Ted Hayes on Illegal Aliens

Hayes explains whats up to Susan Estrich:

Ted Hayes 

ESTRICH: If you go down any street in Los Angeles, any street…

HAYES: Yes, ma’am.

ESTRICH: … you will see Hispanic babysitters taking care of the kids, housekeepers cleaning the house, Hispanic gardeners tending the lawns, some of them legal, some of them illegal, many of them trying to make a living, sending their kids to college. Why aren’t blacks in those jobs?

HAYES: Because we were forced out of those jobs. As I said to you before, they undercut the wages. They’re working below the labor standards. And for anyone in America to work below the labor standards is considered a slave. Remember? All the union battles we had about labor laws?

ESTRICH: Well, but you can’t still be blaming slavery for the problems of black America. I mean…

HAYES:  I said the Companeros are coming here. They’re working below the labor standards for wages. We blacks are not going to do that. No American, white, black, brown or red or yellow, should work below the labor standards. That’s slavery. That’s a form of slavery. It’s not chattel slavery, which my people suffered, but it’s still slavery.

ESTRICH: Nobody is for slavery. But…

HAYES: You’re saying it’s OK for them to work below the labor standards. That’s what you’re saying.

ESTRICH: I don’t think employers should pay below the labor standards. But I admire people who are willing to work a day’s wage for a day’s pay.

HAYES: No one’s questioning that. You know what? We should stop slavery. We should enforce the laws against employers and homeowners like you who hire them.


the rest of the interview here:

Anti-Illegal Immigration Homeless Advocate Attacked While Denouncing Violence Against African-Americans


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