Could someone explain this

Could someone explain how giving me a tax cut is socialism, but giving Wall Street $1 trillion isn’t?


oh if only i could be a plumber

One Response to “Could someone explain this”

  1. i’d vote for obama because he’s refreshing
    ;et him have a go if he messes up then try someone else!
    oh for an end to the media twittering on about the bleeping american election!

    i’m doubtfull to obama being voted for – if americans ie the majority who voted for bush and revoted him in again have had a shift in conciousness!

    i say lets have a person who speaks like a normal person and is prepared to talk to terrosists to get things changed – how do you think south africa managed to have a bloodless change over? – the anc were seen as terrorists – only by having dialouge with them was common ground and agreement found – the ANC eventually did resort to using violence/ bombing – a long walk to feedom
    it is the hight of stupidity not to talk to them!

    and as for cuba!
    for heaven sake – how many years is it 60? more sanctions on cuba! america has over reacted just a smidging! talk about bullying the most powerful country in the world being so childish
    and as for guantanimo…….
    on and on

    some of my best friends are american!
    it’s the administration that sucks
    and unfortunately the majority supporting it!

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