Dan Wolfe: Historian


From the FilmLadd – Dan Wolfe interview

I found this exchange interesting:

Filmladd (4:45:20 PM): Define collectivism.

danwolfe7676 (4:45:35 PM): I dont understand?

Filmladd (4:45:53 PM): What does collectivism mean to you?

Filmladd (4:46:01 PM): As a political philosophy.

danwolfe7676 (4:46:25 PM): Are you serious? did I say I was a political science major?

danwolfe7676 (4:46:28 PM): Wow deep end .

Filmladd (4:46:34 PM): Okay, moving on.

danwolfe7676 (4:46:44 PM): This is what I mean

danwolfe7676 (4:46:48 PM): That question was nuts.


hmm. So a presumed tea-partier doesn’t understand the concept of collectivism? Kinda hard to swallow.

and there was this:

danwolfe7676 (4:58:52 PM): You are throwing these at me too fast

danwolfe7676 (4:58:56 PM): I need time to answer

Filmladd (4:58:59 PM): Sorry.

danwolfe7676 (4:59:02 PM): Slow typer

danwolfe7676 (4:59:16 PM): I didn’t grow up with computers ike you guys


Poor Dan. Just a simple regular guy from humble beginnings who can barely type. He can’t even spell very well:

danwolfe7676 (7:23:49 PM): Tryign to help against my better judgement


But wait! What’s this? Dan redeems himself with his historical knowledge:

Filmladd (7:17:26 PM): Who’s your favorite founding father? It sounds like a softball, but I don’t think it is.

danwolfe7676 (7:18:22 PM): Franklin.

Filmladd (7:19:06 PM): You do know that Franklin and his son were on opposite sides of the Revolutionary war?

danwolfe7676 (7:19:39 PM): Yes William ,right?

Filmladd (7:19:41 PM): Let me ask you: do you think Franklin chose to be on the opposite side?

danwolfe7676 (7:19:47 PM): his son William

Filmladd (7:20:08 PM): Or do you think he decided to shrug, demand his privacy, and go back to printing Little Richard’s Almanacs?

danwolfe7676 (7:20:28 PM): Yeah thanks for the compliment but I don’t think this is anywhere near that

danwolfe7676 (7:20:43 PM): And he didn’t have a group of vultures waiting to pick at his body

danwolfe7676 (7:20:47 PM): like you are all with me

Filmladd (7:21:01 PM): No, he just had an entire British army wanting to hang him.

danwolfe7676 (7:21:37 PM): Well, I’m obiously not his character otherwise I would have founded a country by now

danwolfe7676 (7:21:46 PM): I’m not worthy I mean


Now I was REALLY impressed with this because I happen to have a major in history (US concentration); I took a ton of history classes at one of the finest schools in the nation (and did pretty well in them), and I had NO IDEA who Ben Franklin’s son was or his significance in American history, and I would have been unable to banter with Ladd on this topic.

Well, I figured if this simple, formerly under-privileged, regular guy Dan Wolfe who can’t even spell, knows about this piece of history, I had better catch up but quick (I mean, I even grew up with computers). But how?

Fortunately, our friend Ken Danieli comes to the rescue with his recommendation and review of

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin:



Ken declares Franklin “an amazing character” and gives the bio 4 stars.


Sounds like it is well worth a look.


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  1. http://www.shelfari.com/books/10240/The-Autobiography-of-Benjamin-Franklin/reviews/343359

    Franklin was an amazing character. However he comes off as pompous and repeatedly teaches us how to affect false modesty and then tries the same trick on us. There’s nothing modest about this man. He thinks the world of himself. The quotes from Poor Richard became exceptionally tedious.

    Otherwise it’s full of fun tales, particularly in part 1.


  2. “Filmladd (7:20:08 PM): Or do you think he decided to shrug, demand his privacy, and go back to printing Little Richard’s Almanacs?”

    I love Little Richard.

    Does Dan Wolfe? Specifically, if Dan is old enough to remember Little Richard in his prime, Dan would also be too old to have grown up with computers.

    Many men 50 and over never learned to type very well anyway, which may be why Dan describes himself as a “slow typer.” Those without desk jobs still don’t need to, and those with secretaries don’t have to. Dan may not seem like the brightest bulb, but not growing up with computers doesn’t automatically point to an underprivileged upbringing. For all we know, he’s 70 and semi-retired.

    This assumes, of course, that Dan isn’t pretending to be a “slow typer” as he (defensively) fields questions posing as the Dan Wolfe character.

    The Dan Wolfe tweets after the Weinergate picture went out were more polished. It seemed like a different person took over. Or maybe Dan chose to drop his sock a little at that point before retiring Patriotusa76 forever, because he was still being the same kind of asshole with the same patterns as pre-Weinergate Dan Wolfe.

  3. Whether he was a fake or not, how was he an asshole? At face value, he saw that Congressman Weiner had a persistent pattern of engaging young ladies online and he and his pals warned the new target ladies about what Rep. Weiner was apparently up to. Dan did this publicly for all to see. In the moment, some of these female fans found it to be intrusive on Dan’s part….but we know now what Rep. Weiner was up to with some of these women. So if it were your daughter who became a fan of Weiners and then started getting tweets directly from him, wouldn’t a warning have been welcome?

    • I don’t believe women (or men for that matter) should be harassed online for their political views or who they follow on twitter.

      Whether a woman is my progeny or not, I guess she can decide for herself who she wants to follow on twitter. If you are talking about children, Weiner never tweeted anything untoward to a child. You may want to familiarize yourself a bit more with the story (including reading some of Dan Wolfe’s tweets.)

  4. This post is stupid and not worth discussing for multiple reasons…and I still don’t trust you….

    but the retweets of Amanda Kohut have my attention……


    Amanda Kohut’s Experience

    Campaign Aide
    Bob Turner for Congress

    Political Organization industry

    July 2011 – Present (3 months) Queens, NY

    Associate Vice President
    AAY Associates, Inc.

    Security and Investigations industry

    July 2004 – Present (7 years 3 months)

    -Assists field investigators with surveillances and reports.

    Personal Aide
    Bob Turner for Congress

    Political Organization industry

    September 2010 – November 2010 (3 months)

    -Escorted the candidate to events.
    -Served as the primary point of contact for the candidate when in the field.
    -Assisted the campaign with GOTV operations as needed.

    Campaign Manager
    Aleksander Powietrzynski for State Assembly

    Political Organization industry

    June 2010 – November 2010 (6 months)

    -Organized petitioning and GOTV for the candidate.
    -Coordinated all fundraisers.
    -Escorted the candidate to all engagements and assisted the candidate as needed.
    -Managed administrative operations of the campaign.
    Office of Congressman Peter King

    Legislative Office industry

    August 2007 – December 2007 (5 months)

    -Worked in the front office to answer constituent phone calls.
    -Assisted the office staff as needed.
    -Assisted the Staff Assistant and Legislative Aides in responding to constituent inquiries.
    -Led Capitol tours for constituents who scheduled visits with the office.
    Mike Bloomberg for NYC 2005

    Political Organization industry

    September 2004 – November 2005 (1 year 3 months)

    -Worked with other interns to maintain the volunteer database
    -Attended campaign engagements to provide support for the campaign staff.
    -Served as a “floor captain” to assign tasks to volunteers. Also responsible for transitioning volunteers from task to task as needed by the staff.
    -Coordinated volunteers for GOTV and Election Day operations out of a regional office.

  5. NY-9 sooooo doesn’t matter. The seat’s gonna vaporize in Jan 2013. What a waste of effort.

  6. WTF do bas and BPH mean?

    Your tweets don’t keep me up at night…but I do pursue all leads….

  7. Who the hell is @LastBrainLeft, besides a strident Turner supporter with a style @jihadihunter would appreciate.

    Here’s a sample:
    “@MaxBlumenthal @mondoweiss Don’t you have some ovens to clean out? Another train from Warsaw is due in an hour.”

    He tells people to “#DieInAFire” the way the rest of us ask what time it is.

    What’s his role with Turner and in Weinergate?

  8. Did Bob Turner’s 2010 campaign run surveillance on Anthony Weiner and his behaviors last spring or summer, hoping to catch him at something embarrassing?

    If so, did that spawn the Dan Wolfe project?

    Also – are the JGMA/Strahahan police reports out yet?

  9. socrates and last brain left are stupid trolls or the same stupid troll that play stupid games across the intertubes….going back years and years…

    as all you lying 4chan LEFT-LEANING asshole trolls know…

  10. I love it how troll blogs barely anyone reads but me don’t make my comments await moderation but the popular blogs they hacked do.

