Sockpuppet Theatre

Please answer these questions to the best of your ability, 5 points each:


Who voiced Patricia Reid?

Did Dan Wolfe get paid? By who?

Is there anything concrete that ties NR to the AW takedown?

What was the motive? (please be specific)

Is there really a JG? Has anyone seen the police report?

Any more questions?


Please stay mostly on topic. Idiotic, illogical, dopey, untrue, misleading, and annoying comments will be promptly deleted and the commenter will be banned.

Anonymous replies welcome.




44 Responses to “Sockpuppet Theatre”

  1. Dustin,

    You make one hell of a case for the police failing to protect Patterico and his family. It’s been at least a month, and the only thing he needs to end this is something that shows that Weiner thought Betty was fake?

    So, you’re saying Weiner is threatening Patterico?

  2. Implying that GC is hiding evidence that would help Pat’s “investigation” is preposterous, so I had to delete Dustin’s comment.

  3. Qritiq, someone spends a huge amount of space detailing something I clearly did not do, and I explain why I would ask Gennette to provide the evidence.

    Qritiq simply removes a polite and civil response to something I am being accused of. All I did was put my differences and judgements with Gennette aside and ask her in a civil manner to help, while explaining that this matter is more serious than just the email threats.

    What ETC is describing has nothing to do with anything I did, and insinuates I am John Reid. Qritiq is OK with that because, of course, I criticized her.

    Qritiq is shameful.

    Yes, thugs have indeed threatened people’s families if they do follow up on Gennette. It is perfectly reasonable to think that those thugs are afraid they are exposed in some way if Gennette were to share more information.

    Qritiq’s unbelievable hostility towards nice people is weird. Her post below purporting to have some kind of voice comparison is also pretty weird.

    All I’m asking for is people to work together in the open. It’s shameful that Qritiq thinks I can be criticized but must not be allowed to defend myself.

    • Dustin is nice. A NICE person. Civil and Politte. Selfless, even.

      And he’s not John Reid at all. It’s SHAMEFUL to think so.

      SHAMEFUL to consider it.

      You should be ASHAMED to let it cross your mind.

      It never crossed my mind until he posted this. Dustin’s use of ‘shameful’ brings back the John Reid Twitter Tantrum, with all the SHAME ON YOU crap.

      Maybe you are John Reid, Dustin, and maybe you aren’t. We need more evidence. Your real driver’s license, videochat, pay stub….

    • Dustin, get a grip – I don’t think anyone insinuated that you are actually “our” JR9

      • OK, so you unbanned me.

        But I was unable to post comments and you did delete multiple completely reasonable ones.

        You are clearly dishonest, Qritiq, and I do not have time to play with every bad faith POS on the internet.

        Amusingly, you buddy says I may be John Reid, and a few minutes later you say no one has said so.

        I don’t mind that you leave up the long and asinine comments claiming to explain how I used the “John Reid” technique. It’s merely unfair that you deleted my honest and much more clear answer.

        The reason I put aside my criticisms of Gennette were that they are not relevant to the reason I wanted her assistance. None of you speak for her. She heard my civil request, and declined, and I said OK.

        Also, you whine that everyone’s talking about me… I actually posted comments answering your questions and you deleted some of them.

        But I also criticize Qritiq. Qritiq can’t take the heat.

        • Dustin.

          You need to get a grip on reality. No-one here actually thinks you’re John Reid. Also, I NEVER banned you or anyone else. Also, I only deleted ONE of your posts, and I told you why.

          And I was TOTALLY JOKING about everyone talking about you – I just thought it was funny, that’s all.

          Dude. Seriously, you need to lighten up. And, since this IS my blog, if you insult me or any of my friends here again, I WILL ban you.

          You are lying when you say I banned you.
          You are lying when you say I deleted many of your comments.
          You are lying when you say I’m dishonest.

          And fyi, it is not just your word against mine, I assure you.

          So knock off the bad behavior, and lets figure out this Weinergate thing.

  4. yes, that’s what everyone says about me – that I’m “hostile”.

  5. Over on, Dustin is crying victim, claiming he was banned here.

    Sigh. The noble, misunderstood victim.

    Consider letting him back in, the way Patterico did for GC, after tying her hands and letting his commenters thrash her for hours and hours. You know, to teach her a lesson about who’s in control.

    Dustin minimizes the months-long, hate-filled, menacing rants against GC, but if you call him out on something, it’s a very different story.

    To quote Dan Wolfe, another martyr who Dustin isn’t,
    “Cry me a river.”

    That said, please reconsider un-banning him.

