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Patterico issued this important warning to me today on twitter:

“I have taken a screenshot”.

Meaning that he took a screencap of one of my tweets that he found to be scary and THREATENING, and that he might potentially use this screencap to IMPLICATE me in a possible INVESTIGATION.

Actually, I don’t think just one screencap is sufficient. I believe Patterico should screencap this entire blog. Within he will find that I discuss Great DANES and TIBETAN Mastiffs more than AMERICAN dogs. Obviously SEDITIOUS!!!

And with the thorough investigations of my writings that he should certainly attend to, he may also discover indications that I believe our president has done less than his best when it comes to math education. These criticisms of the president himself, should be taken directly to the SECRET SERVICE.

Clearly, as RonBryn and Patterico have discovered, I am EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and ARMED with a laptop, and I’m sure the FBI would be VERY INTERESTED in my tweets.

Thank God for this man’s vigilance in protecting the public from scary little blondes.

One Response to “Vigilant Blogger”

  1. btw, this blog is beautiful with a great layout.

    Easy on my eyes.

    It’s getting old seeing people not get along who really should, though. Not just Qritiq. I just don’t have the gall to tell Patterico to relax because it’s his family and frankly I would be 100X worse if I were in his shoes and this happened to me.

    From my distance, he has recently come on too hard at two people, clearly because he was angry. And he’s angry because he’s trying to protect his family from very bad people and some of this story is, frankly confusing. Some people have laughed or snarked at their additions which have made this story more confusing, and that’s very frustrating.

    Me for example… I was on twitter trying to play spartacus to Dan for a while. I haven’t laughed that this made a mess messier.

    When we accidentally evoke something confusing, let’s just clean it up and try to love one another as fellow human beings trying to enjoy a life of safety. Corny, I know, but that is my view.

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