  11. What do Bas and BFH mean in your tweets, Qritiq, should I ask with sugar on top?

    Let’s hear Stef or Larisa or whatever she is explain to me a good theory for why Weiner chose this weekend to move.


    I still don’t have a final theory…but that New York Post cover story gave me a new one: Weiner is involved in the whole BS smear job story and when the “truth” comes out he’ll be vindicated and use it to run for mayor in nyc.

    Even if Weiner wanted revenge for some reason….picking that weekend to move and gifting the new york post with a cover story to run on election day. by doing it himself is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS.

    Weiner must have contacted the feds about being hacked by lisa weiss etc a long time ago…because it’s not rational that he – and everyone connected to him – would go completely quiet for so long….no other politician has done that in the history of america.

    the plan is to make everything a confusing mess so it can’t be pinned on anyone i guess….but who knows…..

    • Ron – if you know, can you tell us the creation date of the @starchild111 account.

      As we know, AW loves the camera – so I’m not surprised he moved some stuff himself.

      I can’t imagine that AW planned his own takedown, but you may have a point in the sense that AW will soon be walking around tribeca getting his photo snapped once again, with a new baby and a lovely wife on his arm; and having completed some humanitarian project for a Friend Of Bill. This, with the memory of Weinergate fading, will quite possibly poise him for a new race even better than if he had never resigned.

      • You’re intentionally missing my point because ever single word you write is intended to misdirect from Dems and point to GOP.

        I was told from THREE SOURCES that @starchild111 account was actually created in 2009 but I don’t trust any sources.

        Who cares? What’s the point? Starchild and Dan Wolfe are red herrings and don’t matter…..

        If you were for real…you’d use more stuff I found….especially the August 18-20 tweets on Goatsred….

        You still pretend Gennette is innocent…when she’s obviously part of the takedown.

        Why are you such a clown? Answer my question…what does bas and bph mean? That’s three times I asked you….asshole.

        i guess next you’ll ban me?

        you’re annoying….

        • Is it that long since you had sex that you get off on teasing me?

          Explain your cryptic tweets…..what does bas and bph mean?

          that’s four times i asked you….are you having fun yet?

        • just in case there’s someone reading this who doesn’t realize that Ron is insane:

          -GC is an innocent victim in this. IMO, AW threw her under the bus.

          -goatsred is a good guy who was targeted by Dan Wolfe and co.

  12. Ron, your charm is overwhelming.

    Is @stormpeedo a friend of Neal Rauhauser? Or is it Neal, himself?

    And, no, Ron, Weiner did not plan his own international humiliation.

  13. Ron—and I quote
    “If you were for real…you’d use more stuff I found….especially the August 18-20 tweets on Goatsred….”
    Found? Found? You mean the stuff that has been out there for years and that somebody spoon-fed you? The tweets that you call information? That stuff you “found”?? What a “researcher” you are.
    The difference is that Qritiq checks sources and is objective. She has a reputation.

  14. Ron wrote: “If you were for real…you’d use more stuff I found….”

    Reality check time, Ron. You believe that Weinergate is about you. Everything you write is based on that. It makes you easy to manipulate. It also makes you wrong.

    Ron, you’re not the noble, crusading martyr of Weinergate. You’re just a deeply jealous, bitter, grandiose man who went off his Zyprexa. You’re out to exact vengeance on everyone who ever hurt you, slighted you, ignored you, discounted you or looked at you funny. You’re not Batman, Ron. You’re batshit. Crazy.

    Weinergate is not about you. As hard as it is to believe, a sinister cabal of people you knew in 3rd grade didn’t conspire to ruin a US congressman so they could get to punk you after 40 years.

    You’ve threatened, menaced and smeared too many random people for the crime of not paying attention to you because it makes you feel important. You’re just using Weinergate as an excuse.

    You’re not the noble, misunderstood comic book hero, Ron. You’re just an angry man who never quite made it and now wants to stick it to everyone else in revenge.

    • There’s an element of truth in that comment, for sure.

      …which makes it stick out like a sore thumb on this blog.

      But, even more true, is that everyone pretty much sucks in the media and blogosphere and that’s not a news flash.

      • Of course, Ramen ignores the fact that I spent the first five months giving tips to mainstream media and working on articles.

        I spent over 40 hours tracking people in Pakistan for Mother Jones for no money and was credited as “Blogger” and didn’t complain until months later. I worked at least 100 hours on other stories that fell through the cracks there.

        I worked on an MSNBC story for weeks for a reporter I never revealed…never got paid for that…but the story was killed.

        Then after I tweeted Preston and started working with her I didn’t tell anyone…and didn’t tweet about Weinergate at all for three weeks until she asked me to defend our work publicly.

        Then I did…and Neal Rauhauser immediately went after me.

        Preston told me to chill..and canceled our sit down….and promised me instead that she would interview me for a future story….

        It ate at my conscience like i was selling out….so that’s why i blasted her publicly.

        I do regret blasting Mother Jones and David Corn and I apologized….but there’s a long history that goes back to Jeff Gannon…He ripped off my story about how Gannon didn’t get the leak…i proved he plagiarized what he asked wilson from the wall street journal..and it took a while to Susan G and Propagannon to hear me out on that….then Corn ripped me off – or didn’t see my work – but i emailed him and left comments in his website complaining that he never answered.

        I think someone probably just emailed him what i wrote and didn’t tell him the source, thinking back.

        But there was history….

        I never said I wasn’t somewhat self-promotional like any other writer…..but i kind of suck at it….

  15. Ron, Ron, Ron,

    Surely you’ve heard bas is the flaxen chanteur who tied his Rep Anthony in a knot.

    Really? I’m a fangirll too! How did you get him to follow you?

  16. How would Ramen know all of these things? Another conspiracy, of course.
    And I never heard of you until you jumped on the smear bandwagon.

  17. Either you have “sucker” written on your forehead, aren’t as tough as you pretend to be, or just have the worst luck out of any person in this universe.
    Too many bad breaks. And to be unemployed? Wowza.

    • Are those really the only choices?

      I get it. You are Stanley Kowalski and Qritiq is Blanche and Gennette is Stella.

      You’re the tough one, qritiq the dumb blonde etc

      anyway….it’s been a few months i hope you’re all still entertaining yourselves

      wow this blog is bringing out all the stars…..even mass jg and the breitbart evil genius researcher obsessed with her boobeez

      can’t you do better than this, qritiq?

      um no shit, sherlock…..and is this 1987? i think we stopped joking about dum blondes after john ritter died

      And that’s a distortion of what happened and old news….typical for you….

      wow…nancy drew do you really think its suspicious that ken danieli is so interested in ny-9 and pretended he had a blog and no other blogger wanted john reid 9 emails and those silly clowns just traded tweets until the DA got home from work and was “tricked” into running them…..and jennifer preston kept tweeting at that same exact time about how she didn’t even want to waste time on johnreid9 even though she was REPORTING ON THAT AT THE TIME lol

      well anyway…silly me to get annoyed at the way you all suspicious cherrypick stuff and go over the same old stuff over and over again

      ppk pixie aka lunatic lair and no one you know are complete psychos…..and anyone who tweets or chats in a friendly way with them is obviously a troll….

      anyway i hope you all are still having fun…because im enjoying myself watching people defend Mike Stack [redacted because the statement was overly libelous -qritiq]

  18. Ron,

    You just posted this on twitter about an email Rauhauser, or someone posing as him, sent you:

    Post a screenshot with headers.

    • I would Ramen except that I made it up…the email about 911 call – as you for some reason seem to already know….

      can you at least tell me which sock on twitter you are, beandog or troll or intrepid anonymous reporter?

      Not everything in that tweet is fictional though…hint hint…and if that certain something did really happen some late night in July I only suspect Rauhauser was involved…while i’d bet a million dollars Stranahan was involved since he had the most motive..

      Ask stranahan about what im talking about….he knows damn well what im referring to……

      • Stranahan’s ass got b-b-b-bounced from Patterico because of it….

        • The real question is what got Neal b-b-b-bounced from Kos

          • How is that the real question?

            It’s a real moronic question that all the trolls keep repeating like it means something.

            Both of our accounts were temporarily banned that night….all the comments to and from meteor blades are easily findable. Then he “retired” eleven days later. the reasons are still on the site….

            Rauhauser probably has other accounts there…just like he uses the twitter account @socratic which was on the very first twitter accounts that Markos followed until i outed in July.

            Neal is part of netroots….so he certainly didn’t go anywhere…..just like probably everyone but me on this page.

      • Relax, Ron. I didn’t think you made it up.

        Screwing with something like the 911 system can get someone killed. If anyone is sending you a threat related to that, it should be exposed.

        Thanks, but I’m not asking Stranahan anything. He’s a hustler and he’s full of sh*t.

