bigdoodle.jpgJeff Riedel for The New York Times

this is a Doodle.  He is supposedly hypoallergenic.  pic is from

5 Responses to “Labradoodle”

  1. I feel like I’m looking in the mirror.
    This picture looks like me! (Us labradoodles
    look pretty handsome… wouldn’t you agree?)

    Abby the Labradoodle Dog

    P.S. You can see my pic on my blog:

  2. I would indeed agree Abby, I particularly like this pic of u

  3. Blush. Thank you. I’m quite fond of that photo too!

    Abby the Labradoodle

  4. mediawriter Says:

    There are much cuter doodles. Where did the Times get this picture?

  5. he’s cute in his own way! I believe this is the original article

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