I Answer Random Tweets

Q: ThatGirl911: Why r ppl from Queens dying of Swine Flu?????? hmmm should I be worried
A: Because the mayor won’t close the schools and the media won’t report accurately on the spread of the virus. Yes.

Q: robertmolinaro: If the NYC Health Department is saying that if you have flu you probably have swine flu then shouldnt everyone that has flu be tested?
A: No, because many people who have the swine flu have a relatively mild case and do not require hospitalization.

Q: tessie909: How serious is da swine flu really?
A: It probably won’t kill you. But it could. Especially if you’re younger than 61 years of age
Q: yvettedownunder:wonders why schools get closed for swine flu but adult workplaces aren’t?
A: Because kids are a lot better at spreading disease than adults are. And kids have less immunity to viruses. And government readily has the ability to close public schools, but not workplaces in the private sector.
Q: CassieST: Is it just me, or is this Swine flu hysteria getting out of hand? Don’t we want natural immunity in the population anymore?
A: It‘s just you. But I was thinking that maybe the CDC wants people to catch the virus now, so we can get immunity before it mutates into a more dangerous version. But my mother says that is too Machiavellian a viewpoint.

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