    • Mrs. Professor Lew Says:

      @NealRauhavser just emailed me bragging he knows how to pose as a student in her early 20s and even meet with police officers and detectives and not even raise any eyebrows. Now that’s a talented operative. Very dangerous. Do not engage. Sick of all you clowns….hacker socks, menacing women.

  19. Thank you Ramen, thanks Ron. Hi Neal!!!!

    • Neal claims he’s unfamiliar with this blog:

      goatsred aka Mike Stack is under the radar. I have seen qritiq but I think that person is left wing, and not a fan/friend of Stack.

      I have met Meteor Blades in real life. His first name is Tim, I forget his last name, and he used to be an editor at one of the larger newspapers.

      I have met Brett Kimberlin in real life. He did spend time in prison for a bombing in the 1970s, but the conviction was overturned and he received a massive settlement for false imprisonment. He is a small man, about 5’6″, with glasses and short hair – he looks and sounds like a math professor.

  20. IRONY “”””well anyway…silly me to get annoyed at the way you all suspicious cherrypick stuff and go over the same old stuff over and over again””

    “Over and over again” How many tweets??? 12,000???

  21. Ron, I can care less about what you post. I don’t think you get that yet.
    Thank you tho for all of the help.

  22. Dum blonde monster thread here we qome.

  23. Mama Preston Says:

    Qritiq, your reporting on this has been, how should I say?, impeccable! Ron was invaluable for a time — that is, until he turned to bite the hand that (didn’t) feed him, in what could have been a premiere prestige item on his resume. And then Lee, poor, dear, Lee. You have a soft spot for him, I know. But he’s on my doo-doo list now and I recommend you sever all ties.

    But you, my dear, have been a treasure. What with your tips and insights and amazingly lucid research! You are indeed the girl wonder! Much respect, my dear, much respect.

    You, a tyro no more. Your advanced math and history degrees and oodles of writing experience will serve you well at the grey lady. I must have you in to meet the writing staff. Welcome to the team, my protoge!

    • Mama/Stef/LaStef/Stranded/etc. – since you use an anonymizer, wordpress sometimes directs your comments to the Spam folder.

      Why the anonymity? What is it you are so fearful of? And what I’m really curious about is: what have I ever done to you (or anyone else for that matter, other than told the truth? So I guess the crux of the matter is: why would someone be so unhappy and frightened about the truth?)

  24. stefaniesez Says:

    None of those comments are me, qritiq, Pat’s pals are having some fun. But I’m glad to see you’re still following the story.

  25. Ron,

    Patterico isn’t hacked.

    He just likes fucking with you. Every time he makes you angry by doing something like connecting you to Rauhauser, you set out to prove him wrong, which involves tweeting a ton of things damning to people on the left.

    You exposed the inside of Raw Story because of it and dutifully named names. You quoted email sent to you years ago from people who assumed it would be private. You’ve posted DMs and other things, all to prove you’re not connected to Neal Rauhauser.

    Relax. We know you’re not connected to him.

    You’re achilles heel is showing, and that makes you easy to manipulate.

    • But I hate you all compared to him even if he is fucking with me…

      RAW STORY fucked me waaaaaay before Weinergate…and Kos has been fucking me since the 2004 RNC.

      And I don’t believe you.

      But anyway does anyone have any intel on this?

      This Tommy Christopher exclusive seems fishy from two years ago: http://www.redstate.com/moe_lane/2009/06/08/newsbusters-aol-is-lying-about-the-playboy-rape-list-firiing/

      Did anyone accuse tommy of making it up or anything?

      Preston always mysteriously covered for Tommy…but don’t all of us agree he sucks and is untrustworthy.

      Is anyone hacked? Colby Hall never tweets anything at all that doesn’t insane? Maybe i just dont get twitter then…lol

      And I don’t believe any of you…or any one in the media period except for a few journos that got better things to do with their time.

      You’re all connected to Stranahan and/or StrandedWind. Sorry….I haven’t budged from the only theory that makes sense….

      Is the alternative theory that Weiner wasn’t hacked and everyone just hates me? cause i’d love to hear an alt theory on post -weinergate that ties up everything and explains why both stranahan and rauahauser went after Dan Wolfe…..

      If patterico wasn’t hacked then how come he couldn’t answer multiple questions i asked him about his own fucking blog? he didn’t come close to getting one answer right…


      im way more fucking liberal than anyone in this charade so fuck all of you in that respect

      there’s a lot you all don’t know…..it must drive you all batty…..

  26. hmmm i initially assumed ramen was neal rauhauser but rereading all of his posts here…he has to be either Dustin aka Ben McIlwain the wikipedia editor or Socrates (or one and the same?….i thinnk they’re pals but separate but i could be wrong)…

    absolutely can’t be anyone else…..

    Did I break a rule, Q? Will that get deleted?

  27. This is a weird Tommy Christopher link…wish i could find the video


    He egged on two conservative bloggers to make a citizen’s arrest of Code Pink member ?

  28. Read Ron’s most recent bombshell tweets and a lot of things about his behavior and statements since that time will make sense.

    Keep in mind that while he was being played like that, he was told he was being given ‘the benefit of the doubt.’

    • Nice try but that doesn’t make one lick of sense…since patterico had my full cooperation even before the bogus call. I was already fully cooperating….

      Fake news by Jason Leopold and Larisa Alexandrovna have always been a black mark on my Raw Story days….and I hate Markos and all his Netroots pals and I’ve reported on more sketchy stuff they’re connected to than anyone else left or right on the net.

      Your theory doesn’t hold any water. I was already helping Patterico….and the Brett Kimberlin complaint is a fucking joke….

      A convicted bomber complaining about being smeared?

      Are you on crack?

  29. Kimberlin filed a complaint against P with the California Bar recently, which P was furious about.

    Kimberlin and Socrates/Prepostericity are bitter enemies.

    Socrates, who is allied with P, is alleged to have a long history of internet stalking and other related menacing activities.

    Raw Story has been connected to Kimberlin and his allies, including some reporters and blogs on the left.

    Ron, as executive editor of Raw Story, would be expected to have knowledge of the type of involvement Kimberlin had with Raw Story and its personnel. He also might have been privy to potentially damaging non-public information on Kimberlin.

    Weiner, who?

  30. Blast from the past:

    Patterico (@Patterico):
    8/7/11 3:02 PM
    @ronbryn If the police come to your house, will you sign documents consenting to a search of your email, Twitter, and phone records?

    Patterico (@Patterico):
    8/7/11 3:03 PM
    @ronbryn (We may be able to arrange that anyway, of course, but I’m curious to see your answer.)

    Patterico (@Patterico):
    8/7/11 3:42 PM
    @ronbryn OK. I’ll see what I can arrange.

    Patterico (@Patterico):
    8/7/11 3:44 PM
    @ronbryn Nah, no dogs. Just a knock on the door from a couple of guys with badges. Ruh roh!

    Patterico (@Patterico):
    8/7/11 3:45 PM
    @ronbryn OK, how’s this: The FBI Shows Up at RonBryn’s House inyourpants.

    Patterico (@Patterico):
    8/7/11 3:48 PM
    @ronbryn I guess you missed the part where I said they weren’t waiting for that. The answer is still interesting. Bored now bye.

    • Did Andrew Breitbart or James O’Keefe edit that?

      That’s a cherry-picked selection of tweets from that day, clown.

      But I will add for Qritiq exclusive: Patterico AGAIN ridiculously made that offer to me….would i agree to signing something to let him look at my records which i already told him he could do….and if it was real he wouldn’t need my permission…and um the NYPD don’t go door to door for LA DA’s asking if you’ll sign permission slips…the FBI sure don’t need my fucking permission…

      Fucking absurd….either he’s hacked or he’s an idiot.

      i told him yes again..and why the fuck he didn’t do anything about it in the last three months if he has a tape recording of me making 911 call…..brilliant of him to block me on twitter, too

      thing is though….again…i still hate raw story and daily kos more….so there you go, bitchez

      • It’s not cherry picked. Those are six consecutive tweets from him to you that day.

        If he was a dentist or some random blogger, and he demanded you turn over all your records, would you say yes or laugh at him?

        • News flash, Ron. It looks like he’s been playing with your head for months.

          But why?

          What would a fishing trip through
          – your computer
          – your phone
          – your twitter

          tell him about all those people who have communicated with you for all those years, liberals and others? All that private information….

          Go back and read his timeline like an objective observer.

          Ask yourself if he would he give you the same access, Ron.

        • yeah, you’re right, my bad….without all my scooby doo jokes it lacks context though

          Hacked @Patterico I told real P a month ago & it’s absurd I’d have to sign what? But sure lol NOT if they arrive in Scooby Doo Mystery Van.


