Mayor Palin

Palin and Cindy McCain

Palin and Cindy McCain

As mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, Sarah Palin did the following:

-Right after becoming mayor, Palin tried to have books banned from the public library. Mary Ellen Emmons, the librarian, promised to “resist all efforts at censorship.” So, Palin fired Emmons. Emmons later left Wasilla.

-Palin surprised the townspeople by saying that employees were not allowed to talk to the media without her express permission. “It was just things you don’t ever associate with a small town,” said one observer.

-Palin raised the sales tax to pay for a $15 million sports complex. In addition, Wasilla had to pay over $1.3 million to settle an ownership dispute over the complex.

-Palin made a campaign promise that she would cut her own salary. She did cut it by $4000. But THEN she hired another administrator to help do her work, adding a whole NEW salary to Wasilla’s payroll.

-When Palin completed her final term, her husband’s stepmother, Faye Palin, ran for Mayor. Sarah Palin publicly sided with Faye’s opponent, and worked to have her stepmother-in-law lose the election. (This is Family Values?)

On an unrelated note, I’m wondering what kind of a mother pushes her daughter into motherhood and marriage (to a boy who doesn’t want kids) at the age of 17, for the purposes of her own political gain.


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