The Clintons asked GM to build a green car SIXTEEN FRIGGIN YEARS AGO.  Instead, GM chose to build SUV’s that not only guzzle gas, but also tip over! I don’t think they should be privy to one penny of my tax money.  F ‘EM!  They’ve had 16 years to do the right thing for America and they’ve chosen not to.

Let’s take that bailout money and invest in a greencar company or at least an American smartcar.  Set one up in Detroit overseen by U Michigan engineers.  They know a little something about cars.

The whole point of capitalism, is that it rewards those with foresight and good ideas, and punishes short-sighted dimwits.  If we continue to bailout the dimwitted, the cream will never have a chance to rise.


One Response to “F. GM”

  1. We don’t need the big 3. They have squandered opportunity for decades out of greed and paid no attention to the consumers only the lobbiests. I have had it with saving fools and watching the undeserving suck the life out of this wonderful country and walk away with millions and no punishment. If i behaved the way some big corporate execs have I would never see the light of day again in prison. I do not want to pay to go to work as I work for one of the big 3. They can suck my dick. I am pissed and the unions can join them for this circle jerk.

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