          I offered…he didn’t demand, for one.

          If this was same exact scenario – and dentist had false 911 call on him and i got burnt by NY Times reporter – yes i would make the same offer….heck i forwarded him all of neal’s emails yesterday even before our call when i was more convinced he was hacked….

          but him being too dumb and naive to even consider Dustin, Stranahan and Breitbart is arguably a better explanation for the three months of nothing that just happened….than anything else.

          if i got spoofed by a troll last night, it doesn’t matter…patterico hanging me out to dry for three months is bullshit….and he deserves to be fired

          that said…look at my tweets way before i met patterico….i don’t like cops but i hate District ATtorneys even more because they are political positions and they are too tied to the police dept and are the main reason why blue wall never falls and dirty cops thrive….

  31. Ron, on twitter today, did you say that P told you that your phone and email were hacked, and not to trust them?

    • He agreed in early August – when I assumed after I got him to reassume control of his hacked Twitter account by repeatedly calling him out while running around Manhattan not sure wtf was going on – that emails i had been sending him appeared to be hacked.

      Emails i sent to EmptyWheel that she returned to me – and others – often had sections missing…and the Andrew Breitfart troll showed me they could disrupt DMs and make them appear late and out of sequence….which is why the interviews with Dan Wolfe by Film Ladd and joe brooks are a little weird…during my dms with dan it was obvious that someone was fucking with shit….

      Either Empty Wheel is fucking with me, somebody was posing as her, or someone hacked our emails:

      Re: can u
      Hide Details


      Ron Brynaert


      Marcy Wheeler

      Message flagged
      Monday, July 4, 2011 11:03 AM
      Message body
      no its a different link

      i was able to peek using wordpad and it show deleted tweets incluuding to me….can you copy all three excel files so i can read them in full?…the one im trying to find now she deleted was the one to stranahan telling him about his buddy andrew breitbart writeup in nyt on 6/27

      that’s after she asked him to edit his radio show and proves she was still talking to him after she claimed he allegedly misquoted her and said the professor said my source is crazy

      plus i want to lure andrew breitbart james okeefe and all those fucks here to see if they’re involved


      Documents added July 3, 2011:

      SearchtasticExport NYT_JenPreston 2011-06-28 highlighted.xls:
      Export of tweets by Twitter user “@NYT_JenPreston”, as reported by http://www.searchtastic.com on June 28, 2011.
      NOTE: In this version Excel formula highlighted 10 tweets erroneously, possibly because of length or deck.ly links.
      See corrected version below.

      SearchtasticExport NYT_JenPreston 2011-06-28 highlighted CORRECTED.xls
      Export of tweets by Twitter user “@NYT_JenPreston”, as reported by http://www.searchtastic.com on June 28, 2011.

      SearchtasticExport NYT_JenPreston 2011-07-03.xls:
      Export of tweets by Twitter user “@NYT_JenPreston”, as reported by http://www.searchtastic.com on July 3, 2011.

      From: Marcy Wheeler
      To: Ron Brynaert
      Sent: Monday, July 4, 2011 9:01 AM
      Subject: Re: can u

      That just goes to the Jennifer George page–I don’t see any excel file.

      On Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 9:44 PM, Ron Brynaert wrote:

      check to see if this is in response to my tweet about someone please finding proof of jennifer preston saying “call me” to me as i asked for in tweet few hours ago

      i dont have excel and cant open any of the links


      if so that rocks…..and it means i have some small support at least of one jennifer georg that def is real lol

      • Gennette Cordova responded the same way as Empty Wheel to that request.

        Neither of them ever sent me the Jennifer George excel file which is still easily findable at her website and linked on her twitter.

        But they both claim they’re not hacked.

        why emptywheel would say she does “weedy” analysis of documents in her bio and move her popular blog to .net i guess are things only crazy people like me question.

        • “Weedy” analysis is not a reference to pot, if that’s what you’re thinking.

          Maybe she went to .net because .com was already taken.

          • i sure as hell took is as one….and it’s impossible to have two meanings? it’s not the only weird thing….


            Were either of those the point of my comment? The entire point was to show either someone was hacking my outgoing and incoming messages or people were making me think that.

            Either Marcy lied or is dumb and couldn’t do me a simple request…….or someone was fucking with our emails…or that wasn’t her.

            She left FDL in the same time all this happened…in unexplained, mysterious manner….and neal rauhauser has a long time feud with Jane Hamsher.

  32. Ron, crazy?

  33. Not crazy, just hacked. The supposed “Ron Brynaert” posting here seems to have no recollection of our conversation during the meeting with Neal & Lee where we tried to talk him out of that whole stupid “swatting” business, which most everyone agrees, is frightfully tacky, dangerous, and counterproductive.

    Where is the REAL Ron Brynaert?

    Nice try, old sport.

    • Lemme guess… Another person using an anonymizer.

      Frightfully tacky, old sport.

      (Dude, you’re trying too hard.)

      • Tryin too hard?

        Barely any effort at all, old sport.

        As the great J.J. Gittes was wont to say:

        “As little as possible…”

        So sorry to lower the tone of this otherwise scholarly & diginified discussion, old sport, shan’t happen
        again, I assure you.

        But enough about me, Ramen, you’re tops in my book.

        Ramen…? Lemme guess…

        Why, that’s another word for “noodles”…

        Isn’t it?

    • Must have been quite a meeting you had that conversation in… Kid Kenoma, Neal Rauhauser, Ron Brynaert and Lee Stranahan all together like that… what with Ron being in New York and Lee in Texas and neither inclined to travel.

      Active fantasy life.

      You’re too interested in having people believe
      – that Ron made that 911 call
      – that Ron, Rauhauser, Stranahan and KidKenoma are co-conspirators

      That’s a tall order.
      Who would benefit from having people believe that crap? Discuss.

      • “Who would benefit from having people believe that crap?”

        No one would.

        That’s the point.

        The point is confusion.

        And everything is bullshit anyway. If what happened really happened on June 30 and Patterico is legit…then there’s no way in the world he called me and said that ridiculous stuff….and couldn’t remember one fucking thing I told him on the phone conversation that Lee Stranahan (and perhaps Dustin and Andrew Breitbart) don’t have any details about.

        If Patterico is fucking with me…then there are zero threats etc so who cares. And he has nothing to do with fake news and Weinergate hacking so who cares double.

        Where is Greg Beato? Why hasn’t he updated his website?

        His last tweet was a request for Lisa Weiss to follow him on September 6.

        • Not an exact transcript, of course, but a rough memory version of some exchanges…i know some of it is out of order but i think it’s close to what we said…and i’m willing to edit if person who called me argues differently…maybe i’ll add more later:

          “hi, i’m walking my dog…”

          me: um, okay…so…wait why are you breathing so hard.”

          “i’m walking my dog, i said.”

          me: um up a gigantic hill…it sounds like your five hundred pounds and really fat why are you wheezing like that.

          “i’m not wheezing…”

          me: are you kidding….every other word you’re gasping for air….are you sick? do you have allergies? is something wrong, patterico? cause you sound like you’re really, really fat and youre having trouble breathing which is very, very weird to me.

          “should i call you after i walk my dog?”

          me: “um if you can’t handle doing both at the same time…but please stop wheezing like that and coughing it’s really weird…”


          Me: “what the fuck are you talking about? i never got off the phone with you. how the hell can i make a separate 911 call using my voice?”

          “well there were pauses and interruptions…”

          Me: “no there wasn’t…that was the first phone call…we talked for an hour and there were no pauses until what happened at the end…”

          “well i’m giving you the benefit of the doubt since you sent me those Neal emails. but you’re holding out. why won’t you send me the one about seth allen being arrested.”

          Me: what i should have said: huh, one fucking email out of 20 is holding out are you insane? “it doesn’t say anything. just he heard seth was arrested. i can read it to you.”

          “you don’t have to.”

          Me: “are you sure? i can read it to you now?”

          “no, that’s okay.”


          “that’s why i’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.”

          me: “Would you stop fucking using that phrase. the real patterico is smart. he doesn’t keep saying an insipid thing like that over and over. if you have my voice on tape why would you give me the benefit of the doubt. it’s a stupid phrase stop saying it….

          me: “now i want you to tie Brett Kimberlin to Neal Rauhauser and raw story but i don’t see strong connections.”

          “it’s suspicious that you would defend Brett.”

          me: “how the fuck am i defending Brett. I WANT TO FIND A CONNECTION…I HATE ALL OF THEM…but the facts i know and see..shared server….tenuous velvet rev ties…and who cares the bombings were in 1978 and he went to jail…whats the fucking point of the connection….

          “it’s suspicous you defend brett kimberlin”

          me “What are you talking about….i’m talking about the evidence.”

