Lisa – In Her Own Words


at 9:05 in:
Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Update: Inexplicably, soon after this entry was posted, TMZ took down the Lisa interview embedded above, leaving an empty hole where the video should go in their own page. gee I wonder why

Updated update: the video has reappeared.]







Inside Edition clip


and the transcript you’ve already read:

2 Responses to “Lisa – In Her Own Words”

  1. hmmm nice find on the radio interview….i’ll check it out later…wish i could find a video or transcript of the entire inside edition interview.

  2. She makes no sense. She came out because Weiner was lying but she doesn’t think it’s wrong. But it was wrong he was lying to his wife but it really doesn’t matter since he shouldn’t resign.

    She claims it wasn’t even phone sex “it was just for fun” when her first article on the 6th emphasized sex and that he did it from work.

    Weiss defends Weiner at around 12 minutes in TMZ interview – props for finding this weirdness – by claiming when he called from his office it was 1 AM in the morning : “It wasn’t in working hours”…and not a sexual call. “We just talked.”


    I don’t think Gennette was feeling persecuted on 6/7. then she claims she really wasn’t mad when he didn’t get back to her on Facebook. Heck, Liberal Lisa follows GC on twitter…why didn’t she just contact her….she friended Traci Nobles on Facebook, too, but Nobles deleted her Facebook account.

    Following a bombshell joint investigation by and Star magazine, Weiss agreed to come forward and be the first woman named of the six who the congressman admitted to sending lewd messages and photos.


    Weiss said she had attempted to contact Rep. Weiner in the wake of the photo scandal when he posted a photograph, a close-up shot of a his privates cloaked in grey underwear, on Twitter.

    “I wanted him to know that I had no intention of coming forward and our past was going to be kept hush hush,” Weiss told

    “But he didn’t return my messages. I discovered that Anthony is a bad man… and a liar.”

    Weiss said she decided to come forward in the past 24 hours after Weiner’s “blatant lies.”

    “I knew the truth all along,” she said, adding: “I couldn’t believe that Anthony didn’t own up from the outset.”

    “I am a Democrat, I think he is a wonderful congressman and I hope this doesn’t hurt his career. I am still a big supporter of his, despite all of this.”

    Weiss said she confided about her experiences with just three close friends.

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