Women For Hillary

The pundits keep saying that my ire will wear off and by the time of the general election, I’ll blithely vote for Obama. I don’t think so. I do understand that a vote for McCain is a vote for wire-hanger abortions. And a vote for McCain is a vote to take all the money I’ve paid into Social Security and give it to private industry.  But I still don’t think I’ll be rushing to vote for Obama.

Unless Mrs. Clinton is on the party ticket, I will likely be writing her name in on my ballot. And if McCain wins, we can try again in 2012 to get HRC into office.  Whereas if Obama wins, that possibility would be most unlikely.


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3 Responses to “Women For Hillary”

  1. Moodz – I think I saw that doc when it came out. The war is not my main issue. The war is a symptom. The greater issue is equality. Actually, if we had male/female equality worldwide, we probably wouldn’t have wars with the Middle East. There would be little reason for religious police, culturally-motivated terrorists, or Taliban-type groups. With an educated and free female workforce, the Middle East could grow economically and would have no reason to hate free cultures. Isn’t it ridiculous that the U.S. can’t lead by example when it comes to equality?

    (thanx for the nice words)

  2. Moodz4Modernz Says:

    And you are welcome. We will have to agree to disagree but let’s continue to support each other’s choices and our blogs.

    I like what you’re doing here. Let’s visit each other often.


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