          “you don’t know everything. you don’t know all the evidence.”

          me: “i’m defending brett kimberlin because the facts i see aren’t enough and im not privy to your secret evidence and im suspicious. are you insane?”



          “just send me the one email you didn’t…its suspicious.”

          me: “i said i can read it to you.”

          “no, that’s okay. oh by the way you should know that isn’t a photo of Mike Stack you posted.”

          me: “What are you talking about?”

          “the photo you posted. it’s not him.”

          me: “Because he said so? I can prove it’s him..it’s tied to his email address and i’ve seen countless pics of his cats etc.”

          “that’s a friend of his.”

          me: “oh, maybe so…there were other photos and i may be wrong about that”

          “his friend is a cop. .and if mike tells him he’s gonna be mad.”

          me: “what the fuck? now you’re making threats?”

          “it’s not a threat. just that mike’s friend is a cop and he might get mad if he sees his picture on the internet.”

          me: um i think i said 15 obscenities in different variations…..don’t remember exactly what but it ended with me hanging up on his ass.

          • Me: “Is that supposed to scare me, Patterico? That you claim to have a tape with my voice on it making a false 911 call?”

            “No, it’s not supposed to scare you…”

            Me: “Are you insane? I’m not supposed to be scared that an assistant district attorney just told me he has my voice on a bogus 911 call and I’m not supposed to be scared or worried?”

            “Well, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt because you sent me those Neal emails.”

            Me: “I’ve been defending you for three months.”

            “you’ve been attacking me for three months.”

            me: “what are you talking about? ive been trying to help you for three solid months and threw away my journalism career.”

            “you keep saying im hacked”

            me: “how is that an attack on you if i defend the real you? that’s insane reasoning. And not believable from a lawyer but it would be from a Stranahan. why haven’t you arrested me or had me intereviewed by cops if you have evidence of my voice?”

            “things are in the works….you’ll soon find out”

            me: what i should have said: i thought you said you were giving me the benefit of the doubt..can’t make up your mind…this is demented good cop bad cop

        • I had checked and I thought beato *had* updated his site – no? I can’t be sure it’s the real beato tho, as I haven’t seen any pictures of his cats.

          • haha you’re a riot…

            it’s even funnier how you selectively respond like all the other sick demented trolls….

            it’s straight from the Markos playbook…and it sure is wacky how i think every one is secretly liberal based on the fact that every one of you assholes does the same game:

            selectively respond to something that is wrong or mockable and ignore everything else

            but anyway thanks i’ll go read the beato update…..you keep pretending you look like you did twenty or thirty years ago, okay…

      • Congrats on grokking inherent contradictions implicit in datum.

        You are awesome Noodles.

        Thanx for the lulz.

        That’s why I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

  34. the photo you posted. it’s not him.”

    me: “Because he said so? I can prove it’s him..it’s tied to his email address and i’ve seen countless pics of his cats etc.”

    and i’ve seen countless pics of his cats etc.”

  35. the photo you posted. it’s not him.”

    me: “Because he said so? I can prove it’s him..it’s tied to his email address and i’ve seen countless pics of his cats etc.”

    countless pics of his cats etc.”

    • yes, you have lots of picture accounts tied to your email address which is all over the internetz.

      What 20-30 websites do you own?

      Is your friend really a cop, do you have circle jerks together when you watch pornos and curse out all the women you get off to but despise for different reasons? Will he be mad I asked that? When your cop friend goes cruising on the weekend in the squad car, does he act as lookout for his partner or does he rap- (sorry, qritiq, forgot it’s a pg site) croon Bon Jovi songs to women passed out drunk in their own puke?

  36. Patterico locked all the weiner threads

  37. Prepostericity Says:

    Ron Brynaert is a garbage source and deliberate smokescreen.

    Brynaert: “I have met Brett Kimberlin in real life. He did spend time in prison for a bombing in the 1970s, but the conviction was overturned and he received a massive settlement for false imprisonment.”

    Larisa Alexandrovna: “I can only say that he was wrongly convicted, released, sued the government and won. As part of the agreement, he cannot discuss the particulars publicly.”

    Brynaert: “Fake news by Jason Leopold and Larisa Alexandrovna have always been a black mark on my Raw Story days….and I hate Markos and all his Netroots pals and I’ve reported on more sketchy stuff they’re connected to than anyone else left or right on the net.”

    Brynaert is acting insane. He is full of lies and revisionist history. Maybe he can direct readers to his earliest critiques of Leopold, Larisa, and Daily Kos people.

    I doubt he can. I doubt such things exist. Others have the ones exposing such things, not him. It’s only now well after those exposures have become part of the internet zeitgeist is he trying to take ownership of such cybersleuthing.

    Brynaert is clearly a bad guy in this whole situation and is best ignored. He has absolutely nothing to offer. Qritiq, please feel free to email me. I couldn’t find an email contact for you. This will be my only post on this thread. I do not use sock puppets and have been unfairly smeared for obvious reasons.

    • Socrates is like the talk on a serial killer’s box…

      • (waste of time really since Socrates appears to be the only person on the internet who can’t find my reporting on Daily Kos since 2004…..Socrates, like his fellow demented sock troll Dustin, lies. Google Dan Riehl, Brynaert and Vis Numar to see who I worked with to expose Netroots, douche)

        This is from an email that someone signed with Neal Rauhauser sent to me…not anything I said….shake those loose chemtrails from your head, socrates,

        : “I have met Brett Kimberlin in real life. He did spend time in prison for a bombing in the 1970s, but the conviction was overturned and he received a massive settlement for false imprisonment.”

        I never met him…douchebag..just like no one in real life seems to have met you.

        “Maybe he can direct readers to his earliest critiques of Leopold, Larisa, and Daily Kos people.”

        Earliest Leopold criticism was 2006:

        (he and larisa both had higher positions than lowly me at raw story at the time….but i left two comments on that thread which agreed with emptywheel complaints about leopold story…most of my early criticisms of both were on private AIM discussions and emails….and i have tons of them.)

        As for Daily Kos. Douchebag. I’ve been publicly battling Kos since 2004. You can find my comments attacking him on every single blog about the Dean controversy…..

        Read the tons of posts at my blog…um which you should have years ago if you legitimately were opposed to them but you’re not…you’e a lying piece of shit mixing up fact and fiction so all daily kos foes look crazy like that insane guy who posted the alleged stuff markos wrote against gays in military (markos may have written it…but you let a crazy guy run with the story so no one would care….)



        I didn’t completely turn on larisa until this summer when i realized she was calling Stranahan radio show and obviously involved in this….i thought she did good stuff in the past….but it was this 2006 story – i was just updater then..i didn’t become executive editor until 2007…that first made me suspicious of her behind the scenes


        Her responses to errors i found…there were a few i didn’t note in the editors note were bizarre.

        And she wanted me to change a quote….i told john about that and said i didn’t want to work with her anymoer..and since we fired leopold we should look into all her work.

        then she wrote an email to john complaining about my work on Jerome Armstrong and Markos that summer…saying that he should fire me because i would get Raw Story into trouble with the netroots.

        the [REDACTED] at the time – [REDACTED] wanted to [REDACTED] me….

        [Redacted, the redacted of Redacted, disputed the claims above and below, but did not want to argue with Ron in the comments here. Oh well, I would strongly encourage everyone to argue with Ron. -ed.]

        [REDACTED] i didn’t link to rove indicted and kept blasting jason leopold in private…..

        i didn’t really start publicly bashing Leopold until i left Raw story last October…check my tweets…i talk about how i finally get to attack him and daily kos publicly in january…..

  38. http://web.archive.org/web/20010428104554/http://mydd.com/

    Back in April 2001 Jerome Armstrong’s http://www.mydd.com was even crazier than this blog.

    As Saturn turns direct, I’m reminded of the significance of Saturn in Gemini for the United States. Louise McWhirter wrote about this in her seminal text, Astrology and Stock Market Forcasting (New York: AFI Publishers, 1977; originally published in 1938). She confirmed the potential for conflict in the form of domestic and foreign wars during this transit: “Saturn has never passed through Gemini during the past 72 years without bringing a financial depression, financial panic, or war” (p. 92). *TMA Editors note: The last two Saturn-in-gemini periods coincided with the Vietnam War (1971-73) and World War II (1942-44). Saturn visits Gemini again from April 20th, 2001 – June 2003 (It also made a breif station from Aug 11th – Sept 16th in 2000, foreshadowing the bulk of the transit to come).

  39. Socrates,

    I’ve unlocked the chemtrails forcefield that only affected you and you can now read blogs like this that everyone else on the internetz was able to read for seven years.

