He’s All Wet

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

crazy fast but inconsistent. Last place?  Maybe the hoof really was a problem.

i saw the masses at penn station boarding trains for Belmont yesterday morning.  Little did they know they would soon be separated from their money.  $6 million was bet on Big Brown to win, at belmont alone

everybody has a bad day sometimes; I hope they continue to race this colt.


2 Responses to “He’s All Wet”

  1. Harmless Babbler Says:

    We went to the track on Saturday to watch the Belmont Stakes, eat a picnic lunch and perspire. We bet some races but saved the bulk of our gambling money for the feature. We were rather confident by way of a tip, that the favorite would not win, so we bet our money on all the other horses on the nose. All the other horses that is, except the one with the longest odds; the eventual winner. Blah. The best tip of all is don’t bet on the races.

  2. HB – that is the saddest story I’ve heard in a long time – lol

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