I Answer Random Tweets – 2

Q: KadeejiaDenise: Why? Why the hell am I awake right now. I work in the morning.
A: Because too many things are spinning around in your mind. Try reading something mindless to take your mind off of things and have a few spoonfuls of Greek yogurt before you go to bed. Don’t consume caffeine after 4PM.

Q: JayShel: It’s after 2 in the morning and I just got done making desserts for tomorrow! I’m tired but I can’t sleep…does that even make sense?

A: It completely makes sense. You can actually get too tired to sleep. But you can get 80% of the value of sleep by just quietly lying down in a dark room with your eyes closed. Just don’t look at the clock and at some point you’ll probably fall asleep.


Q:  Jersey1127: The next time you see you are losing followers, it may be because you don’t follow back. If I don’t interest u why should u interest me?

A: Because I might be more interesting than you. For example, a lot of people find Johnny Depp interesting. But he would probably only find a subset of those people interesting to him. And Johnny Depp might be interested in Maya Angelou. But Maya Angelou might not be so interested in Johnny Depp.

(I’ve found that when people preface something with “Now, this is really interesting…”, it never is.)


Q: lyns4: does everything really happen for a reason?

A: No, hardly anything happens for a reason.


Q: Catyren: My life is so boring right now. I got up at 11 and watched Ice Age 1 and 2. I need a hobby. Any suggestions?

A: Photography.


Q: alemeow: is the explanation gonna be good enough? high expectations for the final season of Lost

A: It will be at least just good enough.


Q:  NouveauCheap: #lost fans: Jacob‘s nemesis is a shape-shifter and has been every single “ghost” we’ve seen in the entire series. Yea or Nay?

A: Nay. Claire and Christian Shepard are together and both dead at the same time. So unless the nemesis can be two entities simultaneously, nay.  Also Jacob and his “nemesis” call each other “friend”.  They are friends not enemies.


Q: uncleAndrew: remember on lost when karl was being brainwashed?on the video”god loves u as he loved jacob” quickly flashes. this proves jacob is gods son!

A: I remember. But notice “loved” is past tense. This could indicate that Jacob is a fallen angel. Or, God never loved Jacob and he doesn’t love you either.



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