20 Things To Do In This Bad Economy

1. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t say “MADE IN USA” on it.

2. Pay off your credit cards before buying anything that is unnecessary.

3. Have 0, 1, or 2 kids instead of 3, 4, or 5 kids. (If you have more than that, heaven help you.)

4. Move closer to where you work or work closer to where you live.

5. Take public transit, ride a bike, or walk whenever possible.

6. If your income puts you above the poverty level, save at least 10% of your income.

7. Don’t panic; now is a terrible time to sell your stocks. Resist the urge to sell low.

8. If you live in a house that has two more bedrooms than residents, downsize to a smaller home.

9. Don’t vote for anyone who supported a bailout of private industry by using your tax dollars.

10. Take your vacation within the U.S. Consider the Smoky Mountains, the Finger Lakes, the Everglades, Cape Cod, Maine, and consider camping.

11. If you own an S.U.V., hey, hello, it’s time to WAKE UP

12. Go through your home and bring anything you don’t use to the Salvation Army. They may be able to pick up larger items. You can generally claim these donations on your taxes.

13. Buy staples and spend a little more time cooking instead of buying more expensive processed foods. If you are employed, invite your unemployed friends over for potlucks.

14. If you are a talented cook or knitter, make gifts that will be appreciated, like chocolate truffles or a bedspread, instead of buying gifts made abroad.

15. If you have access to a sewing machine, make curtains, tablecloths and other simple things, instead of buying goods made in foreign countries.

16. If you have money to invest, now is a great time to invest in American real estate.

17. Be proactive to avoid health costs. Get a flu shot, make sure your vaccinations are up to date (when’s the last time you had a tetanus booster?), get a dental checkup and cleaning, sweat for 45 minutes 5 days a week, get your cholesterol levels and blood pressure checked, have a multi-vitamin daily, have some protein with every meal, choose complex carbohydrates, etc.

18. Consider cancelling your landline and your cable tv. Do you really use them?

19. Only give gifts that are either edible or attractive and truly useful.

20. If you have some savings, but no job, this is a good time to go to back to school.

2 Responses to “20 Things To Do In This Bad Economy”

  1. Harmless Babbler Says:

    Bully for sugestions #1 and #2, but I recoil in horror at suggestion #3.
    Could you elaborate on why having fewer happy children is preferable for our country than a greater number of happy children?

    Babble Babble

  2. If there’s one thing the world has a surplus of, it’s people. There are 14 million orphans. I recoil in horror that people keep creating more kids instead of taking care of the ones that are already here. Well, I don’t exactly recoil in horror, but I don’t really get it. Aren’t orphans god’s children too?

    I guess the ideal situation would be to adopt 1 or 2 kids, so they could benefit from the most attention and resources possible.

    I’ve seen parents really struggle with work and kids, and I think the kids get short-shrifted in many situations, especially when both parents have to work. The smaller the family, the less money is needed, the less stress parents experience, and the more time parents have to spend with their kids. And the smaller the family, the more undivided adult attention each child is able to benefit from.

    Also, in my experience as a teacher, I can tell you that most children are not “happy”. And many are downright neglected.

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