    This one is 2005:

    Here’s a blog comment from 2005:

    How about me criticizing Jane Hamsher and netroots for attacking Washington Post’s awesome reporting on Abramoff:


    I revealed that I edited an interview with James Brady that WaPo killed related to that…

    anyway..this is boring…you all can google….

  40. Ok, I missed that Ron alleges that thingie was a Neal quote. My bad. I didn’t want to keep posting on this forum. There are nasty people on it who have been cybersmearing me with no proof, because no proof exists. I don’t know qritiq and am not sure if she can provide a safe and fair environment.

    Nothing Ron or Neal or any other real troll writes need be taken seriously.

    For example. I found Ron’s broken Next Hurrah link with his purported criticism of Jason Leopold. This was it.


    I just wonder if you spend half the time off-line maligning people as you do online.

    Jason’s a friend of mine…we also work together…plus I’m a fan of his…but I had similiar issues with this column to Empty Wheel…..mostly due to the title….”

    There’s really nothing in any of his links. that show meaningful opposition to the crap put out by Leopold and Alexandrovna. He even had the gall to just attack Francis Holland. Perhaps he’s aware of Dave Weintraub but knows better than to go there. He continues to post lies about me, that I’m Dustin and whatever.

    He’s written nothing on the Connell threatened by Karl Rove hoax. He’s written nothing on the various election fraud hoaxes coming out of his milieu.

    He can make fun all he wants about my blogging on weather mitigation. Whoop-dee-doo. Raw Story is as conspiracy theory freaky as there is. Ron, Larisa, and all their buddies and associates have been peddling that and similar bunk for years.

    Jason Leopold is perhaps the most discredited internet blogger in history, yet that’s the kind of person Ron likes. He’s been a big fan of that shite.

    So ignore his fake insanity. He is the human rabbit hole.

    • Prepos- you say that Ron has “fake insanity”. Can you tell us the evidence that you’ve seen that would point to Ron “faking” having a psychosis? And why do you think a writer would “fake” nuttiness? It seems like *acting* nutty would only hurt his credibility.

      Also, your statement that you’re not sure if I can “provide a safe and fair environment” seems like a mild attempt to discredit me. Not sure what your motive is in that.

      Read this blog, and if you find it “unfair” and “unsafe”, so be it; but I don’t think you will.

      • That’s your only response…LOL.

        You’re all in the same gang, trolls.

      • Hi Qritiq,

        I am not saying you run an unfair and unsafe forum. I do not know you. I do know there are a few cybersmearers here who have been attacking me for both no good reason nor with any proof, because there is none.

        So I take it we are in agreement Ron has been displaying signs of psychosis. Neither of us have proof whether he is faking it or not. It is my opinion he is, in order to protect the milieu I helped expose, one he has been part and parcel of for many years. As I said, he appears to be a human rabbit hole. He appears to be running interference for fake lefties I exposed with proof. He is a historic troll cranking up the noise to signal ratio, period.

        This KidKenoma person is a real sadistic jerk. It has decided to cybersmear me along with Neal, Ron, and others. Let’s take a look at his list of all these sock puppets I am allegedly supposed to be. I do not use sock puppets. I have had zombie accounts, but I always admitted to those. I was the one who provided that info. I am not a multi-personality troll. The Socrates from 2005 who is called a supertroll was not me. I am not Dustin. I am not The Last Name or Brain Left. To repeat, I have never hidden who I’ve been on websites. I have never had fake dialogue between my usernames. If you allow these cybersmearers to continue posting on your blog, that to me is a good sign this place is not safe to post on.

        Prepostericity- Me
        Worthlessposter- May41970
        May41970- Some cybersmearer from Taiwan
        PauloFrerie- Me years ago, but spelled wrong
        ifkak- Not me
        nwoisevil- email handle outed by Brad Friedman to a cyberstalker
        struth40- email handle outed by Jeff Wells and another blogger
        Homer- Not me
        Noom- Not me
        ShaghaiCharlie- Not me
        antiwingnut- a myspace name I used
        AKA- Not me
        distorter- Not me
        Jeff Reynlds- a username of mine at a now deleted blog
        Jay Reynolds- Not me
        BigJimMcbob- Not me
        4kedtongue- Not me
        TheCrustyPotato- Not me
        MusterQuark- Not me
        Brocolli- My username at Huffington
        ForJuliaScyphers- Not me or possible zombie at BradBlog
        GuyCaballero- Zombie at DKos
        HappyGilmore- Username at Huffington for a few posts
        LetTheSunshine- Zombie at DKos
        NoMoreKosHate- Zombie at DKos
        ProfesorMeathead- Not me

    • A very incomplete list of Soc’s socks:

      Jeff Reynlds
      Jay Reynolds

      Plus some character references:


      [I edited out the links that were over 5 years old -qritiq]

      • Because clearly posting 5 year old links are bad form.

        Bring back the yawning cat!!! It was much more truthful than thirty year old pictures, Ms. Norma Desmond.

        • already told ya – I have plenty of pix online; most taken within the last year – none are more than about 2 years old. Get your facts straight.

          However, I believe *your* twitter picture is over 5 years old, Norma.

          • Believe? um you mean you read the tweet where i said it was? i had a newer pic up but it was crappy lighting….

            i gained lots of weight running Raw Story for four years but lost 50 pounds in last two years so i look better than i did in the years since i last took that photo…but i’ll change it this week just for you….

        • Ron, them pics don’t look young. Quit yer bitchin’.

    • LOL


      I left out the l in the link and chemtrails wackadoo makes a big deal out of it and ignores everything else. plus he also pulls a dustin trick and ignores that there were two comments and the second comment said

      “I meant to write that I had similiar issues with Jason’s article as emptywheel did.”

      Jason wanted me to sock a comment for him at daily kos in response to empty wheels crossposted article


      , as i tweeted about this summer, and i refused….so we both ended up commenting there…..

      anyway that happened when John Byrne was examining all of Jason Leopold’s work..we said he was “on leave” but he never returned after that..


      since we never linked to anything leopold reported after until i left….i think my track record on being anti-leopold is pretty secure…and everyone who personally knows me knows i hated larisa and she refused to work with me…that’s behind the scenes stuff…..


      “There’s really nothing in any of his links. that show meaningful opposition to the crap put out by Leopold and Alexandrovna.”

      um no duh douche…didn’t i say that myself?

      if you were for real….we’d have become friends a long time ago…but you troll the internet going after all Markos enemies and torment them instead and pretend to be the wackadoo you are.

      i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t read my extensive tweeting about larisa lies about Connell…she slandered a journo over it and i want to help him…she’s a liar and she fooled me a long time..

      we had huge fights on that behind the scenes…and on her really sketchy emails with the DC madam….and other bizarre stories…..again all that stuff is in emails and aim messages and i tweeted about many of it this summer…which liberty chick and others who claim to be probing kimberlin ignored.

      what part of “i ran raw story so i didn’t bash any current or former employees there publicly” do you not comprehend.

      socrates of course ignores my proving he lies i never attacked markos….which is absurd…..a rudimentary google of our names will find nothing but me bashing him for similar reason to yours….

      but your only friend is your nemesis….last brain left…

      “Jason Leopold is perhaps the most discredited internet blogger in history, yet that’s the kind of person Ron likes.”

      you should give it up after writing that ridiculousness….im the reason raw story didn’t link to jason leopold…and we froze him out for 4 years…….

      taking my defending a colleague out of context..and ignoring my subtle criticism is like stuff your friend Dustin plays…clown…

      • Dude, I’m asking you to stop cybersmearing me. You write things about me that are not true. I don’t even know who The Last Brain Left is. I googled and found some posts but don’t really care. I am internet friends with The Last Name Left out of Wales. I’ve had the most ridiculous things written about me by Neal Rauhauser. You also are making me out to be some sort of supertroll, and it’s simply not true. I posted a bit side by side with Dustin at Patterico’s on a few threads. So what? This KK person has been cybersmearing me for quite a while. If you don’t mind being put on a list of people I’m thinking of suing, keep it up.

        • you’re a complete wackadoo

          i wrote last brain left accidentally and you jump all over it..the clown that leaves comments at your dumb blog is what i meant…

          please have special agent fox mulder contact me when you get done telling him about chemtrails in your laundry detergent.

          and please would you shut up about how you’re not a sock…when have you ever posted under your real name? never…you’re always a sock…so suck it

        • (LOL) 🙂

        • Prepos – what exactly did NR accuse you of with regard to W-gate? Did he accuse you of scripting the DW/JR9 socks? Or of making the phone calls to Lee and the NYT, impersonating JG? What specifically was it?
          Also has this Boston agent been in touch with Boston PD regarding the phony police report, to your knowledge?

