It’s a key fact that Nikki talked to GC for many weeks, in thousands of messages, and Nikki never brought up Weiner. You have to read Patterico to know that, thanks to Gennette, and Patterico, and no thanks to the Grey Lady & Mrs. P.

Comment by koam @wittier — 8/4/2011 @ 8:47 am

koam is spinning, spinning, spinning here and he knows it. It’s been said again and again that Nikki brought up the name of Anthony Weiner to Gennette, FIRST. This is a middle-aged experienced marketing executive twisting the words and actions of a 22-year-old college student. (I believe he has also attempted again and again to discredit her and repeatedly twist her words, from what I’ve read in his comments at

Gotta ask yourself: Why is koam trying so desperately to rewrite history? What’s in it for him?

P.S. Wow, haha – it’s hard to keep up with koam’s spinning – just saw this little item:

Which leads to this: if her intern is really working in an alliance with Neal & Kimberlin, as Patterico says, (see alleged DMs and emails from her to the intern (grain of salt, etc.)…and her public tweets to him) what does that say about NYT & the types of people it chooses to work with?

Could he actually be implying here that Ron was a social media intern at The New York Times?? AHAHAHAHAHA.

And actually, koam, if you really didn’t know, reporters for every outlet listen to information from all kinds of sources. For example, if they never talked to criminals, they would not have much to report about crime. I mean – DUH.


2 Responses to “Bold-faced”

  1. The New York Times did choose to work with Ron. You didn’t know that?

  2. uy-yuy-yuy. Dustin – I promise you that Ron has NEVER worked for the New York Times. He has NEVER interned at the New York Times. Did a reporter listen to what he had to say when he called? My guess is yes.

    How did GC know Nikki was trying to punk her? The girl got a brain in her head, that’s how.

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