24 Responses to “Look-a-likes?”

  1. […] take a look at this blog post that Lee posted earlier today. https://qritiq.wordpress.com/2010/06/30/look-a-likes/ I don’t know yet how he came across it. The top photo is a match for a Jennifer George, Boston […]

  2. Whoever wrote those emails posing as JG in the exchange with Ron isn’t too good at this game. The writing style points to the same person who posed as fake nutzo teen Nikki Reid and her fake lying father John Reid.

    I’d bet a month’s salary the real JG, the woman who made the Boston report (not this faker) was never in email contact with anyone involved in Weinergate.

    Anyone want to guess who the sloppy, schizo, Weiner-hating control freak cum attention whore is who just couldn’t stay away? What was the agenda after Weiner’s resignation? To be important? Indispensible? A member of the inner circle? Maybe to someone famous or powerful who played a role in the end of Weiner’s career…….

  3. Uhh, if this is a hint that’s it’s ZAPEM, she is far too self important to keep her mouth shut after an operation like that, IMHO. She gets stressed, she blurts out things she should keep to herself – always in an attempt to fluff up her position in the scheme of things.

  4. i wonder what Doug will be selling on ebay for Cyber Monday

  5. this iz a verry gud gift for krismuss

    i meen the hahlidayz


  6. A certain scammy porn-peddler is using his best NLP tricks tonight to screw with a woman’s head.

    Very ugly, Lee, you sick fuck.

  7. Stranny gets a phone threat, which he records and excitedly writes up every aspect, with sound, and succeeds in uniting the right and the left in questionong its legitimacy. Then he goes on an internet radio show WITH THE GUY HE SAID THREATENED HIM, because common sense. Big, bad threatener, all 6 feet or 6 feet 2 and 200 or 220 pounds of him falls asleep during his own show. Stranahan then reports that the threatener called him at 6 am today and he answered the phone (why?) and told threatener he was asleep, and hung up.

    Stranahan is told to call the FBI by a tweeting lawyer even though he believes the caller is in the same state.

    Here comes another Stranny Christmas Cash Grab. Ho ho ho.

  8. Judge Reinhold Says:

    Regardless of how you feel about kimberlin and rauhauser, here’s a serious question. How many lawsuits has worthing filed this year? How many were evidence-based? How many were frivolous?

    Objectively speaking, if a grown man who graduated Yale Law School spends about 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, on twitter obsessively ranting and raging about Muslims and talking about video games, would you give him the time of day? Your money? A job? Your phone number? Respect?

    • Keep in mind that Walker’s suit against me in public has a private side, where they were pushing bunk information to the FBI in order to set me up for an indictment. A court room defeat is a fine thing, but I am hoping we’re going to see indictments across the board for everyone foolish enough to have gotten involved in that.

      The most recent victim of their habit of targeting vulnerable adults is Jason Wade Taylor, who is in the ICU at Methodist in Houston. He drank himself there, but we’re starting to get information to the effect that Lee Stranahan was the driving force behind the conditions he faced.

      Vulnerable adults are viewed as tools to be used and thrown away … that’s a picture perfect definition of a psychopath, eh?

      • Stranahan quoted this in a post on his blog, I just went to get the link so others could see, but his site is down again.

        Last week Lee went on @VinceintheBay and picked a fight with @shm00pLOL. Before that @rsmccain was mouthing off to @doxbin in public. Neither is a wise course of action, IMHO.

        Countdown to them trying to frame me for the trouble they bring on themselves … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …

        • Lie Stranahan also went on @VinceintheBay and stated that a New York Times reporter told him that JG was “crazy”. That is a flat-out lie. Someone please take @VinceintheBay’s ludes away from him so he can question bs.

          • Vince would, uhh, fuel that sort of thing, because it’s funny. His usual show participants include ReaperSec and Hack The Planet. Serious journalism? Nope, but the lulz never stop.

          • Dude sounds like he’s been sitting in front of that mike since ’72. Maybe trade in the mushrooms for gingko biloba; join the 21st century.

  9. […] to a comment attributed to Neal Rauhauser, Randy Hahn aka Jason Wade Taylor has hit […]

  10. What I think I learned on Twitter: If you question Patterico, the terrorist wins (according to Patterico) and he probably won’t answer your question anyway. If you disagree with him, you are probably a close personal friend of the terrorist and all terroristy yourself. Terrorist.

    Also, Aaron needs to stop virtually twit-stalking @MonaEltahawy and @Toure and demanding they debate him on “radio”. Internet radio is not real radio and many people think his obsessiveness is creepy. If his 15 minutes of messy persecution complex glory are almost up, I don’t want to be around when that guy snaps.

  11. Random PO Box Says:

    Speaking of Lie Stranahan…

      This fits. 
      Domain Name: MIDNIGHTCON.COM
          Created on: 31-Dec-08
          Expires on: 31-Dec-12
          Last Updated on: 01-Jan-12

      Lee Stranahan
      PO Box 803338
      # 51866
      Chicago, Illinois 60680
      United States

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