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Quit complaining — it may make you feel worse

Venting to friends about problems is unhelpful and unhealthy, experts say

A recent study found that teenage girls who vented to each other about their problems, were more likely to develop depression and anxiety — and the same is likely true for adult women…

Relationship issues tend to spark the most obsessive discussions, as “The more you talk, it hypes up your emotions.”…

“If I tell you my problem, and the way you listen to me is sort of agreeing with me, then it escalates the feeling, without having a practical solution for it,” … Instead of spilling your problems to those friends who encourage your rants, turn to someone who’ll point you toward a solution…

Psychologists also warn against ranting over and over to the same audience.  That can take a toll on friendships; it’s draining to be around someone who’s always moaning about their troubles.

Ha – I know that last paragraph reminds at least one of you of a certain someone.

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