Keeping Quiet on Newark Horror


Right-wing radio has been harping that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson haven’t said word one about the killings of African-American college students in Newark.

But it does seem odd if these political figures have not shown up in Newark to lend some moral support. The people of that city are so torn up about this; it seems that now would be a good time to be there for them, or at least lend words of comfort and/or outrage, if you fashion yourself an urban leader.

Why wouldn’t Sharpton and Jackson speak out on this horrific crime, that typifies for the nation everything that is wrong with America today.  Are they afraid they’ll lose the gang vote? Or are they concerned they might lose the child-rapist vote. I don’t mean to be facetious; I really don’t understand their lack of involvement.

Could someone explain?

Dan Abrams’ take on the case (notice the media never mentions a judge’s name)


2 Responses to “Keeping Quiet on Newark Horror”

  1. mediawriter Says:

    For the record: Geraldo did have Al Sharpton on the show; Sharpton made a few comments, mainly saying that it is a shame that there is killing of young people in this country; that this is not about illegal immigrationl. Then they went on to discuss other things.

  2. I guess many days after the fact, he was shamed into saying at least something

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