    • In all seriousness, Dustin’s ‘needy little girl’ demeanor sounds a lot like depressed, unstable, needy little…


      If that’s true, no wonder he hates GC.

    • It seems Qritiq took your advice and unbanned me.

      “It was a question, just as the following was when it appeared”

      bla bla bla

      I don’t write Patterico’s blogs. You can’t prove hypocristy on my part by complaining about something he did.

      And yeah, I do think it’s an open question why Weiner was saying creepy stuff to Ethel. Capes and tights.

      Thank you for explaining how I was correct. Yes, that question insinuated Patterico and I were using some “John Reid” technique to manipulate Gennette. It’s stupid.

      I simply asked nicely.

      You have a lot of hostility towards me for no apparent reason.

      If you would like a civil exchange, take it to Patterico’s blog where I am often lurking and people are able to have a good faith argument without being banned.

      Sometimes, Qritiq spams a link to her boring blog.

  6. I didn’t ban Dustin!

  7. Interesting.

    Dustin says he was accused of working with Patterico to jointly interrogate GC, but that wasn’t the case. The post says this:

    “Are Patrick and Dustin using the “Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation” on GC to discredit and manipulate her in front of all those socks and/or people?”

    It was a question, just as the following was when it appeared on, in 3 parts:

    Evidence That Weiner Was Talking Dirty to Underage Girls?

  8. 100 views and all anybody can talk about is Dustin???

  9. I don’t know who did it, but what about the anti-Islamic zealots who claim that Weiner’s wife has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and wanted to kill his career? Even the rumor of online misconduct with underage girls would be enough to follow him through any future attempts at public life. Maybe that’s why the reids couldn’t fade away.

    Patriotusa76 loved three things: Hating RepWeiner, hating Islamofascists and all Muslims & loving Reagan. He followed every public move Weiner made, and bitched about each one bitterly on twitter. He looked like a jealous, sore loser.

  10. ya might wanna check out the Breitbart/Ron exchange on twitter

  11. so if you are following the Patterico monster thread, not only is there a fake Patterico, there is also a fake GC. lmao

  12. had to edit this – interesting, but too long/slightly off-topic. Kept all the links in if you want to research the info -qritiq

    Just one semi-ironic question.

    Are Patrick and Dustin using the “Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation” on GC to discredit and manipulate her in front of all those socks and/or people?

    Never heard of it?

    “The Reid Technique” was pioneered by (no kidding, now) John E. Reid over at

    For examples of how such techniques get innocent people to confess to crimes, take a look at the work of Richard Ofshe, at”

    Here’s a primer on it, from, which specifies that permission is granted for copying the text, unchanged:

    1. John Reid codified these tactics, referring to them as the “Nine Steps of Interrogation.” Reid and his partner Fred Inbau spent decades writing about and teaching interrogation techniques, and business is still booming at In U.S. police acadamies, their books have been the most popular texts on this subject. Their work is full of sample scripts, generally involving a hapless suspect named Joe: “Joe, if this whole thing was your idea, that tells me that you have a criminal mind. But if you were just talked into doing this against your better judgment, that would be important to include in my report. You were just talked into it, weren’t you?” For examples of how such techniques get innocent people to confess to crimes, take a look at the work of Richard Ofshe, at

    This is from

  13. One more from

    “What are you afraid of? If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you shouldn’t have any problem answering my questions.”

    Common Interrogation Lines
    By Katya Komisaruk

    Common Interrogation Lines

    You’re not a suspect. We’re simply investigating here. Just help us understand what happened and then you can go.

    If you answer questions, you’re likely to become a suspect, if you aren’t really one already.

    What are you afraid of? If you haven’t done anything wrong, then you shouldn’t have any problem answering my questions.2

    What you should be afraid of is being lured into answering questions. You don’t have anything to prove. Remember, in court you’re “innocent until proven guilty”—and the thing most likely to prove guilt is an unplanned statement made when you’re arrested. If the police are thinking of arresting you, answering their questions will make them more determined to do it, not less so.

    Look, if you don’t answer my questions, I won’t have any choice but to take you to jail. This is your chance to tell your side of the story.

    I’m tired of screwing around. If you don’t answer my questions, you’re going to be charged with obstruction.

    Well, you know this is garbage, because the Constitution guarantees you the right to remain silent—so refusing to answer questions can’t be against the law. But some cops will still threaten you with “resisting an officer” or “obstruction of justice,” just to see whether you’ll fall for it.

    Come on, I’m not asking you to sign anything. We’re just talking. And you can stop any time you want to.

