Cheesy Pickup Lines

Recently I’ve gotten the “but you’re such a beautiful woman, how can you not be married?” from men. Which is idiotic cuz if you think of all the ugly women you know, probly 99% of them are married.  Am I wrong?


4 Responses to “Cheesy Pickup Lines”

  1. mediawriter Says:

    I think the bride in your picture is very cute — and she is married!

  2. you’ll probably vote for Giuliani because even though he says he’s anti-dog marriage, everyone knows he is secretly for it.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    She looks like a SEEing EYE Dog for those that are BLIND…too bad they don’t have a Dog for those that are DEAF and DUMB too. Heard these Dogs are running away from their “Masters” (like Vick)…seems they don’t like all the “deposits” their “Masters” are making at their expense.

  4. yeah – Vick should rot in jail. I can’t believe the NAACP is coming to his defense.

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