Client 9

how the fuck is a governor being accused of breaking federal law a “private matter”.  We don’t need half-hearted apologies, Eliot Mess.  We just need for you to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  “apology” transcript

And on the “private” and personal aspects, it seems safe to assume that Spitzer wouldn’t want his own teenage daughters to be prostitutes.  But he seems to think it’s a perfectly fine vocation for other peoples’ daughters.  This class divide master/slave-think is completely counter to the ideals of the Democratic Party.  Oh and to the Constitution too.FamilyPhoto

One Response to “Client 9”

  1. escorts100 Says:

    This sad story make me feel “Something in the Way”(Nirvana)

    Underneath the bridge
    The tarp has sprung a leak
    And the animals Ive trapped
    Have all become my pets
    And Im living off of grass
    And the drippings from the ceiling
    Its okay to eat fish
    cause they dontt have any feelings

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