    • This is the nut that Socrates is defending: francis holland…im not putting the link because the name alone of this post is offensive:

      Tuesday, August 16, 2011
      31 Things You Should Know About the Owner of DailyKos and His Family

      (it’s all bullshit…not one thing worth knowing…this is all gobbleygook designed to make real kos critics look insane

      if you agree with wackadoo troll above who everyone on the internet accuses of being a stalker except anonymous socks at patterico then help indict markos….

      (note that the same loony things in this are the same loony things in Neal Rauhauser indict Breitbart – who should answer major questions about dirty tricks but um is no Markos who actually is tied to political campaigns)


  41. More recently, Mr. Beakerkin had this to say at Kidkenoma blog in response to a post about Socrates (‘2 /b/ or not 2 /b/’) 8/31/11:

    “I do not have many rules on my blog. However, we do not permit criminal behavior or multiple aliases.

    “The person (socrates) I knew was the sickest troll I ever saw. On top of that he is a total bore. To call him a hack is an insult to hacks everywhere.”

    And that’s very mild compared to the how Soc was characterized by Beakerkin in the two older links which have stood posted & legally unchallenged for over five years.

    • All due respect Kid, I think it would be more interesting to ask Prepostericity about current events in his life rather than to chase him off the board with kinda flamy criticisms that are already posted elsewhere.

      • Why don’t you start answering questions firsts, Qritiq?

        Why don’t you use [redacted]?

        Why do you care so much about Weinergate?

        After three months, why be like Lee Stranahan, don’t you have the skills to write a blog post that explains anything close to a theory for everything before or after?

        I dunno why you’re playing an ARG game…..can’t get a gig doing food criticism? Can’t some old NY Press chum help you out?

        • Here’s why I got interested in Weinergate: https://qritiq.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/why-weinergate-is-still-important/

          How did you get interested in Weinergate Ron?

          Also – a question. Hypothetically, if someone were to send me a transcript they claimed was a police report, could it be yours if it had more than 3 separate incidents on it? (Not counting the expunged St. Pete thing)

          • I got into Weinergate, because it came to my attention I was being cybersmeared by Neal Rauhauser. I found out about it a month or two ago. I’m not good with dates, but I found out relatively recently I was the mastermind or an involved right wing tool. I’m a nobody blogger from Massachusetts who doesn’t deserve the crap I’ve received. Debate my ideas or things I’ve posted, but don’t attack me based on lies. I am now in contact with an FBI Special Agent from Boston. You (cybersmearers) keep pushing the garbage attacks on me, it could very well come back to haunt you. Even if they stop, the law may still catch up to you for your previous activities.

          • There’s not one thing in that absurd post which answers that question and you’ve presented no proof about your absurd accusations and you’ve chummed up with all the patterico trolls which makes you look even more liberal.

            “How did you get interested in Weinergate Ron?”

            Um, is that a serious question? no…so ill ignore it like you ignored all of mine and instead left a link to a stupid post that says nothing.

            Hypothetically, are you diseased in the brain?

            If you have such a thing, then you have such a thing…what a reprehensible thing to say.

            You have my email address, forward it. Since I’ve only ever been arrested twice in my life, both false arrests, both records expunged without me having to do so much as call a lawyer or even make a phone call, then um they would be bullshit.

            As far as “incidents” are concerned……i have no fucking clue what that means but you are a diseased disgusting person to say something like that publicly. I’ve been arrested twice…i have no fucking clue what other information you Andrew Breitbart trolls have connections to find. or what lies you might hack.

            What does it have to do with the price of tea of china?

            Seems more like something Alicia Pain would threaten….

            email it to me, thug… my yahoo email address is my name as you know

      • “Those who do not learn the lessons of internet convolution are doomed to repeat them”

        –Socrates (quoted on @Dust92’s twitter avatar)

      • Qritiq,

        If you would like I believe the audio from the Montgomery County court room where Prepostericity was arrested is publicly available. Get this, place it on YouTube, post a link here?


  42. Chrissie Hynde Says:

    You better stop your swatting.

  43. “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers.”

  44. Stef,

    Do you know who plkimin is?


    Ever wonder why you didnt get the johnreid9 docs? (0+ / 0-)

    Pat scooped you on that one.

    by stef on Sun Jul 24, 2011 at 10:06:26 AM PDT

  45. This logically belongs above where qritiq said:

    “ I think it would be more interesting to ask Prepostericity about current events in his life”

    I agree completely with this sentiment. Mr Socrates (Hates Chemtrails) please tell us:

    What is the case number for the lawsuit against you in Montgomery county, Maryland. I’ll help you here – you’re looking for something like:

    A 123456

    But sometimes it would be written:


    Depending on which form is used. The first number in yours is a 3, the letter is ‘V’. Sorry for our net.viewers, this case is still in process and has not made it to the searchable online archives. Lucky me, courthouse is not so far from my home in Shady Grove, and I have copies of the key documents from this one.

    Holy Interim Peace Order, stalkerman! Let’s talk about that one. This is the short document dated 21:45 9/14/2011. Big long number here, starts with a 0, ends with 2011 denoting the year. For extra credit provide the full text of the attached justification – lots of lulz in there.

    Let’s talk about future events. How *could* this get any worse?

    Quick, someone Google the acceptable use policy for Verizon’s internet service and Yahoo’s email. What’s that, termination in the event of criminal conduct such as stalking? Access gone, identity bound to email gone, and blog stuff ripped down due to court order? Dunno how quick those folks move, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    That’s some epic butthurt, that right there, a righteous trollpocalypse. Kinda feels like someone ratted you out here, eh Prepostericity? No attorney available for you from your old friends, mostly because that one’s a sock puppet. Real attorney far away wants nothing to do with you. Someone nearby rat you out as kind of the final insult?

    Spend enough time provoking people, you get a response. So it goes.

  46. For the record, I have no clue if Socrates has anything to do with Weinergate….and I have no clue if he had anything to do with post-Weinergate trolling until Dustin brought him over to Patterico late in the summer.

    But if there were really a trolling case, would Socrates really come trolling after me right after his court date, and leave all these ridiculous slanderous comments, without using his real name….and without ever conceding any points?

    He is a troll. He has no side.

    But Neal Rauhauser and Qritiq – for that hypothesis above which she still won’t say is real or not….what an evil thing to do in public forum… – and Dustin and Ppk Pixie are far more vile and diseased trolls than Socrates ever has been, for sure.

    I’m quite certain Socrates will cry because I tweeted court records that show an address that I doubt he really lives at.

    Ask Mrs. patterico for shooting lessons…since she’s a sharpshooter the first time out according to ppk pixie…whoops i mean patterico at his loony website.

    • Post the link here, too, Ron. Everyone wants to see.

      • Why don’t you?

        Whomever you are, why do you continue to play games?

        Every single fucking troll and puppet refuses to answer multiple questions…. I answer all… And that includes everyone.

        There isn’t a single person other than me that really wants to find out what truthfully happened.

        I found the records – which are probably fake since the address seems unlikely for Seth Allen unless he’s really a nurse who works in a psychiatric ward as I tweeted last night who has the same address but different apartment number – only because you said Montgomery County court room.

        Post it on here yourself or tell us the missing numbers above, jackass or put the youtube video audio and email the link and ill tweet it….

        why didn’t you ask qritiq in dm if she would post the link? because you’re all clowns….

        Now im getting emails from someone claiming to be Markos calling me crazy…yay…

  47. Patterico (@Patterico):
    6/4/11 8:55 PM
    @AceofSpadesHQ I am not going to toss out specifics because you are already accusing me (a PROSECUTOR!) of inventing charges. Which I didn’t

    • I accuse Patterico of inventing he’s a LA District Attorney since I see no evidence of it, and I don’t see how a lawyer concerned about his job would let Dustin, Stashiu3, DaleyRocks, PPK and the other nuts that leave anonymous comments attacking everyone under the sun.

      Also, there isn’t a blogger on the right he hasn’t attacked.

      He calls people crazy on his blog. He called Anita Bush crazy long before I thought he was hacked and says other libelous stuff that wouldn’t be realistic for a real life LA DA.

      There is a female DA Frey….maybe this is her sock?

      Anyway, I say he’s a fake, a phony, and a coward for never posting photographs of himself on his blog from what I can see….since he spends an awful lot of time going after trolls.

      Why would someone menaced by anonymous sock trolls host sock puppet threads every Friday?

      He was the last one to fool me. He’s fake as all hell. If he was real he would have actually done something in all these years to people who hacked his site and the trolls who make threats against him.

      And no way would a real DA stand by Socrates and Andrew Breitbart….that’s ridiculous.

