Turkey Trouble

We interrupt this blog for a post from mediawriter:


I saw a piece in a magazine (“The Week”) about wordpress in Turkey. “A Turkish court has cut off the country’s access to WordPress.com, one of the largest blog hosters in the world.” Seems that Turkish millionaire Adnan Oktar, claims that the blog has libeled him. The guy is “a Holocaust denier and prominent Muslim creationist” “Turkish bloggers have begun moving their blogs to other sites.”

“Wordpress hosts more than 1 million blogs that get 12 million page-views a month in Turkey.”

I guess the ban is until the suit is settled. How mean of WordPress to libel a millionaire Holocaust denier, who by the way “sent his 770-page book, The Atlas of Creation, to schools and museums across the U.S. and Europe.”


One Response to “Turkey Trouble”

  1. visit http://www.harunyahya.com and read his biography.
    you’ll see the truth about Adnan Oktar

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