    Remember, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You don’t have to sign anything to make it a real confession—the police will just quote you (and they may be taping you, too). The time to stop is before you ever begin—even a little time spent answering questions can completely screw up your case.

  14. Clay Arts Center 40 Beech St, Port Chester, 914 area code

  15. Interesting.

    See comment #12 from “Dan” and the 3rd from last comment by @LastBrainLeft.

    Pretty similar. And the only two that use that website.

    Then read @Lastbrainleft’s twitter. Sick guy. His favorite retort is “Go die in a fire”

    Could be a coincidence.

  16. fyi : no-one has been banned, please tweet me if you have trouble posting a comment

  17. Both Lee and Pat have indicated that Dustin is not razor419.
    As far as razor goes, I prefer to call him RAZR914

  18. […] Qritiq « Sockpuppet Theatre […]

  19. Wondering if anyone saw a difference in early Dan Wolfe, and later Dan Wolfe. Were the earlier tweets more base; were the later tweets consistently less crass?

    • The last tweets, from the 29th and 30th, were more polished. I read them recently and definitely felt they were from a different writer. It was like, after the picture went out and there was more interest in Wolfe, they substituted someone sharper and more accomplished in the role of “Dan.” Someone better able to take a curveball.

      I didn’t read beyond the 29th.

      Note that Wolfe deleted at least 20 retweets of the infamous picture he sent to various media outlets before finally deleting his account. He also deleted many other tweets made after Weiner tweeted the picture.

      • yes, the deletion of the tweets to all the media outlets by patriot was obviously intended to mask the fact that he worked HARD to spread the dicktweet event. but it doesn’t hide the fact that this whole twitter account was dedicated to smearing weiner from day one.

  20. catching up, Qritiq:

    1. Who voiced Patricia Reid?

    Nikkisock, of course. Who also was nikki, marienela, and john reid. probably also the super-lame Alicia Pain and similar bullshit internet threat emails.

    nikki may have been dan, but i’m content thinking they are different socks. nikki is more bizarrely acted than dan.

    beyond that, i conclude we really have no idea who nikkisock was.

    2. Did Dan Wolfe get paid? By who?

    i have no idea. there are lots of people who love troll politics for sport. Dansock was created to hate on anthony weiner, crassly at first, and when actual evidence of queer twitter behavior emerged, he pounced on that. there are people out there who get paid to tweet positions, but tons who do it for fun.

    3. Is there anything concrete that ties NR to the AW takedown?

    Neal Rauhauser? For the life of me, I have yet to figure out what all the NR post-weiner-resignation blather is about.

    AW tweeted his dick, he tried to cover it up, there were other pics out there that kept coming out, so he was doomed. No matter whether the temptations were friendly to him (Gennette, Ethel, Ginger Lee, LiberalLisa), neutual (Broussard, with her Breitbart-loving pal), or a potential trap (nikki), him sending the pics was beyond stupid. even if a sock intended to get AW to send dicktweets was the ultimate temptation that got AW to give in, it still would be AW’s fault. Its like giving money to a nigerian email scam, there are no excuses, let Clark Howard damn your soul.

    4. What was the motive? (please be specific)

    no clue if you are talking about NR.

    5. Is there really a JG? Has anyone seen the police report?

    whoever is behind nikkisock is yet to be disclosed. if there was a police report, surely lee would have posted it by now. whether there is a “jennifer george” behind nikkisock, i have no idea.

    so i guess there are no relevations here, except to emphasize that nothing has changed in terms of what we know for many weeks now.

  21. reading up on patterico more, i see he is quite convinced that wolfe is part of the nikkisock gang. i’m fine with that as a logical deduction, though its not yet proven to be true via IP addresses or something like that.

    where patterico loses me is this suggestion that gennette and weiner have some relationship that shadowy people are desperate to keep hidden. he spends all this time showing that reid=wolfe and was likely some lamo troll plot against weiner, and then totally switches course by claiming that libs are doing worse stuff for completely unclear reasons to defend weiner? if we assume weiner also had a sexual online relationship with gennette, who cares at this point? patterico suggests someone will probably to go prison for their online threats and other stuff not revealed, that would be pretty amazing for internet troll activities if it does.

    • I agree with Pat that DW = JR9, but I also think it’s possible that more than one person may have scripted DW at different times, or that he at least had some backup at times.

      Pat also says he knows more than he is telling us re threats and stuff. True? I don’t know.

      Yeah – I think maybe some people are kind of overthinking these potential twisty-turny motives. Also, in the beginning of this, I did think that GC had been less than forthcoming. But now I believe I owe her an apology.

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