      Andrew Breitbart said he wanted to start a civil war the other week…no way a real DA would say I completely vouch for him then make threats to me.

      i was wrong. Not hacked. Just a liberal or libertarian troll, all along.

  48. A lot’s been said, so I would just like to summarize:

    -KidKenoma said Prepostericity was a troll and Prepostericity said he (Prepostericity) was not a troll.

    -Prepostericity accused Ron of faking being crazy, and also of being crazy.

    -Prepostericity accused Neal of accusing him (Prepostericity) of having something to do with Weinergate, but he (Prepostericity) would not say what it was Neal had accused him (Prepostericity) of.

    -Neal said that there had been some legal action against Prepostericity, but he (Neal) did not seem to have any information to that effect.

    -Neal said that “Everyone” (meaning Neal and Kid Kenoma) wants to see Ron’s link to legal information about someone who may or may not be Prepostericity.

    -Ron said that Dustin is a troll and I am the worst troll. I agree. I mean I agree that Dustin is a troll. Does anyone know who is paying Dustin?

  49. Will someone on twitter ask Rauhauser to confirm whether or not he’s really been posting here and ask Rauhauser and Markos whether they’ve each been emailing Ron, coincidentally, today?

    Ron – post the headers off those emails and check the IPs.

    Someone’s screwing with all 3 of them, and setting up Ron to lose big. He’s a pain in the ass, but who really needs to do this to him?

  50. Ask Rauhauser and Markos on Twitter because they both probably blocked Ron and can’t read his tweets. If they didn’t, and those emails and addresses aren’t theirs, they all need to know.

    • Markos isn’t blocking me on Twitter.

      And all that’s going to happen is a bunch of clowns are going to piss off police officers with real life pranks….and I’ll be able to explain everything and point fingers in multiple directions if I’m being set up “to lose big”


      Socrates does tell the truth about how the internet and twitter are meaningless. The only people that follow this crap are activists and bloggers. No one gives a shit about blogs and people stopped caring about the media years ago.

      I think you’re all just full of shit…and if something happens in real life I welcome the opportunity to have Andrew Breitbart etc. explain everything to the authorities, too.

      The most bizarre piece of this puzzle remains Jennifer Preston.

      What’s her story? Why don’t all the trolls ask her? How come everyone became her pal after I entered the equation.

      Why does Preston talk to clowns like Liberty Chick and DMathewStewart and Rocksem?

      all clowns…all liars….but hey….it’s your media…

      • Ask Qritiq who’s always held Preston in high regard. I don’t think Preston is buds with many others at this point. Not Stranahan or Patterico. Maybe LibertyChick is on good terms, dunno.

  51. “There’s too much at stake here for the truth to come out.” –Lt. Escobar

    Could be Ron’s gettin’ a little too close for the comfort of some…

  52. The first name out of my lips ain’t gonna be Breitbart, Frey, Lipton, Allen, Stranahan or Rauhauser.

    It’s going to be Larisa Alexandrovna.

  53. This is the “liberal” site …well…what’s the theory on why not one person at the Patterico website leaves comments about the weirdness going on…including his tweets and mine and what i’ve posted here?

    Do they all secretly communicate? Do they delete comments that mention it?

    Someone liberal who allegedly hates the patterico squad please start explaining your theories on what’s gone on there for three months.

    And this isn’t a story for anyone to write up anywhere even on this blog or kid kenoma?

    It’s best left in the comments?

    Everyone likes to play games in this posse. Why? This has been one long ass poker game….show your hands….

    • It must be true and must be him because it says so on the net.

      That doesn’t mean it’s Patterico… I’ve seen better links than that which indicate Mr. Frey is a lawyer – one that was scrubbed a long time ago and matches stuff he said in old blogs – but that’s the only one that comes close to putting him with DA.

      Still doesn’t mean he wasn’t hacked or i wasn’t spoofed, either.

      I admit to searching for many answers…and trolls would rather play than give them.

      I saw this on the net so it must be true, too:

      “Circumstantial evidence ties together Ford and Rauhauser — and also ties them to a man named Ron Brynaert, a former editor of a web site connected to the bomber. You haven’t heard the last of him.”



  54. Went to Cornell, like Thomas Pynchon, and like the C.I.A.’s “Society for the Study of Human Ecology”.

    Got an office in…Compton?

    Hard to get more prestigious than that…

    • Beverly G Hills Says:

      Compton is where the DA’s office is, in the courthouse.. If you’re a DA, it’s good to be where the criminals are.

      Everybody sing along now “California, knows how to party. In the city, the city of Compton We keep it rockin! We keep it rockin “

  55. WTF?

    J Salla (@kidkenoma):
    2/9/10 2:52 AM
    cheers to all

    J Salla (@kidkenoma):
    2/9/10 2:52 AM
    http://obermeyer777.wordpress.com/ is the other

    J Salla (@kidkenoma):
    2/9/10 2:52 AM
    http://kidkenoma.wordpress.com/ is one

    J Salla (@kidkenoma):
    2/9/10 2:52 AM
    Trying something new, too–instead of being a “dead,” unchanging story, we have some blogs set up where you can interact with the characters

    J Salla (@kidkenoma):
    2/9/10 2:50 AM
    Perhaps you’ll consider taking a look at the story anyway. We worked pretty hard on it: http://www.margarasmedia.com/

    J Salla (@kidkenoma):
    2/9/10 2:49 AM
    I don’t know Theresa. I thought I could get people interested in The Last Statue. I realize now that was wrong.

  56. OMG!!

    Not the spurious hijack-and-discredit phony twitter account that somebody started then got bored with and abandoned after 6 tweets!

    Not that!

    Why, this is just scandalous!

    Oy vey!

    You are one intimidatingly formidable investigative dynamo, No One Says, or Ramen, or whoever…

    I am smitten with mortification.

    • It’s pretty late to the party. I retweeted those months ago, and Kid Kenoma already responded.

      wow, shocker to see he likes playing games like the rest of you…..which are your favorite tokens in monopoly?

  57. just stopping by. someone let me know when there’s actual new evidence on weinergate.

  58. Isn’t she cute?

    Such a serious reporter (one who DM’d with Neal Rauhauser and Patterico and tons of others but hasn’t written one thing that makes sense in three months….

    That’s totally the reason why I should publish it…


    Hey, since it’s almost 150 comments, how about I reference the blog that no one cares about…

    um i don’t like Ayn Rand’s politics but i read The Fountainhead a few times when I was younger and I love it…and i also like anthem. But, heck, for some reason, I have trouble explaining WTF collectivism is….since it seems to be as insane as libertarianism and communism….

    And, seriously, Qritiq, why don’t you go take a video camera and interview people at #OccupyWallStreet or any tea party rally and ask them that question…..also ask them who the Attorney General is, while you’re at it….and what country Snooki visited.


    And um the record is pretty fucking established that Goatsred did all the tech stuff….Dan didn’t. So tell us why you joined up with Stranahan on the Dan Wolfe manhunt for realz?

    • I think you should publish it. Set me straight Ron.

      As I’ve made clear in my tweets, goatsred helped Dan with what you term the “tech stuff”, because Dan pretended he didn’t know how. This is precisely why goatsred got targeted – because he’s a helpful guy.

      Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m not sure you fully understood the blog post.

      (I never claimed to be a “reporter” and I don’t think anyone would characterize me as “serious”. “Cute”? I can’t deny it.)

  59. My Twitter ID, but tap tap tappin’ away on stef’s keyboard. Lotta folks spoofing her up above. She did comment once, debunking the trolls. If the real live stef pipes up I’ll notice & validate, otherwise assume its Patterico’s sock puppet herd who’ve wandered from their usual pasture.

    Ron, old chap, damned sorry about missing Union Square meet last night – just too much to report on with #OccupyWallStreet. Maybe some time today? Text me, big guy, there’s a 202 area code number at the bottom of each email I sent you.

    • NotNeal Rauhauser (@NealRauhauser) Says:

      Are u for realz?

      • LOL he said he wanted to meet up…but i don’t think it’s him and we hadn’t decided on a night….and wouldn’t it be the perfect way to set me up for a Swatting to have me go meet him somewhere….

        i was planning to just make him wait in hopes that he would set something up….

        he invited the diseased Qritiq, too…like i would meet up with her? I’d rather break bread with Neal than her.

  60. […] any comments here in homage to monster thread Share […]

  61. Your new “forlorn” post is so stupid, brainless and wackadooish, Q, as you know.

    This is my last comment ever on this blog again.

    I will respond on Kid Kenoma blog, though. So you clowns can read all his weird posts and search through the comments to find my responses from now on.

    This site links to hackers anyway.

    If you tweet me, Q, look for the response on KId Kenoma, not my blog or twitter.

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