, is that there are so many things in plain sight…it’s kind of hard for me to accept that someone was scared that one video would hurt the crush and embarrass weiner crusade.

          The ABC interview with Meagan Broussard is still the winner for most ridiculous video – since she chewed gum throughout – and lied and wasn’t challenged about why she kept sendig pics if she thought she was harassed.

          That ABC interview is even weirder than the one with her dad’s feet….the gum chewing was so ridiculous.

        • TMZ has put the Lisa video back up.

          • cool

            This is the creepy weird Fox affiliate video of Meagan Broussard’s father’s feet where he seems to brag about how she was the “only one” that made Weiner “prove” it was really him….before she sent him lots and lots of pictures, of course:


            Fox affiliates reach Ethel and Meagan’s father but the AP and NY Times can’t….and both stories are basically about how they’re innocent and the media should leave them alone.

    • I tweeted that last month…and it proves John Patrick Frey is a deputy DA but it sure as hell does not prove patterico is either…

      I assume he is though…and isn’t hacked…but must have gotten bitten by the same tick that bit Neal Rauhauser since all he does is smear people about a bombing that took place thirty years and make bullshit threats.

  8. If District Attorneys are too fucking stupid to know what constitutes a crime who do they call? 1-800-SCOOBYDOO?

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