Teenager-to-English Dictionary

what’s crackin Miss?          ‘sup?

Miss, you wildin.                 The homework assignment is too long.

she’s on the cheese bus      She takes the yellow school bus.

Miss, you frontin’.            I believe your comments to be insincere.

It’s mad easy.                 
We had this in eighth grade.

Aighht.                             Yes Ma’am.

Oh snap!                          I have made a mistake

But Mistah!!                  Sir, I must disagree with you

Who dat?                        Who called my name?

Wha happen?                  What did you say?

Miss, why your hair dead?      You could use a haircut.

Yo son                                    Hello my friend the loser

Miss, why you don’t do your hair?!!    You could really, really use a haircut.

Miss, why you don’t put your hair up?     please. we have to look at you for like almost an hour

Miss, you ghetto              Oddly, I am classier than you.

You have nice eyes         I would like you to give me an A on my paper. 

You look really nice today, miss.    I really need an A on that paper.

Miss, why you so mean             Why are you so mean?

Miss, why you be hatin?            Really, why ARE you so mean?

Frrreal?                                     Are you sure?

There’s a crazy teacher in here.           Our math teacher is in the classroom.

2 Responses to “Teenager-to-English Dictionary”

  1. I love it! Thanks for the translations.


  2. lolz dis is so funnay it describes us so much

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